How The Research Bidding Strategy Can Help You Win

Researching the items you plan on bidding on before bidding on them can be very useful and help you improve your chances of winning. After all, research is one of the many different strategies which can be used to win auctions.

I know the days get away from you when you “intended” to do something. You wanted to research that KitchenAid Mixer you’ve been wanting but life got in the way and instead you may have just jumped into bidding hoping to get the win. One of the most useful strategies is to take the time to research the item.

There are many different ways research can be done at DealDash.

1. You can research the item by searching out the product you’re looking for using DealDash’s search functionality.

Research KitchenAid Mixer

Once you search out the item you’re wanting you can dive deeper into your research of the product by making sure it’s the exact model you’re looking for by reading the description and see what price it recently sold for.

research previous price

2. Another way to research the item you’re looking for is to see what the average selling price for the item is. This is a great research strategy to use and will help you know when it’s a good time to enter an auction. Take this KitchenAid Mixer for example. When logged out of our DealDash account, we can quickly see what the average selling price on DealDash is.

research average selling price

This helps you out in many ways because you can see the average ending price which can help you determine when to start bidding and conserve your bids.

Did you notice how one of those mixers sold for only $3.27? The auctions can be very unpredictable which is one of the reasons shopping on DealDash is so exciting and fun. The bidder silverado5 got a heck of a deal!

3. Research the number of bids you are willing to use in the auction. Factor in what the bids cost you and the final sales price of the auction. Make sure you stick to this budget and don’t overspend to the point where it makes more sense to buy it now and get your bids back. Here’s some simple math to help you determine how many bids to use in the auction.

Item value divided by price per bid = max number of bids to use not including final sales price. 

research bid cost

4. Finally, research articles from this blog site and others like DealDashTips and DealDashReviewed for more bidding tips and strategies to help you become a better bidder, win more auctions and ultimately have an enjoyable shopping experience.


Improve Your Odds of Winning – 3 Things You Can Do

Did you ever wonder what you could do to improve your odds of winning more auctions on

To improve your odds of winning on DealDash, here are a few points to take into consideration when bidding.

  1. Looking at how many serious bidders are in the auction can help you improve your odds of winning. You could be better off waiting for the same product to come up for bid again when the competition might be much lower. Customers often place only one bid at the beginning of the auction and never come back. I double click on the auction item so I can count how many serious bidders have placed bids into the automated bidder, BidBuddy. Obviously, if there are only a few serious bidders you will improve your odds of winning in that auction compared to an auction where there are a dozen or more serious bidders.
  2. Improve your odds of winning by becoming familiar with DealDash bidder screen names and avoid bidding in the same auctions with the most heavy-handed bidders. I pay attention to screen names and I have a list of bidders I avoid like the plague. If they jump into the auction after I am already there, I often cancel my bids and get out as soon as possible. Why? Because I know I will not improve my odds of winning if I compete with customers who consistently over-bid and drive the closing cost up.
  3. Avoid bidding with couples with double screen names, such as AnnplusAndy (just an example made up screen name). I noticed that couples and grandmothers tend to be some of the most consistent and worst over-bidders. Perhaps they share incomes or have more time and money to splurge.

These are a few ways to improve your odds of winning more auctions on DealDash! Another recommendation to improve your odds of winning is to read more helpful articles on sites like this, DealDash Reviews and DealDash Tips.

By Sorrymyturn

improve your odds of winning on DealDash

The Unexpected Win

Being an active bidder, I am usually watching to see what auctions I would like to bid on. Then I determine how much I am willing to spend and how high I will go on any given auction. Having won many auctions I can still be surprised with a unexpected win.

I had been bidding on a $10 gift card that when it got down to two bidders, then more bidders would jump in. I was about done trying to win the card and had set my bid buddy for the bids I was willing to use to “win” the auction. I decided to browse the auctions that were running at the same time, (I always keep the isolated auction up on my computer when I have the bid buddy set) to see if there was another item or auction I would like to try. I found there was one item I would have liked. It was a Pulse Massager. I thought, what the heck, I will put some bids on it and see if I can win. Imagine my surprise when after only two bids I won! Congratulations! Fireworks! (I love those!) And the price was really reasonable too.

That’s one of the reasons shopping and bidding on DealDash can be so much fun. You just never know when someone else is going to quit bidding and you are the winner! Customer service is excellent, the buy it now feature is awesome, and the free (fast) shipping can’t be beat.

Thanks for having such a fun and fair bidding site!

By Joan Vith

The Smartest Bidding Tip For The Best Experience

Being prepared to use the Buy It Now option is one of the smartest ways to do your online shopping on DealDash.

