How DealDash Helps My Family

Deal Dash has been influential in my life; especially how it has allowed me to help get new clothes for my granddaughter.

Because my daughter is a single parent and children grow so quickly, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with their fast growth and continuously buying new clothes. I do my best to help out and therefore try to win gift cards to TJX, Gap, Macy’,s and her most favorite store.. Justice!

The savings I get on the gift cards by shopping on DealDash afforded me to buy her the warmest winter parka, extra jogging outfits, hats, and more. Since we live in the Northeast, kids need everything to be warm in the winter and clothes can be so expensive! Deal Dash has become my clever way to save money and give a little something extra to my granddaughter.

When I first started bidding on I took the time to stay the course and try to win. Sometimes, auctions would take a long time but as a Grandma, I’ve got a lot of patience and I will do anything to help out. I took the time to read the blogs and get bidding tips like Top Tips, Winning Strategies And Ways To Get Free Bids. By learning how to play and utilizing the opportunities DealDash offers, I was able to make some really great deals! For me shopping on DealDash has made a real difference in taking some of the financial stress off my daughter by helping out and taking my granddaughter shopping. Besides, what little girl doesn’t love new clothes?

Like most senior citizens, I am on Social Security so I am limited on spending. My granddaughter is 8 years old and understands the concept of Deal Dash. I must say she is one of the best dressed and of course always excited to see those gift cards! Thank you Deal Dash… but are you ever going to bring back the Justice gift cards? ;)

Sincerely, Grandmadebbie

What is one new item you would like DealDash to put up for auction?

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How You Can Get Free Bids On DealDash

How would you like to earn some free DealDash Bids? Keep on reading below to find out how you can get some free bids right now!

1. Smile for the camera!

Take a photo of yourself displaying one of your recent DealDash auction wins and post it to the DealDash Facebook page. As long as your photo follows these guidelines you’ll earn up to 200 free DealDash bids!

If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!
If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!
If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids!

Plus, you’ll be automatically entered into the Best Photo Of The Week Contest for a chance to win a $500 gift card of choice! Big congrats to John Hummell who won this Barcelona Woven Outdoor Rocker with only 13 bids. Thanks John for posting this great photo to our Facebook page! You won last weeks Best Photo Of The Week Contest for a $500 gift card! What are you going to buy with your $500 gift card?

DealDash Winner

DealDash Winner

2. Repeat with Twitter!

Tweet your picture with short description following these guidelines and you’ll earn an additional 50 free DealDash bids!

Free DealDash Bids Twitter

3. Repeat with Pinterest!

Pin your picture with description on Pinterest following these guidelines and you’ll earn another 50 free DealDash bids!

Free DealDash Bids Pinterest

So what are you waiting for? Go collect your free DealDash bids and start winning more auctions today!

If you’re interested in more DealDash Tips & Strategies be sure to check out these fantastic articles on The articles are written by experienced DealDash customers. You can also get all these articles directly to your Facebook newsfeed after liking the new DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies Facebook page.


By David O’Weger

Top Tips, Winning Strategies And Ways To Get Free Bids

Here is a list of the top articles featuring tips, bidding strategies to winning auctions, and how to get free bids on

Have you been finding it harder to win recently? Have you thought about your bidding strategy recently? Here are some great articles you may want to review. As you probably know auctions are unpredictable and adapting different bidding strategies is one way to continue winning auctions and enjoying your shopping experience. Try implementing some new bidding tips and collect some free bids to help with your overall strategy.

1. The Keys To Winning Auctions On

This article provides bidders with some of the basic building blocks to developing a good winning strategy.

2. Top 3 Bidding Tips For Having The Best DealDash Experience

Dive further into detail on how to use these three important bidding tips to enhance your bidding experience.

  1. Watch and Learn
  2. Use the BidBuddy
  3. Buy it Now

You may also like A Simple Exercise To Find The Perfect Auction and discover how to really watch auctions.







3. 3 Tips For Earning Free Bids On DealDash

Yes… FREE Bids!!!

Free Bids DealDash

4. How To Get Free Bids On

Reveals the Number 1 Way To Earn Free Bids. 

5. Are You Sabotaging Bidding Success By Another Satisfied Penny Bidder

Take an in-depth look at four dangerous emotions which could be sabotaging your bidding success and learn how to prevent them.

