How would you rate DealDash customer service?

Customer First
A few of our lovely team members.

15 thoughts on “How would you rate DealDash customer service?

  1. magi

    I have to say Deal Dash has the best customer service around, They have always taking care of ANY issues I ever had and are top notch for working great with members and as a team. William you only hire the best I see! I have no complaints in this department I just wish Deal Dash would lower their bid packs..

    1. Hello and I’m sorry to hear this. It looks like we’ve replied to your emails so it seems the replies may be going to your spam folder. We’ll be sure to take care of this and get you a new item. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Barbara Hulle

    I like to say that the Customer Service department is very professional and respected for their knowledge of any problems we have. I would highly recommend to contact them if anyone has questions, as you surely can’t go wrong by calling them.

  3. Darcy Ryan

    To the good people at DD…. My wife and I love your site. We win a ton of great items for very little cost. Any items that aren’t in stock are compensated nicely with extra bids. This is how u keep your customers happy. And we love the true BIN with no bids attached. And how can u beat free shipping?!?! All of these things make DD the best penny auction site out there.
    Keep up the good work and keep those 600 auction-at-one-time bonanzas coming…

  4. Kimberly McCratic (Username: lakergirl1)

    DealDash customer service is exceptional and what makes them exceptional is their quick response time and the effort and attention given to the customer in resolving the issue that is presented to them. I have never had a bad experience with customer service and I am impressed with how they always give 110% and are friendly yet professional. They are definitely #1 in my book…keep up the good work guys!!

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