Sometimes you WIN sometimes you BIN

Life's a game WIN or BIN on DealDash


DealDash Bidding Tip: Only bid on auction items you would like to have. If you don’t win it, bin it and get your bids back. DealDash will even ship your item for free!

BIN = Buy it Now

All items auctioned off on are brand new and come with the Buy it Now option to get your bids back. To learn more about how you can WIN or BIN visit and get started. 100% money back guarantee on your first purchase if not satisfied for any reason. 

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you WIN sometimes you BIN

  1. PK

    Personally I never Bid on an item I am not willing to BIN. This does sometimes exclude me from going after big ticket items because, as Robert said, it is getting much harder to win lately due to the sheer numbers of new bidders ( thanks DealDash for advertising on TV! ) and the way people bid and drive up the prices. This is still the best penny auction site there is. You just have to accept the challenges of bidding, set your bid buddy, and pray everybody else falls asleep. Have fun, good luck

  2. Robert Veilleux

    I bid on auctions where I am prepared to BIN or WIN. Because of the length of time, I have been a member I have a room full of won items, sitting doing nothing, all of high quality.  So I definitely restrict which auctions I bid on. That is not counting the dozens of items I have given away!!


    P.S. Winning is definitely more difficult in 2014 vs. 2011?

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