What you didn’t know about BidBuddy

I have written in the past about the use of DealDash’s Bid Buddy system. It is a great tool, to win auctions.

However it is also a great tool to learn how and when other players bid. Over the past few months I have really watched the patterns that some players have, and I started all of this with the Bid Buddy.

As you know the Bid Buddy books automatic bids, so if you want to step away from an auction and still participate in the auction, you are able to. However I have began to use it for more than just that. Each auction has a countdown timer, as to when it will begin. It is important to pay attention to this timer. When it hits 10 seconds the auction is now live.

My secret is to enter my automatic bids as close to 10 seconds as possible. This gives me a point of reference in the auction. If I manage to enter my bids at 11 or 12 seconds, I should be the last automatic bidder. When my name comes up in the auction, it is fairly simple to tell how many automatic bidders there are which can be really valuable information.

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If my first automatic bid comes up early (15 to 20 cents) I know that there are only a few other bidders that I need to beat out. If it happens to be between myself and another automatic bidder, I will jump on that bidder so that they use their automatic bids, and hopefully no one else enters the auction, and I can win. These are just suggestions, however they can be useful. Hope they are helpful when you’re planning your next penny auction bidding strategy on DealDash.com.

By Erica Baughman

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3 thoughts on “What you didn’t know about BidBuddy

  1. If you win a bid, when do you pay for the item. At time you sign up do you put so much money on site to bid or do I pay for it at time bid closes. I am not comfortable giving my credit info and money in an account before I know what bid I have won. Can you advice

    1. Hi Terrie, before you can participate in the auctions you’ll need to purchase a Bid pack first (in advance). You’ll be happy to know DealDash offers all new customers with a full money back guarantee on their first purchase. You’ll even get a second chance and have all the bids from your first bid pack given back to you for a second chance in case you don’t win an auction the first time around. This allows you to try a different strategy and become more acquainted with how the auctions work.

  2. MrSimon

    Interesting. However, I do not advocate the use of stomping on the other guy. It steals their time. I have seen other people use this tactic on me, and I laugh because I have my bid buddy set. All you do is jack up the price, use up your bids (and mine) and steal my time.

    The counteraction to your bidding behavior is to A: Stomp right back, or B: Let you stomp away until you have wasted 25-30 bids and you give up.

    The best advice to give to tell participants to WATCH THEIR AUCTION. Stay attended to the auction at all times, if possible. Know when there are bidders who behave the way you do, and realize if you keep your bid buddy filled, you can wait them out.

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