The BidBuddy vs. Manual Bidding: Which one is your winning approach on

Experienced DealDash bidders know how invaluable the BidBuddy can be to formulating a winning strategy, and it’s been written about here before to make sure bidders new to DealDash understand the importance of learning about the BidBuddy. To put it simply, most auctions are won using it, and bidders who use the BidBuddy tend to win more auctions using less bids.

However, some people don’t like the BidBuddy. There are a number of reasons why some people don’t like using it: some people feel like they don’t control their bidding, some people find it makes it easy to overbid, and others simply find setting it up too difficult to bother with. Whatever the reason may be, single bidders are left to watching the auction and clicking away whenever they want to place their bids. And even though the BidBuddy is an invaluable bidding tool, using it or not using it doesn’t make a winner: the difference between winning and losing auctions is a matter of strategy. With the right approach to the auctions, there’s no reason why manual bidders cannot win an auction against users who rely entirely on their BidBuddy.

Here are a couple of advantages to placing bids manually, and how you can capitalize on them to win more auctions:

Manual Bidding Makes you Focus on Using your Bids

One of the most important advantages to the BidBuddy is that it allows bidders to automate their bidding, thereby freeing up their time to do other things while still participating in the auction. There’s no doubt that this really helps them stay in more competitive auctions, but this isn’t without drawbacks. Loading up a BidBuddy and then leaving the computer means bidders aren’t paying attention to what happens, and if one or more other users loads up their BidBuddy to bid against you, everyone will end up placing bids needlessly (see the next point for more details). The value of watching the auctions and being critical about what other users are doing cannot be understated, and the best way to do this is by staying at the computer and clicking each time you want to place a bid. By doing so, you’ll be putting thought into each bid you place, and this is a great way for new bidders to learn about how to bid to win on DealDash!

Nobody Wins when Everyone Uses the BidBuddy

When two or more users have active BidBuddies in an auction, the BidBuddies will place their bids in sequence until they’re either turned off or they run out of bids. Anyone watching the auction will see this “tell” and understand that putting a BidBuddy in the auction, or even placing a bid if there’s more than two BidBuddies running, is a waste of bids. Since people using the BidBuddy aren’t necessarily paying this much attention, they’re more likely to waste their bids than their manual bidding counterparts, who will enjoy the advantage of waiting, watching, and conserving their bids to get the most out of them. If you’re a manual bidder use this to your advantage by saving your bids until you start to see the BidBuddies drop out of the auction. This might take a bit of time, but you’ll be saving bids and can ultimately win more for less!

Manual Bidding Makes your Strategy Less Transparent

Because BidBuddies place their bids at regular intervals, experienced DealDashers can usually tell when they’re being placed from a BidBuddy (but not necessarily how many bids they’ve allotted to their BidBuddy). By not relying as much on your BidBuddy you’re free to make your behavior a lot less predictable to other bidders, which is a huge advantage. Winning an auction means you have to outsmart your competition, and so denying them information gives you a leg up on them.

While all of these advantages are good things to keep in mind, they aren’t guaranteed to make you win more auctions. The best approach is to mix and match your bidding and make use of the advantages to both single bidding and the BidBuddy. Rather than load up your BidBuddy and walk away OR sitting by the computer and clicking each time you want to place a bid, try switching up your strategy as the auctions progress to make the most out of both approaches. This will help you maximize the benefits of the BidBuddy and manual bidding, and make sure you’re prepared to beat out everyone to get the best deals available on DealDash!

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4 thoughts on “The BidBuddy vs. Manual Bidding: Which one is your winning approach on


    I much prefer Bid Buddy because I can do other things like cook, etc & just check every once in awhile to see if I want to add more bids or not.

    1. Hi Edmond,

      Most users feel the exact same as you! The BB makes using DealDash a lot easier and more convenient. Have you read through some of our past entries about the BB? Check them out if you haven’t already!


    I have used both manual and BB. BB works best late at night for me as I research that the item is in fact worth the list price. I will place a few before No Jumper kicks in, then when the price has been increased to where I think it will sell, I dump a ton of bids into BB. Don’t get me wrong, this is in no way foolproof – I have more BINS than not, but getting the bids back has kept me in the game for a lot longer than I anticipated, and I have been able to win some things I would not have splurged on in a store. It has also been good entertainment while I have been recovering from shoulder surgeries. I just got released by my Dr. to get back on my horses, so I am playing my last 2 auctions, then bidding adieu to DealDash for the summer. BTW, I forgot to mention…I am just WAY TOO ADD to use manual bidding on a regular basis. I swear, every time I turn my head for 30 seconds – BAM – I’ve lost! Certainly the “smarter” strategy if you have the patience, as a player has on his bio. GOOD LUCK TO ALL, IT’S BEEN FUN. I look forward to some friendly competition when the nasty weather hits VA.

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thanks for your comment! I hope your shoulder is ok!

      I’m happy to hear that you find the site entertaining, and I agree with what you said about using both manual bidding and the BB. I think that’s the best way to go, and using the BIN option is a great way to save money by subsidizing your bids! Many successful bidders recommend using the BB in moderation, and only place 20-30 bids in it at one time. This helps you conserve bids while still taking advantage of the BB!

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