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Meet Your New Best Friend, BidBuddy!

Have you met BidBuddy? He is your best friend in the world of DealDash. Have you used your BidBuddy today?

If you have been around DealDash for more than a few auctions I’m sure that you know your best friend, BidBuddy. However, if you are one of the uninitiated, have I got great news for you. The BidBuddy is an automatic bidding tool that is exclusively used on DealDash, and is provided free of charge for anyone to use.

BidBuddy is your new best friend because he is the only way that you can consistently win auctions. The Bidbuddy is extremely easy to use, and even though he seems a little complicated to use the first time you will be thanking him when he starts winning you auctions.

If you have never used your BidBuddy, let me explain it to you:

  1. Do the math to figure out how many bids that you need to put in your BidBuddy to get to the BIN (Buy It Now) price.
  2. Buy enough bids to reach the BIN price of the auction you are thinking of winning.
  3. Place the bids that you would like to bid on in the auction in your BidBuddy.
  4. Hit the “Book a BidBuddy button.
  5. Wait for the auction to end.
  6. Claim your win!

After you have booked your BidBuddy you can even turn off your computer if you would like, because your best buddy BidBuddy will automatically start bidding for you, and will take turn bidding with the other BidBuddies until only one is left standing victorious. If you decide that this particular auction isn’t for you, or if the final auction price is going too high, don’t worry,  you can cancel your BidBuddy at any moment and you can either take a loss on the bids that you have already used on the auction or you can buy the auction at retail price and have all of your bids returned to you immediately to use in another auction.

I very rarely see anyone win by using single bids. The BidBuddy gives you an edge over anyone who bids without BidBuddy. BidBuddy is really the only way that you are going to be able to bid on more than one auction at once and be able to win. BidBuddy can also help if the particular auction you are interested in run very long – some auctions last multiple hours or even days. There’s no way to be able to bid while you’re sleeping except for your bestie BidBuddy!

I hope this helped some of you that have never been brave enough to use your BidBuddy! BidBuddy is so fun to use. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



Be Kind to the Newbies on DealDash

Everyone was a newbie at DealDash at one time, so let’s try and make our new arrivals feel welcome.

Once upon a time I was a newbie on DealDash, and while I felt intimidated by all of the other thousands of DealDash members that bid on auctions each day I was lucky enough to never run into anyone that made me feel unwelcome.

Quite the contrary, I actually was “given” a few auctions when I was new. I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back I now realize that older, wiser bidders conceded a few auctions to me when I was fresh on DealDash and they could see that my sign up date was within the past few days. I wish I had caught their DealDash user names so I could thank them publically, but that was years ago and I have a terrible memory. So instead I try to “pay it forward” when I get a chance to help out a newbie that has only been bidding on DealDash for a few days. I would hate to be the person that scared off a DealDash newbie.

If you are a newbie and are reading this blog in hope of learning some DealDash tips, let me give you an important tip to take away with you – give respect to other bidders and they should give respect back to you. If you are a total newbie to DealDash one of the biggest ways to show respect to your fellow bidders is to not “jump” on other people’s bids. Jumping on someone’s bid basically means to bid immediately after someone without letting the first person’s “time clock” run down to a couple of seconds. You see, not all newbies know this, but DealDash does a wonderful thing for their bidders – for every second that someone is the highest bidder in an auction they earn “free time” that is shown at a bar on the bottom of the screen. When the bar is filled up then DealDash will give you however many free bids that you are eligible to “claim.”

When a bidder “jumps the clock” and bids right away after someone else does it usually makes the other person very annoyed, and depending on the person they may overbid on the auction just to win to spite you. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but when a bidder feels disrespected on DealDash a lot of them tend to retaliate by overbidding. It’s also possible that they might remember your user name and re-pay the bid jumping in a future auction. Just to be on the safe side I would wait until there are only 2-3 seconds left on the time clock before you throw in your bid if you are bidding manually instead of using the BidBuddy.


Let’s all try to be kind to each other and show respect to the other bidders. Now go check out the auctions and pick something awesome to bid on! See you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.

Win, BIN or Walk Away

We all go into an auction to win it, some people even say that in their comment, “In it to win it”, well ok we’re all are here to win.  The longer you shop and experience the fun of playing at DealDash, the better you will become at winning too, and maybe  knowing whenyou’re going to win.  Getting to know the competition is a great way to thwart  off the feeling that you will never win.  But it really isn’t essential to winning to know the other players.  The truth is, you will win, and win quite a bit.  You have to trust a few things.  First, no one player can win them all statistically.  So, by default, you will win some.  Secondly,  another factor can be timing.  If there are only a few players in the auction, your chances are better.  So try to bid when the site is slower than normal.  That is generally mid day and in the middle of the night.  (except Sat.).  Third, plan to BIN, when I plan to BIN I win!


