Poll Results Are In! Require or Not Require BidBuddy?

In yesterdays blog post by Kim Finnegan, an experienced bidder who has been shopping on DealDash.com since September 2012 with over 150 auction wins, questioned the highly used BidBuddy DealDash currently has as an option for bidding. The BidBuddy is your automated bidding tool which allows you to plug-in any number of bids you have available on your bid balance and let the auction ride in hopes others will not bid and you’ll have that sweet taste of victory and lovely explosion of fireworks!

Fireworks on DealDash

The BidBuddy will place your bid at the very final second of the auction while you sit back and watch or go on with your daily activities of work, sleep, play, or whatever requires your attention. Having your bid placed at the final second of the auction is a viable strategy as it conserves your bids while others place single bids, perhaps unaware your BidBuddy is locked and loaded. Don’t take the word “locked” the wrong way, you can cancel your BidBuddy at anytime and all the unused bids will be deposited back to your bid balance and can be used again at anytime. One can also add more bids to the BidBuddy as well without having to cancel and re-book as shown in this lovely and colorful snippet of the BidBuddy Box.

DealDash BidBuddy

So the BIG question Kim asked is… Should BidBuddy Be Required? These are only the results gathered so far since the question was asked yesterday, July 8th, however so far the results are split fairly evenly.

BidBuddy Results on DealDash
First Day Poll Results

What do you think about the BidBuddy? Should it be required or does it take away from the bidding fun?

The poll will be open for another 6 days, answer here:


17 thoughts on “Poll Results Are In! Require or Not Require BidBuddy?

  1. Brad

    I have a question. If you put 5 bids in bid buddy and no one bids against you on the second bid do you win or does it execute the remaining three bids and add another 30 seconds for someone else to jump in and bid against you?

    1. If no one else bids, the auction will end and any remaining bids you had booked in the BidBuddy are returned back to your bid balance. So to summerize: if you put 5 bids in the BidBuddy and no one bids against you on the second bid, you will win the auction immediately and the remaining 4 bids, which were booked in your BidBuddy, will be returned to your account.

    2. serdnad

      Bidbuddy will only execute if you’re not already winning, so yes, it’s possible to book 100 bids and only have 50 used.

  2. Aw3zom3

    No bid buddy at all. It wastes bids; thus, it is strategically disadvantageous to those who use it. Additionally, it is unfair to those that want an AUCTION wherein people are constantly bidding and then the person with the greatest stamina wins. So sorry you can’t sit at your computer all day. But others are. And those people are stampeded by someone’s bid buddy at 1,000,000 bids, unknowingly wasting all the bids and the bidbuddy bids below 1,000,000. Make a bidbuddy limitation for number of bids one can enter. That way, people DO have to watch their auctions. And that way, one person with an inordinate amount of bids cannot win defacto while wasting the bids of others.

  3. pk69

    Ii have been with Deal Dash about a year now and love it. Though I despise bidders that are either new and haven’t taken the time to read the FAQ/Tips or observe the bidding process, and stomp like crazy (BTW some of the worst stompers are experience bidders who preach against stomping and jumping) I oppose the mandate for bid buddy. I use bid buddy myself and win some/lose some but this is not a Nazi controlled site. This is a free nation after all and bidders can and should be able to bid as they want. I suggest a parallel training site for newby incubation for a month or so before being allowed on main site. All you long time experienced people who do the same thing can’t expect any other behavior. The worst are older people who bid every other bid when the time clock is 2x or 3x because they are at a higher level and need to run down the clock for their free bids. Just sayin’

  4. For those of you who aren’t sure, the poll is asking whether or not bidbuddy should be required in that it’s the only way of placing bids. Basically, it’s whether or not people should be able to place bids manually, which I think people should be able to, to allow for a bit of strategy and stay away from a completely automated bidding cycle. Remember people, a big part of penny auctions is supposed to be fun!

  5. sorrymyturn

    If BidBuddy ever went away, so would I as a customer. It is one of the things I like most about DealDash.com because I am far too busy to be stuck at my computer all the time. BidBuddy is the most user-friendly automated system I ever found on any penny auction site.

    1. sorrymyturn

      If BidBuddy ever went away, so would I because I am far too busy to remain stuck at my computer all the time. Why do you think more people are now using mobile devices to bid than home computers? That’s because we live in a very busy and very mobile society. If people are bidding on a mobile device, they are sure to have distractions and periods when they cannot always pay attention to what’s happening. I believe most customers love BidBuddy. It is one of the best things about the site.

    1. pk69

      chat area can also lead to side agreements and team bidding so I understand why it was taken off and agree with the decision

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