  1. Change Hope To Strategy
  2. Freeze Fear
  3. Neutralize Greed
  4. Knock Out Angry Bidding

How to get Free Bids on

As you may know, in order to participate in the auctions on, it’s required to have Bids. Bids are your source, your ammunition to win auctions so to speak. Bids on DealDash allow you to shop in a fun new way and save money when you win auctions. However, the cost of Bids can add up quick with the normal cost per bid at 60¢. This equals $6 for 10 Bids, $30 for 50 Bids, $60 for 100 Bids, etc. Just multiple the price per bid times quantity of bids and you get the full price. For example $0.60 x 100 Bids = $60.00. 

One of the best parts about DealDash compared to other pay-to-play shopping websites is that DealDash offers regular Bid Sales where Bids sell for as low as 17¢ or 16¢… sometimes even as low as 15¢ per bid! $0.15 x 100 Bids = $15.00. 

Halloween is this week so in the spirit of spooky critters and witches brew; DealDash has a limited time Bid Sale where the price of Bids is only 16¢ per bid. But that’s not all… there is also a limited time event where “All Auction Wins are Free”. What does this mean? During All Auction Wins are Free promotions, DealDash will pay the final sales price when you WIN an auction during this sale.

DealDash Auction

So for example… see these winners. User: Annoying1 did not have to pay the final sales price of $12.66 for the $1,000.00 Amazon gift card they won. They only had to pay for the cost of used Bids which was 157 Bids. Same thing goes for user: jana81557, they did not have to pay the final price of $8.27 for the $500 Chevron Gift Card they won; just the cost of bids which they used in that auction which was 52 Bids. As you can see, those are some pretty great deals, even if the bidders paid the full 60¢ per bid price, however it’s likely they even paid much less and also received FREE Bids!

So, the question remains… How to get Free Bids on Well, this is pretty simple. One way is to just simply bid in the auctions.

Free Bids

When the button turns green, you can claim free Bids.

The more you bid in the auctions, the more time you collect as highest bidder. The more time you collect as highest bidder, the more free Bids you earn. This is integrated into how DealDash works so there’s nothing you need to do but simply bid in the auctions and press your Collect Free Bids button when it turns green.

However, the number 1 way to earn free Bids on is to show off your winnings by taking a picture of yourself showcasing what you won and post that to the DealDash Facebook page. By doing this you can collect up to 200 Free Bids every week! Plus, you are entered into a weekly contest where the best photo of the week is selected and rewarded with a $500 gift card of choice. Click here to be redirected to the DealDash Facebook page and read more about the promotion.

3 Tips for Earning Free Bids on

DealDash loves its bidders as much as bidders love winning fantastic deals in the auctions, which is one of the reasons why DealDash is always looking for ways to make shopping online cheaper and more fun. One of the things that bidders seem to love the most are the different ways DealDash gives them opportunities to earn free bids, which helps them save even more money. While more experienced bidders have learned to use these to save big bucks, some bidders don’t even know about them. So here’s a quick breakdown on the best ways to earn free bids to use on DealDash!

#1: The Time as Highest Bidder Meter

The “Time as Highest Bidder Meter” is a small bar sitting at the bottom of your screen when logged in to your account. As you bid in the auctions, it calculates how much time you spend as the highest bidder in a particular auction. Once it fills up, you can click on it to claim free bids. The amount of free bids you can earn starts small, but it increases as you move up to higher levels!

This basically rewards bidders for spending more time as the highest bidder in an auction, so it’s a great way to earn something just for participating in an auction.

#2: Facebook Promotions

Almost everyone has a Facebook account nowadays, so it’s really easy to get free bids just by participating in the DealDash community. If you post pictures of your wins on DealDash’s Facebook page, you’re given free bids to use in the auctions. Not only that, but once a week the person who posts the best picture wins a free $500 gift card (vendors include Amazon, Walmart, and more)! This is a great way to subsidize bidding, and you can earn as many as 200 (list price for 200 bids is $120) bids just for posting.

#3: Special Offers

DealDash runs regular promotions where bids are sold at an incredible discount, but they also run promotions for its community that aren’t featured on the website. If you’re a regular bidder and want to get the most bang for your bucks, it’s important that you keep an eye on DealDash‘s various community pages. In addition to our incredibly popular Facebook page, you should also keep on eye on our Pinterest site, Google+ page, and of course this blog.

As already mentioned, DealDash is always thinking up new ways to reward bidders, so keep your eyes and ears open and don’t hesitate to leave your own suggestions in the comments!