So often I find my self asking if I have bid too much or if I should just go ahead and buy the item I’m bidding on to get all of my bids back. But when is the smartest time to do this?

When determining when to Buy it Now or keep bidding, you have to take into account how much the bids are costing when you buy them. 19 cents, 18 cents, 15 cents? I’m going to use 15 cents for this example just to make it easy math.

Let’s say your biding on a $10 gift card and you bid 20 times, you have already spent $3.00.

20 x .15 = 3

By the time you have bid 20 times, often the auction price is up to at least $1.00 taking into account the other bids people have placed. I am all about saving but at this point it may not look as if I am going to win the auction so I have to make a choice.

A.) If I win now, I’ll only save $6. Are the potential savings worth it?

B.) Should I buy the $10 gift card and get back my 20 bids to put somewhere else?

There was one time I threw a large amount of bids on a vacuum cleaner. My vacuum had recently broke so I needed to buy a new vacuum cleaner anyway. I bought a 200 bids pack during a 15¢ sale and was able to level up during the auction where I earned an additional 150 free bids. At this point I had 350 bids to use towards trying to win this auction. I told my self “win or not, this was going to be my next vacuum”. So I started bidding and bidding and on this occasion I did not win.

I did however use the buy it now option so I could have the vacuum I wanted plus I got back all the bids I used in that auction. The vacuum was only valued at $100 so the price did not kill me. I then took my 350 bids and ended up winning over $300 in merchandise!! Being prepared and using the buy it now option is the smartest way to bid and to truly enjoy the fun shopping experience DealDash has to offer.

DealDash is an awesome way to do your shopping – not only during the holidays but all year-long!

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By Nicole Kososki :P

Prevent Holiday Gift Shopping Anxiety

You Better Watch out, You Better Not Cry, You Better Not Pout, I’m telling you why….. there’s still time to prevent holiday gift shopping anxiety and DealDash is here to HELP!

Let’s face it, holiday gift shopping anxiety is real and can hamper the joy and cheer of the season if not nipped in the bud! After all, Christmas is only 2 months away and time keeps on slipping..slipping..slipping..into the futurefor a better experience click on the link and listen to music video while you keep on reading this blog post. 

This time of year is always a crazy time of year, most folks wait until November before they even start to think about holiday gift shopping, which can cause many people including myself a downer case of holiday gift shopping anxiety. For a long time I also always waited until November to start planning my Christmas shopping. Due to this I found myself always feeling the holiday gift shopping anxiety and stressed because of time constraints, traffic, packed shopping malls, etc. Then I found DealDash! A place where I can have fun while I shop from home for a chance to get good deals and gifts for my family and friends.

Last year, I did all of my Christmas shopping by the middle of November which I thought was pretty good and so far this year I have already completed almost all of my shopping. Thanks to my holiday gift shopping anxiety is lower than ever and pretty much non-existent. My Christmas gift stash is growing so fast, I am practically running out of room. My fiance said “you’re going to need a storage room to store all of your DealDash winnings, we’re running out of space” LOL!

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I’m so excited this year to give my little guy this new Imaginext Rescue City Center by Fisher Price. I won this for him on DealDash for just 89 cents and used only 25 bids! Talk about a great deal which takes some of the holiday gift shopping anxiety away. I know he is going to love this when he gets to open it on Christmas morning.

Imaginext Rescue City Center by Fisher Price

Won on DealDash for just $0.89 and 25 Bids – Click to view auction

DealDash has gifts for all ages, young and old, boys or girls. To quickly and easily find what you’re looking for I recommend using the filter options to browse different categories and use the search functionality to get more specific. Try searching an auction now!

Browse and Search DealDash Auctions

You’ll be happy to know that on DealDash you can score some really good deals and save big when you win an auction, just as I did on the Imaginext Rescue City Center. Remember if you don’t win the auction you can just buy it at retail price and DealDash will ship your item for free! They’ll even give you back all the bids you used in the auction so you can try again for something else. The Buy it Now option is really a win-win-win. Here’s how:

  1. You got the item you wanted
  2. You got free shipping
  3. You have a new gift to give for the holidays
  4. You get to check an item off your holiday shopping list
  5. You avoided the holiday shopping crowds
  6. You helped yourself avoid unnecessary holiday gift shopping anxiety
  7. You got your bids back to try for something else
  8. You don’t need to buy more bids in order to keep playing

If you are going to buy more bids, I recommend waiting until DealDash has them on sale for 15¢. For example today you can get bids for just 15¢ because of the Columbus Day Weekend Sale so now would be a good time to stock up!