If you do plan on buying the product, you will essentially stay within your comfort zone in bidding.  If you can’t buy the product, you should be willing to walk away. I’ll talk about “Binning” (Buy It Now) first.  Deal Dash has this wonderful feature whereby if you don’t win an item you’ve bid on, you can purchase the item and have those bids returned to your account.  When you plan on buying an item there is a simple calculation you can do to determine when to walk away and BIN instead.  Let’s say the item is valued at $42, and you really want it or need it, so you’re going to have it by the end of the day either way.  That’s called “shopping”.  haha

So you have found your $42 dollar item, divide the cost of the item by the price of bids and you are left with a number equal to the number of bids you will be returned when you then purchase it instead.  42/.15=280, so you purchase 280 bids, you place them all on the item you need and if a you win, great!  if you don’t by the time the 280 is gone, you now purchase that item, you now own it and you got your 280 bids back.  If you wait until 290 and then you win it, you’ve spent too much on the item and you don’t get your bids back, so do yourself a favor and BIN!

So I talked about winning and BINNING, but what about “walking away”, this one is harder and trickier than any other option. It’s hard to walk away after you’ve invested those 280 bids, especially if the auction is down to you and one or two others.  If you know the competition and you’re sure they just won’t take it all the way, it might be worth staying involved, but I’ve seen that rarely.  You are probably looking at someone who is planning on binning too, or maybe they are planning to win at all costs, that is the player we dread the most, they are out there and will use bids they have won to overbid.  Sure you can buy bids to over bid, but that is reckless and foolish.  It’s very easy to throw away an extra 500 bids if you won them for just a couple of dollars.  For that reason always check the winners list, I like to go back 12 hours, you can go back for 24.

Walking away is hard but necessary, and the more you do it the easier it becomes, maybe you lose a couple right after you walk away, but it YOU stayed in it would still be going on and on, it ended because someone had the guts to walk away.

Whether you WIN, BIN or WALK AWAY, playing and shopping at DealDash is an experience that will bring you joy and great deals because one thing is for sure, you will win over and over.  Just look at the winner’s list, it’s updated every minute.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Bid Buddy, What Is It, How Do You Use It?

Bid Buddy, Bid Buddy, Bid Buddy! Everyone is talking about the Bid buddy!  What is it and how does it work?  If you’re new to DealDash you are wondering about the Bid buddy.  Perhaps you think you won’t even need it, but that would be a foolish waste of opportunity.

The first and most important thing the Bid Buddy does for you is bid in order of your place in the auction line.  If you don’t use BB and you bid manually, you will be wasting bids because you are bidding after every other player.  When the Bid Buddy is loaded up it bids in order of the players signing into the auction.  It’s really simple, you put the number of bids you want to use in the auction and then hope that you are the last standing.



That is the easy explanation of what happens with the Bid Buddy, but it is so much more valuable than that.  The BB help you earn free bids.  One of the nicest things that Deal Dash does for its players is to give them free bids for every second you are high bidder.  So let’s say you are in an auction with four other people and you are all using the Bid Buddy, what happens then is every player is rewarded with about 9 seconds as high bidder, during this time you will earn free bids.  If there is someone in the auction who is not using the Bid Buddy and they are bidding manually, they are eating up all the free bids of the other players, so it’s kind to your fellow players to use your Bid Buddy.

So how do you use the Bid Buddy?  If you are in the auction for the individual item you will see the Bid Buddy set-up.  Simply click in the set up and type in the number of bids you wish to use in the auction, and hit enter or “add bids”. once you do you are “in line” and bid Buddy will only Bid for you when it’s your turn.  If there are 10 people in the auction every 10th bid will be yours, and so on.

If you don’t use the Bid Buddy you can expect to use a lot more bids than you should for an item, in one sense you are actually cancelling out yourself by bidding after every player, in fact, when I am bidding and someone is doing this, I actually do not count them in the line because there bids are senseless and useless.  They aren’t going to win and if they do it’s a fluke, so don’t bid manually. It’s a waste of bids.

When you first start at DealDash the slamming of bids without using the Bid Buddy is called “Stomping” it’s usually done by Newbies and rarely done by seasoned players, and there is a reason for that, the Bid Buddy helps you win!