DealDash Reviews – Insights into a Great Online Buying Experience

Online shopping is a multi-billion dollar business, and the surge in online spending is expected to continue rising to over $360 billion in the US within the next 3 years. The savings offered by online retailers are opening up a whole new world for shoppers by bringing premium products at affordable prices right to their front doors.

Since the benefits of online shopping are catching on all over the nation, more companies are working to bring these great savings to customers. And while many companies might be offering similar products and services at similar price points, DealDash sets itself apart from these other websites by bringing back the fun and social aspect to shopping – something a lot of people are starting to miss about going to the mall with friends!

DealDash lists over 800 brand new items up for auction everyday and is a place where people come together to bid, win and save on some of the best brand name products. Here are a few ways that people all over the USA use DealDash to save money (and have fun while doing it)!

It’s Easy to Use and CHEAP!

Registering for DealDash is 100% free, and with the regular sales and promotions buying bids to use in the auctions is affordable for everyone. PLUS, shipping on DealDash is 100% free on all items, saving you money on the products you want to buy AND at the gas pumps!

Buy the Products You Want at the Price You Want to Pay

All of the items featured in the auctions at DealDash must go, and users come together to bid on the different items. All items start at $0.00, and the DealDash community bids to set the final sales price. This way you can get items you really want without having to pay the outrageous mark-ups charged by retailers.

Earn Free Bids Just by Participating

DealDash rewards customers for just participating on the site. The website has many unique game like features (such as the Time as Highest Bidder meter) that lets customers earn free bids! PLUS, DealDash has one of the largest and most vibrant communities on Facebook that gives bidders even more opportunities to win!

Check out the DealDash Reviews section of the blog to read feedback from satisfied DealDashers! And remember, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. Why not treat yourself to a great deal today?

How to Win a Great Deal Before Mother’s Day at

Being a mother is no easy job. It involves working long hours for no money, and often involves doing thankless work: if I were to offer you a job with these benefits I’d expect to be laughed right out of the room. But despite the lack of benefits, mothers across the US do their best day in and day out to improve the lives of those around them. And not just their children and families, but their communities too!

But now Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s everyone’s chance to finally go to their Mom, their friends’ mothers, their daughters, and anyone else who proudly calls themselves “Mom” and tell them what a great job they’re doing.

Well what does all this have to do with DealDash? Besides having our own mothers, we know that lots of people are looking to do something extra special this year for Mother’s Day. Whether that means getting some nice gifts or going out for a nice meal with the Moms in your life, DealDash is making itself the go-to place for your Mother’s Day shopping. You can save big on some gift cards to spend on fun things to do during the weekend, or get a new laptop for only a few dollars! However you choose to recognize the Moms in your life, DealDash wants to help you make this Mother’s Day a great one. Here are three easy to follow tips to help you budget your Mother’s Day shopping on DealDash, and save big bucks while giving all the Moms in your life a nice thank you!

#1: – Create a budget and stick to it!

If you want to save money on DealDash, it’s important to know how much you feel comfortable spending, and then bid on auctions you know you can win within that budget. This starts with you. Take a look at the current promotion and decide how many bids you can buy, then find auctions you can win within that range. Don’t bid on bigger items unless you know that you can afford to see the auction all the way through. While you can never be 100% sure on what the final sales price of an item will be, you can do some research and learn how much the average sales price is and how much the item has sold for recently. You can use these as benchmarks and plan your bidding strategy accordingly, but don’t automatically assume that things will work out as you plan. Know your limits, and be prepared to stick with them!

#2: – Bid on items that you know you’ll get great value from!

Another way you can be sure to get a great Mother’s Day gift is by bidding on items you know you can get the best value from. Don’t just bid on something that you think someone will like, but bid on things that you know you’d buy anyway. This makes the “Buy it now” option much more valuable. For example, gift cards are almost as good as cash, they make great gifts, and they’re available in denominations that suit all budgets. Bidding on gift cards is a great way to do Mother’s Day shopping on DealDash. If you don’t win you can just buy the card and then you get all your bids back to use in another auction. Now that’s smart shopping!

