A Few Bidding Tips After Playing 1 Year

After being a participant on DealDash for over a year,  l have learned a few things.  I have won several items on Deal Dash but my favorite stories are the lucky ones.

By sheer chance and the right time I won an item for one bid!  I booked the bid buddy with one bid to get me into the auction and in the morning discovered I won the auction!  So the transaction total was .16 cents, however it was a “free auction”. That means at the end of the auction, you just pay the price of the bids used and 1¢ to process the transaction.

Here are a few bidding tips to keep in mind when playing on DealDash.

Free Auction Promotions

One thing to keep in mind when bidding in a free auction, is that due to it costing only a penny, people are free to bid more since the price does not climb. So you need to be patient because sometimes the value exceeds retail in the bidding wars, with so many bidders, and how committed they are.

A few words about bid jumpers

These are the people who bid immediately after your bid is placed and don’t let the clock count down. This kills the clock time which gives us free bids from DealDash.  Don’t let the bid jumpers dissuade you from bidding because they will eventually stop when they realize bidders are not giving in.  It is a tactic.  Most let the clock run down.  It takes patience and you need to watch the auction.

Use the Bid Buddy tool

It is advantageous because in the end, it bids at the last seconds on the clock, and you can’t beat the clock!

Overbidding does not make sense

Calculate the cost of bids plus the cost of the auctioned item and that is the price you should not exceed.  If you lose the auction use the buy it now feature and get your bids back.  Some people bid heavily, some bid light.  As you watch, you will learn bidding styles of other bidders.  It is a learning game.  What to do and what not to do.  Some will give tips in there personal bio which I have found useful before.

In short, DealDash is fun and takes patience.  Some auctions end after a short while, while others may take a long time – it really just depends on the item, how many bidders are in the auction, bidding styles, etc.

Give Deal Dash a try.  You can’t lose bidding on the gift cards, if you were planning on purchasing them anyway, so give it a try and save some money!

Good Luck!

– fiveandten

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DealDash Community

DealDash is the most fun way to get a deal and discover brands! Established in 2009 DealDash has delivered hundreds of thousands of brand named products to American consumers across the country. All products are brand new with manufacturer warranties and come with free shipping - no matter how big or small. Give DealDash a try today! If you don't win anything with your first bid pack, DealDash will give you back the bids from your first purchase for a second chance. If you don't win, you can get back all the bids you lost by buying the item at normal price using the Buy it Now. You get the item you want plus the bids you used to try again!

2 thoughts on “A Few Bidding Tips After Playing 1 Year”

    1. If you win and decide you no longer want the item there is the option to exchange it for bids. Another great option is to give it as a gift or donate it to someone else in need.

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