DealDash Bid Sale

So why wait until the last-minute to do your holiday shopping and generate holiday gift shopping anxiety? If you want to get a good deal, the time is now! You can get ahead of the game this year and score some great deals on DealDash before the holiday rush starts. By starting now, I’m sure you will have a much better time leading up to the big day and not be as stressed out by all of the last-minute to-do’s.

Wouldn’t you rather lay your head down at night knowing your holiday shopping is all set and think about how excited your family will be when they get their gifts instead of worrying about what are you going to get them? Enjoy your pre-holiday shopping season and avoid the holiday gift shopping anxiety.

By loveablenicki

I’ve been shopping on DealDash for two years and continue to love it. 

Night Bidding for the Best Deal

I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years now. One of the bidding strategies I have used to help win auctions is night bidding when everyone else is sleeping except BidBuddies.

I have found that a lot of the auctions tend go for low prices during the twilight hours of night bidding. Although staying awake is not the easiest thing to to do, I’ve found that if I just peruse the upcoming auctions that start after midnight, I’ll usually be pleasantly surprised at the number of wins people are able to get.

Think about it! Most people want to be sleeping so they will put on their BidBuddy and hope for the best when they get up the next morning. If they are smart, they have calculated in advance the number of bids they are willing and what makes sense to use throughout the night based on the value of the item. One can probably calculate pretty close as to when the other persons BidBuddy may expire taking into account bids were likely purchased at 15¢ a piece and the fact they may have earned free bids with time as highest bidder rewards.

Here’s one example of DealDash auctions all which sold while someone was night bidding between the hours of 12am and 3am on October 7th, 2014.

Night Bidding Wins on DealDash


In my experience night bidding can be rewarding however also challenging as it requires patience and observation. Patience to watch and identify the BidBuddy bidders to be the only ones bidding and observing how frequently they are bidding. Once it gets down to two or three bidders that are using their BidBuddy, it’s probably a good time to jump in the auction circle and start bidding yourself.

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Granted, there aren’t as many awake and active bidders at night which is a good thing for night bidding owls because it gives them more to choose from and more chances to win auctions at lower costs compared to the day hours. The auctions on DealDash are unpredictable and that’s what makes shopping on DealDash fun. While there’s no guarantee night bidding will score you that elusive item you’ve had your tired eyes on, I think you may have a better chance during the night.

What time do you find to be the best time for bidding on DealDash?

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself: I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of the ability to buy it now and get your bids back if you lose an auction.

What’s on Your DealDash Wish List?

Dealdash has so many wonderful high ticket items that I have not had the fortune of winning….yet!

My hope is that one day in the not to distant future, I will be lucky enough to win one of these popular items many other customers have gotten such great deals on.

1. One item frequently up for auction on DealDash are Televisions of various sizes. I would love to eventually win one of these high ticket items. I have bid on many of them in the past, but I have not gone “all in” on one yet. Partly because some of the final auction prices scare me off just a bit and because I’m not completely ready to pay full price in case I lose. When I’m ready to use the Buy it Now, that will be my time to “go all in”.

However, every once in awhile, I’ll see the final auction price on a nice TV which sells ridiculously cheap and makes me wish I would have tried harder.

Check out the TV this customer won with just 206 bids and final price of $27.19!! This is a brand new 50-inch curved Samsung LED 4K Ultra Smart TV with built in WiFi so you can browse Facebook and other favorite sites. What a deal!

DealDash Winner

2. The ever elusive KitchenAid mixer. Now I admit I have one I bought several years ago on sale at Kohl’s but my daughter would love to have one of her own too. So, I have been trying to win one for her as a gift. This would make a great gift which I hope to give to my daughter.

This gentlemen won his KitchenAid mixer on DealDash with just 83 bids and final price of $26.83.

Here’s another customer who won a pro 600 series KitchenAid mixer with 39 bids and final price of $2.97 – WOW!!

KitchenAid Mixer Discount

3. A desktop computer for my Mom makes my wish list and would be a wonderful gift. Every time I go to visit my Mom I jump on her computer to, of course, surf DealDash. However, her computer is many years old and slow as a snail so I get frustrated just waiting for the page to change. She also has a 15″ clunky version monitor, not the flat models of today, therefore could really use an upgrade.

4. A Movie projector!! I am stillI trying to win a movie projector for the 92″ movie screen I won for $1.78 on DealDash. This would complete the entertainment center for sure!

projector sold on DealDash

So this is my short list of “wishes”. We shall see what the future holds. When I do win, I’ll be posting my photos to DealDash’s Facebook page so I can earn hundreds of free bids to help me win even more!!

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By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}.


Free, Fast, Dependable Shipping Services

One thing I have always greatly appreciated about is its free, fast and dependable shipping and delivery services.