#3: – Think About the People You’re Buying For First

There are certain things that almost everyone’s mother will love, but you’re not buying for almost everyone. Think about what the person you’re shopping for would really love, and try to find something a little unique to buy for them. Holidays like Mother’s Day tend to convince people to buy stereotypical gifts, and so traditional retailers will have sales on things that most people want. DealDash deals work a bit differently: if more people want an item then the auction will be more difficult to win. Try to keep this in mind when doing your shopping. If everyone wants to get someone special in their life an iPad, it might be a good time for you to bid on a Kindle. Smart DealDashers know that the best deals are the ones that other bidders are missing out on, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to win a fantastic gift for CHEAP!

These are just a couple of suggestions on how you can get a great Mother’s Day gift for someone, but there are tons of pieces of advice contained on old blog posts that you should check out. And don’t forget that pieces of advice like these are no substitute for experience and innovation, so don’t be afraid to experiment and apply some out of the box thinking!

Customers love the great bargains they get in DealDash auctions! You can see photos and read testimonials from auction winners on DealDash’s new Pinterest page, and of course the official DealDash Facebook page. Every week customers post pictures of the great products they get from DealDash, and the best photo of the week wins a 500 dollar gift card! Last week Barbara won with this picture of the iPad she purchased for just $14.86!

Way to go Barbara! Hope you enjoy the iPad!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

Tips and Tactics to Help New Bidders Win on

Bidding and winning on DealDash is easy, and many bidders are able to win auctions with their first bid pack purchase. But some new bidders have more trouble, and there can be many reasons for this. Some people aren’t familiar with pay-to-bid auctions and don’t understand how to conserve their bids, others don’t know how to navigate the site and find themselves lost amongst the hundreds of products available to bid on each day. Here are a few pieces of wisdom that many veteran DealDashers have found to be vital tools in their quest to win those big ticket items that everyone loves!

Tip #1: – Do Your Research Before Bidding

The temptation to immediately jump into an auction as soon as you visit the site for your first time can be overwhelming. There are so many great products, and they often sell for just a fraction of their retail value. But the key to getting those big discounts is knowing how to win the auction while conserving your bids. Anyone can win an auction if they’re willing to use unlimited bids, but nobody who approaches the auctions with this mentality saves money. Big savings means getting the most out of the bids you use, so you need to use your head. Before you bid on an item, visit the auction page while logged out of your account. You’ll be able to see the average selling price of the item in the auctions at the top of the screen, and so you can get an idea about how long auctions will run for and how much competition you can expect in the auction. Information like this can help you make a budget and plan out how you want to use your bids in the auction.

Tip #2: – Higher Value Items Need More Skill

Some auctions attract more interest from bidders, which makes them more competitive. And while this isn’t always something determined by the value of the items, it is a good rule of thumb that more expensive items will attract more interest. If you’re new to pay to bid auctions and want to get the most out of the site, try sticking to some lower value items. There are lots of lower value items that are just as great to win than the more expensive ones (winning 4 $50 Amazon gift cards is the same as winning one $200 Amazon gift card). It’s a great way to learn the ropes and get some experience and wins under your belt. Once you start to get a feel for winning, it’s easier to apply what you’ve learned to the more competitive auctions.

Tip #3: – Concentrating Bids is Smarter than Spreading Them Out

Some bidders don’t keep track of where their bids go, and overtime this turns into a bit of drain. There might be a few reasons why bidders do this: some people do to much “browse bidding” and will just place a couple of bids while they’re looking through the open auctions. Other people might be bidding in auction, take a break and do something else, and then come back and bid on a similar product in a different auction. Whatever the reason might be, the result is the same: bids being wasted in auctions that the bidder won’t stick with. When you choose to bid in auctions, you should ask yourself whether you want to be in it to win it! If the answer is yes you should really focus on it: watch the auction, remember to bookmark it, research the product AND the other bidders. Not only does concentrating your bids in fewer auctions give you more bids to win the stuff you really want; it also means that if you lose you can use the “Buy it now” option and get all the bids you used in the auction credited back to your account.

Customers love the great bargains they get in DealDash auctions! You can see photos and read testimonials from auction winners on DealDash’s new Pinterest page, and of course the official DealDash Facebook page. Every week customers post pictures of the great products they get from DealDash, and the best photo of the week wins a 500 dollar gift card! Last week Robbie used the great bargain he got on this 32 Inch Panasonic TV to help him win big again on Facebook!


With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

Tips on How to Use your BidBuddy to Win More Auctions on

Winning auctions is a matter of skill, just like playing other games that involve competition against other people. Your goal when you’re trying to win an auction might be getting a great bargain on that iPad or laptop, but you’ve got to get through the other bidders first. This is a common mistake people make when they’re learning how the auctions work: they’re so focused on winning that they ignore the fact that other bidders are trying to do the exact same thing! What this means is that bidders who win do it with focus, concentration, and strategy.

