New Winning Limits and Safeguard!

What is Safeguard?
Safeguard works as a shield to protect you from losing the deal in case your bid does not go through when trying to place it during the last few seconds.
We recommend bidding with at least 5 seconds on the clock to allow for your bid to be registered however if there is any network lag or if your bid does
not go through for whatever reason, that’s when Safeguard comes in. When activated, Safeguard will automatically place that bid on the very last second.
Try to make sure it does not go off otherwise it costs two credits and you are no longer protected. You will also have to bid 25 times in the DealBattle to have the chance to reactivate it again and get your protection back.

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Dave and the team!

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