Top Tips, Winning Strategies And Ways To Get Free Bids

Here is a list of the top articles featuring tips, bidding strategies to winning auctions, and how to get free bids on

Have you been finding it harder to win recently? Have you thought about your bidding strategy recently? Here are some great articles you may want to review. As you probably know auctions are unpredictable and adapting different bidding strategies is one way to continue winning auctions and enjoying your shopping experience. Try implementing some new bidding tips and collect some free bids to help with your overall strategy.

1. The Keys To Winning Auctions On

This article provides bidders with some of the basic building blocks to developing a good winning strategy.

2. Top 3 Bidding Tips For Having The Best DealDash Experience

Dive further into detail on how to use these three important bidding tips to enhance your bidding experience.

  1. Watch and Learn
  2. Use the BidBuddy
  3. Buy it Now

You may also like A Simple Exercise To Find The Perfect Auction and discover how to really watch auctions.







3. 3 Tips For Earning Free Bids On DealDash

Yes… FREE Bids!!!

Free Bids DealDash

4. How To Get Free Bids On

Reveals the Number 1 Way To Earn Free Bids. 

5. Are You Sabotaging Bidding Success By Another Satisfied Penny Bidder

Take an in-depth look at four dangerous emotions which could be sabotaging your bidding success and learn how to prevent them.

  1. Change Hope To Strategy
  2. Freeze Fear
  3. Neutralize Greed
  4. Knock Out Angry Bidding

2 thoughts on “Top Tips, Winning Strategies And Ways To Get Free Bids

  1. I was just wanting to make a suggestion. I know some who would like to play but I’m from a very small town in the deep south. Do you think you could make smaller priced bid packs with fewer bids? Maybe like a twenty dollar bid pack for 100 bids. With a few decent but less expensive gifts. I know at times when you aren’t charging for the merchandise it would be hard. When the site is slow it would give them a chance to win some things they may need or a gift for their child etc. I enjoy bidding and I love to win but I won’t do it to in a “feisty” way for the lack of a better word cause it can affect someone badly if they had their heart set on getting it as they probably could afford to buy it out right. It would do my heart good as well as a lot of others to see some less fortunate win a nice item. Department store and gas gift cards can greatly benefit me the way the economy is at this time. I like Deal Dash too and am grateful for it. God Bless.

    1. Hi Deborah, thank you for taking the time to comment and suggest this. I’d love to get on the phone with you to talk about ways we can improve our service. I’ll send you a personal email so be on the look out for that! Looking forward to talking with you! By the way right now you can get 220 Bids for $33.

      – Dave

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