Everyday is a Second Chance

Everyday is a second chance to win auctions


Everyday is a second chance to win auctions on DealDash.com

Over 1,000 auctions are listed everyday on DealDash.com. A recommended Bidding Tip: Conserve Your Bids

Bidding rapidly will only waste your bids and inflate the auction price. Bid strategically, or book a BidBuddy to do it for you.

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DealDash is the most fun way to get a deal and discover brands! Established in 2009 DealDash has delivered hundreds of thousands of brand named products to American consumers across the country. All products are brand new with manufacturer warranties and come with free shipping - no matter how big or small. Give DealDash a try today! If you don't win anything with your first bid pack, DealDash will give you back the bids from your first purchase for a second chance. If you don't win, you can get back all the bids you lost by buying the item at normal price using the Buy it Now. You get the item you want plus the bids you used to try again!

3 thoughts on “Everyday is a Second Chance”

  1. You are so right. Every day there are auctions for items you can use. If you don’t win one, stay focused on another and you will see your bid buddy can be used to win your item!

  2. I challenge anyone that says they are going to BIN to bid on the 5,000 bid packs and if you don’t win, just buy it now! Ain’t gonna happen. Everybody wants to win that, but they are not going to BIN, they know those bids are lost if they don’t win!

  3. don’t be fooled by trying to enter to many auctions at a time to accumulate points, stay with auctions you want and are prepared to BIN if you do not win.

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