Just use the Bid Buddy right from the start, if you do you will reap the rewards which are free bids and a place in line to bid exactly the right amount of bids to win.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Never-Ever Played Deal Dash

You’ve seen the DealDash commercials, you’ve heard your friends talk about it and now it’s time you try it.  Well, it’s about time:)  You are in for a treat!  Shopping and bidding at Deal Dash is so much fun and very entertaining. The longer you’ve played, the better the experience becomes.  It’s fun right out of the gate, but wait….you will love it!

There are a few things the Never-Ever wants to know.  First, how much does it cost?  Your first bid pack of 60 bids is $36.  This amount will be refunded to you if you don’t like the Deal Dash experience or if you don’t win because the have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Deal Dash wants us to win and put in place great beginner auctions for the Newbie.  These auctions are presented on the main page and are usually easy to win. They are usually valued between $10-$200 and consists of items like $10 Burger King Card, Soccer Ball, BBQ Tools.

So, you bought your first bid pack, now you will be able to set up your profile and bid in auctions.  You will need to choose an Avatar and come up with a “bio” which is a comment of your choice placed under your Avatar. Once you’re a registered player the price of bids are usually on sale.  I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than .15 cents for bids, and Deal Dash is always offering some kind of sale that involves free bids or lower priced auctions.


Before you start bidding explore the site, get familiar with the features Deal Dash gives us to help us win; see the Winner’s List.  Check it to see if others are winning prizes for just a few pennies, that is a “trend” if everyone is winning at $5.00 that is a “trend”.

Shop first!  Go through the site, find items you would love to have.  Keep it simple in the beginning.  Stick to those prizes under $200, they are usually easier to win and if you don’t win you can BIN.

What is BIN? BIN is “Buying It Now”.  If you find you can’t win an item after trying and you’ve suddenly reached the value of the item in bids, it’s time to back out of the auction and BUY it, if you do that, Deal Dash will give you all the bids you used trying to win it back.  You get them right away, just select the “Buy It Now” tab in your Dashboard, or you can find one in the individual auction.  They make it very easy for us to understand.  If you have any problems contact Customer Service, they are phenomenal at Deal Dash, they are kind and quick to help.

Now, BID!! WooHoo! It’s fun and then you win, that’s even more fun!  Once you win an item go ahead and purchase it for the final sales price.  It’s yours even if it was a penny and it will be Shipped Free!  Make sure you do pick up your win before 14 days, they do expire.  If you win an item and don’t need it, you can exchange it for a value of bids determined in the shopping cart, simple select “pay now” and see the exchange rate, if you choose to exchange your win for bids, you will not be able to purchase it for your bids back.

These are the basic Never-Ever question for the first time Deal Dasher.  It’s simple fair and fun.  You will love DealDash! Enjoy, Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Switching Up Your DealDash Strategy

Do you always bid the same way on DealDash? What’s been working for you in the past might not work in the future. Switch it up!

Are you only sporadic bidder who doesn’t visit DealDash very often? If you are the sort of bidder to pick a few random auctions and put in 10 bids here, 10 bids there, jumping around from auction to auction without any sort of cohesive plan then perhaps you should change up your strategy. Take your time, do a little research. Don’t be impulsive, be mindful of where your bids are going. It can only help you if you try a different strategy instead of throwing a few bids here and there. It’s very difficult to win that way.

On the other extreme, do you go decide what you want to bid on days or weeks before you even sign into DealDash? Do you make a plan beforehand then go through all of the different options on DealDash and patiently wait for your optimal auction to begin? Maybe you should switch up your strategy a bit and bid on something that you have admired in the past but haven’t yet done the research that you would normally perform before bidding. If other bidders know you as more cautious and less impulsive it might throw them off of their game and leave you victorious. Give it a chance!

Are you determined to win at all costs, no matter if you go over the BIN (Buy It Now) price? If you are the sort of bidder who jumps headfirst into every auction no matter who is bidding or how many people are in the auction then maybe it’s time to switch up your style. Typically unless you are a well-known power bidder that people are scared of, then this strategy wastes money and bids in my opinion. It’s much smarter to put bids into your BidBuddy and then check back on the auction occasionally, so how about giving a more gentle and less headstrong approach a chance next time.

  What strategy do you use? Try a new strategy next time and see what happens. Remember, if your new strategy doesn’t work out for you you can always just BIN  the auction for retail price and get all of your bids back to try a different strategy next time. Now go check out the auctions and see what you would really like to bid on. See you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.