I know what a lot of you are thinking: easier said than done right? Maybe so, but DealDash has lots of tools and features to help bidders develop their strategies – and learning to use these tools and features to your advantage is what having a winning strategy is all about. Once you get your bidding strategy down, winning auctions will almost seem like second nature!

One of the most invaluable tools you have on DealDash is the BidBuddy. If you don’t already know, the BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that places bids for you, even while you’re away from the computer! The BidBuddy is one of the best assets at each bidder’s disposal (if not the best). Here are a few basic ways that the BidBuddy helps bidders win!

#1: – Other Bidder’s Can “Tell” When You’re Using a BidBuddy

Have you ever played poker? Experienced poker players will talk about something called a “tell”, which is a change in a particular player’s behavior that suggests something about what he/she will do in the game. BidBuddies place their bids in a particular sequence, and as a result, many experienced bidders can infer when others are using their BidBuddy. This makes using the BidBuddy a kind of tell, and that can be used to your advantage. For example, if you notice a pattern where several users are participating in an auction with their BidBuddies, you may want to sit it out until some of them stop bidding. That way, you’ll conserve your bids while the other bidders fight it out.

But bidders can’t tell how you’re using a BidBuddy. They won’t know if you have 3000 bids booked in your BidBuddy or 30. A good way to get rid of competing bidders is to place 30 bids in your BidBuddy and watch how they react. Some bidders will think that you’re in the auction for the long haul (regardless of what it takes to win), and decide to bid in a different auction.

#2: – Places Your Bids for You at the Last Second

Most bidders try to conserve their bids and place them at the last possible second. This makes sense, as it prevents you from placing bids that one of your competitors is planning to place anyway. The caveat with this strategy is that its easy to get distracted, click on the wrong spot, or have your browser freeze on you when the auctions closing! Having your BidBuddy waiting in the wings is a great way to avoid such a frustrating situation. Putting some bids in your BidBuddy as a safety net lets you check your e-mail, chat with a friend, or just explore other auctions without having to miss out on that great deal!

#3: – Keeps You in the Game

Probably the #1 benefit to using the BidBuddy is that it lets you leave your computer without having to worry about the auction. Since the BidBuddy runs automatically, you’re free to leave your computer and spend time with friends or family without missing the auction. This is a great way to save time while you’re saving money, and makes bidding less stressful and more fun!

This time saver can be especially useful early on in the auctions. Since the BidBuddy is designed to place bids just before an auction closes, you can keep your BidBuddy on to make sure you stay in the auction without worrying about it wasting all of your bids. If several other bidders have their BidBuddies on as well, they’ll place their bids in a sequence until they either run out of bids or their users cancel them.

These are just a few suggestions on the different ways you can incorporate BidBuddies into your own bidding strategy, but you should keep in mind that bidding in the auctions is still about beating the other bidders. Other bidders can use these same tricks on you, or figure out what you’re up to and alter their own approach accordingly. It’s always worth spending some time checking out the other bidders and the items you’re bidding on to consider how you should go about winning. It’s not always easy to beat the other bidders, but the more you practice the easier it gets, so don’t be afraid to change things up if you’re having problems and create a winning strategy that works for you!

POLL: Do you think DealDash needs a mascot? If so, what do you think it should be?

Don’t forget to check out big DealDash winners on our official Facebook and Pinterest pages! You can post pictures of your wins there to get free DealDash bids! With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

Redo Your Ceilings for More Wins and Fewer Bins at

What we believe about ourselves and life — our self-talk — influences and in certain situations creates what happens to us. The negative thoughts we build our ceilings with include:  I don’t deserve love; don’t deserve success; I’ve never won anything and never will; I’m unlucky; I’ll never get a break; and I can’t — just can’tbe happy, be loved, or win something worth over $200 at DealDash

These invisible ceilings made from words, thoughts and beliefs can be sturdier than ones built with wood. The key wordS in that sentence are can be, because we can also tear ceilings down that don’t work and then redo them.

Only this time around we’ll construct ceilings high enough to allow us to experience happiness, success and wins.

