Black Friday is Soon Upon Us!

Black Friday, otherwise known as the craziest shopping day of the entire year is soon upon us. So what is Black Friday really and why is it so wild? Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the United States and really launches the Christmas shopping season. Since many people typically take the day off the number of potential shoppers increases and therefore routinely has become known as the busiest shopping day of the year. Many retail businesses have recognized this and have started opening their doors earlier and earlier. Some retail shops including Walmart, which supply items for DealDash, even started opening their doors at midnight! Many retail companies start to turn a profit for the year and “go into the black”. There are other stories too about how Black Friday became known however it seems most people see it as the busiest shopping day of the year and therefore a chance to get some really great discounts! BlackFriday

Traditionally, Black Friday on DealDash has always been the BIGGEST PROMOTION of the year where not only are Bids cheaper but there’s usually a unique side special which is too sweet to pass! Kind of like the Candied Pecan Yams your Grandmother makes on Thanksgiving.. hmm hmm hmmm!! For those interested in a delicious recipe, click here.

Let us know what ideas you have for Black Friday and what type promotion you would like to see on 

7 thoughts on “Black Friday is Soon Upon Us!

  1. nicole

    I like the idea of free items butu could be bidding for hours, I think you should free for all all of the same items so that people can bid on all of them and have a chance at a better deal, such as 10 tablets or 10 vaccums and so on.

  2. katrina

    1. Have a lot more auctions running throughout the day. Not necessarily at the same time, just more – closer time apart. Last year the auctions running were between 5/6 different pages. These days it never past page 2.
    2. Of course- we all love when we don’t pay the final price!
    3. I do agree with Jerry – you should have more options on buying bids.

  3. Jerry Jackson

    I only have one negative comment about DD. I cannot buy bids as I want,say $20 worth or $50 worth. I must buy a “bid pack” which I cannot afford. It keeps me from buying bids ala a carte so to speak.

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