When I Don’t WIN I BIN

When I Don't Win I BIN on DealDash

DealDash Bidding Tip

Play smart and win more auctions with this DealDash bidding tip: Only bid on items you really want, need or plan on buying anyway. This way if you don’t win, you can BIN (Buy it Now) and get your bids back to try again. Conserve your bids by using the Buy it Now and reduce the need to purchase more bids to keep playing!

DealDash’s Buy it Now is available on all items up to 7 days after the auction ends.

4 thoughts on “When I Don’t WIN I BIN

  1. Susan Sabilla

    When reading the posts and suggestions about BIN option, recover your bids if you don’t win the auction for example one thing I feel was missed. I compared the BIN prices of merchandise and found it to be at retail and many times below in my area. Great Deal if you win, Good Deal if you lose.

  2. MrSimon

    Come on, sorrymyturn, do you really think people don’t know about Buy-It-Now (BIN)? I think the more important thing is to educate bidders on the actual cost of their bidding habits, that is, the price they pay if they win is the auction win price PLUS the cost of bids. Maybe then more people will use the BIN option.

    On the other hand, there are bidders here who want to win at any cost. I’m guilty sometimes of overbidding because I get upset when someone jumps into the auction after I have quite a few bids invested. Other times, I just want to rack up some time when DealDash runs their 2x or 3x time sale.

  3. sorrymyturn

    Good reminder because some customers do not know about BIN–the Buy-It-Now option. It is one thing that draws customers to the DealDash.com penny auction site and quickly makes it a favorite shopping site for nearly all customers who try it.

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