Recently, I became embroiled playing an online video game designed to stimulate the mind, increase creativity and problem-solving abilities, and promoted as a tool to help prevent dementia. I did well at most games on this site until I started playing a certain level of a game. No matter how hard I tried, I could not win. And I tried. Every day I practiced obsessively, but no matter many games I played, I couldn’t win. 

I kept hitting the ceiling I had created, a ceiling I reinforced daily by saying “I can’t win.”

One day I remembered what a friend taught me when he noticed that I was immersed in negative self-talk. “Don’t say you can’t do it,” he said.  

But I can’t,” I said. 

 “Then say ‘Up until now, I have been unable to do it.’ That way you give yourself room to tear down that ceiling and succeed.”

His words helped. Eventually I did what I hadn’t been able to do.

What still astonishes me is that each time I finally break through a ceiling – such as when I finally won that video game for the first time — is that from that moment on, doing that thing becomes easier and easier. The belief that we can do it removes the ceiling and dissolves the impossibility.

Realistically, we won’t win every time we enter an auction. Most of us have low streaks, those times when things don’t come as easily. Then times change and we’re back on a roll. But usually after we do something once, something we previously believed was impossible for us to do, we find ourselves doing it over and over again. It’s not as difficult anymore.

We become believers in ourselves. 

When we break through a ceiling and do something for the first time, we change our self-talk. Now we base our beliefs on reality, not on wishing and hoping. We’re not the little train that could. We’re the train that did and does. 

I’m not a doctor. I don’t know how neurons and the pathways to the mind work, the ones that then connect to our skills and abilities. But breaking through that ceiling sure feels good. 

You deserve happiness, respect and success – however you define success. If you’ve created a ceiling that’s blocking you from winning at DealDash, here are some tips to help you redo the ceilings you create:

  • Act as if you’re already a winner — but act responsibly. Our body doesn’t know the difference between what really happens and what we picture or imagine happening in our mind.  Before you start bidding, take a moment. Picture yourself winning. Get into it on a sensory level including how you feel when that computer or mixer arrives at the door. See yourself telling a friend about what you won. Feel how pleased you are at saving money on that item. See your chart at the top of your home page at DD reflect that you have hit your limits: six wins under $200 and three wins over that amount each week or hitting your monthly cash limit of wins. Make being a winner real in your mind. 

  • Go for items you genuinely want for yourself or someone else. True desire makes it easier to win. We’re more focused on our goal.

  • Make a list of the beliefs you have about success in general and winning at DealDash in particular. What incidents from the past created the beliefs that create your ceiling? What feelings from right now are creating beliefs about not being able to win?

  • Make a list of goals. Be as specific as you can about what you want to win. Then put the list away somewhere private. Don’t discuss it. You can add to it if new goals arise but let it go. Don’t obsess about it. Move forward with life. 

  • One thing that can assist us in a ceiling redo is surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us. They don’t need to verbalize this belief. If it’s there, we see it reflected in their eyes. Ironically sometimes the opposite holds true. Someone not believing in us can create the spunk we need to break through our ceiling and win just to prove them wrong. 

  • Don’t give up unless you make a conscious choice that whatever you’re attempting to do is not what you want to do. Persistence is often what separates winners from the losers at anything in life. 

Bid responsibly, according to your code. Watch your self-talk and work at a do-over on any ceiling you’ve created. One day, you’ll begin to see your invisible ceiling and the thoughts you used to build it. When that happens, you’re on your way to doing what you thought you’d never be able to do.

Remember seeing isn’t believing. Believing helps us see it in real life.

NOTE:  Here’s a correction to the tips in a previous blog about never under any circumstances paying more than the retail value of an item – a reminder that every rules has its exceptions.  Sometimes I’ll win a hundred dollar item for a purchase price of $.63 (sixty-three cents). Add to that the cost of my bids, say $3.00.  Rounded out, I spent under four dollars for an item that costs $100.00.  The savings there gives me some money-room to play with, which means I can pay more than the retail value on some items (but not by much) and still come out a winner.  

 It’s putting into play the same principle as when we strive for balance in our lives. We may not have perfectly balanced time every day and every week. Instead we may work extra hard for half the year and then take the other half-year off, using it for recreation. That’s balance too.  But when it comes to DealDash, don’t plan on having money in your fund that allows you to exceed an item’s value. The responsible thing is to only do that if you’ve already had a big-savings win.

By constantly paying more than the value of an item, we drive up prices for everyone, defeating DD’s purpose of being a place where we can all get good deals.

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With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!