Having orders I need delivered right to my front door is very convenient.  It saves time and the money it would cost for gas for me to drive to a store.

I have been a customer since Feb. 8, 2012. So far, I won 525 auctions and I have received every single one of the 525 orders in excellent condition. Considering the large number of items sent, I think that is an outstanding record. Don’t you?

In spite of the fact that the DealDash support team now handles an even larger number of customers, auction wins and orders than ever before, I have complete faith and trust in the fairness and honesty of this company. If anything ever did go wrong with my orders, I know the DealDash support staff would fix it to my complete satisfaction. Therefore, I never worry about the quality of the products I win or whether or not the shipment and delivery will be made in a timely manner. In fact, most of the time, I receive my orders from much faster than I expect.

Thank you, for your free shipping and speedy, superb delivery services!

By SorryMyTurn

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DealDash Free Shipping


End of Summer Welcomes Winter Holiday Shopping

I guess we all pretty much have seen the end of summer. The last picnic, the last trip to the beach, the last short and t-shirt day.

A lot of lasts as summer ends, but just think of all the enjoyment we deal dashers got from our restaurant gift cards, gasoline gift cards, and retail store gift cards we won on! At least for me. my long summer weekend journeys included trips to southern Illinois, southern Ohio and the Wisconsin Dells. These trips were for travelling baseball team tournaments.

I was able to use gasoline gift cards I won on DealDash in all three states. I used Subway cards at various locations and even bought the baseball team doughnuts at Dunkin’!  I was honored with the title “Team Grandma”. I could not have been so generous if I had not saved these cards for the past few months. I either win or bin on DealDash for the cards I know I am going to be able to use on the road. Being fortunate winning some really good auctions on DealDash, I save money and am able to help my “team” if need be. allows you to buy it now and get your bids back too. If I am not successful on an auction, buying it now makes perfect sense. I get all of my bids back for free, (no other site does that) and then I get to try again. My entire family loves and all the wonderful items and gift cards they have available.  So, while the end of summer is here, we can look ahead to the winter holidays which will mean a lot of bidding and winning, too!

By Joan Vith

How to Win on DealDash? Follow These Steps

I have been playing DealDash for 2 years now and have won over 160 auctions since becoming a member. I know how to win on DealDash. One of the things I do every week to help me win is collect the free bids.

DealDash gives you several opportunities to collect free bids so if you want to know how to win on DealDash, I suggest you start stocking up! First off, you can get free bids for posting photos of your winnings. No matter what the value of the item is, you will get free bids as long as you follow the proper guidelines.

DealDash provides the free bid opportunities to their customers so you’ll need to first purchase bids yourself and start playing the shopping game. When learning how to win on DealDash I recommend reading articles other people have written because they will help you learn how to win on DealDash.

Knowing how to win on DealDash can be tricky and take some time so you’ll need listen to others with experience. I find that starting off with the small stuff helps you get your foot in the door. There are beginner auctions like the Official Major League Baseball with Cube Display Box.

How to win on DealDash

This is makes a really nice gift and I won one for just a penny! I took a picture with this baseball and posted to Facebook with a short description: I won this Official Major League Baseball w/ Cube Display Box Valued on for 1 penny!!”. Then with a standard caption: “See how much you can save at!” Within a day or so you will have FREE bids in your account!!! Its really that easy. Here I am with my baseball cube.

How to win on DealDash 

We all want to know how to win on DealDash and the free bids are a major step to help therefore, you should do the same with their other social sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus! With Twitter you have to make it short because they only allow so many letters. I would wright something like “I won this Major League Baseball w/ Cube Display Box @DealDash for 1 penny”. You have to make sure you tag DealDash using the @ symbol or # symbol otherwise they won’t get the notification.

You can also PIN IT too. Post your photo on with another short saying similar to the others. Because you’re collecting so many free bids you will begin to see how to win on DealDash. Check out the details on how you can collect up to 50 free bids on Pinterest. I use the same picture on all social sites every week.

Now lets talk about how to win on DealDash with the bids you just received. They are FREE right? They did not cost you anything, except a little bit of time. I take my 110 to 300 free bids and pick one auction and go for it!! Win or not I’m not out anything. The more times you can bid on something, the better chance you have to win. You must use the BidBuddy as this will help conserve your bids! I think this is the only chance you have to win an auction without spending all of your bids.

When I get my free bids I go for something like a gift card. This way I get something tangible for my time. Then I take what is left and go for the gold and bid on something I may not normally bid on like a TV or computer. At this point I say just go for it! These are FREE Bids you’re playing with so why not?

Good Luck with all your bidding and please comment if you have other tips and suggestions about how to win on DealDash please share!

By Nicole Kososki