Average Selling Price of $1,000.00 Amazon Gift Card

Average Selling Price Amazon Gift Card on DealDash

Knowing the average selling price can help you determine when it’s the best time to bid. On DealDash, the average selling price for the $1,000.00 Amazon gift card is $274.22. Keep this in mind next time you’re planning to bid on this gift card.

2 thoughts on “Average Selling Price of $1,000.00 Amazon Gift Card

  1. sorrymyturn

    I have used this information to win auctions sometimes, and I have lost auctions to other customers who always save the bulk of their bids until they think it is getting ready to close.. Of course, if you wait too long to start bidding, there is always the chance the auction could close early for less money. However, this is usually a pretty good strategy.. It is seldom just one strategy that will make you a winner. It is a combination of experience and using several different strategies.

  2. MrSimon

    A VERY popular item!!
    Here’s a hint for getting the average selling price on ANY item:
    Log off DealDash, and then click on the item you are interested in. Believe it or not, DealDash will tell you what the average selling price is on it.
    Don’t try it with new items as there will not be enough data to estimate an accurate average.
    Happy Bidding!!

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