Bid Well and Happy New Year!

WOW! It’s been over two years and I am still playing, bidding, and winning on DealDash! The most fabulous way to get a deal!

Everyday I still see some bidders who have been playing on DealDash as long as I have and some even longer. Why are we still here you may ask? Because it is well  worth it. You may not win an auction every single time but in the long run you can save a ton of money.

Deal Dash and some bidders will even give you the tools to help you succeed. There are many different tactics and tips to help you. By other bidders posting blogs articles here and on other sites like DealDash Reviews and DealDash Tips, you can gain a lot of useful information.

Here is one important tip I ALWAYS depend on.

The infamous “Bid Buddy”. Set your bid buddy with a predetermined amount of bids that you would like to spend and sit back and watch. You do not have to stress over whether or not you get your bid in on time. The computer will place your bid in the last few seconds and if no one else bids, you win!  How easy is that. The bid buddy will never miss the timer. If you put in single bids you may not get your bid in on time. You would not want to lose an auction that way. Way too frustrating.

One way I like to bid is to bid on the same brand of items. Once you use a product from a certain manufacturer you have an idea of what the quality is. I love the Rachael Ray line of kitchen and cookware items. You probably all know her from the Food Network. She is a little quirky and fun to watch.

Rachael Ray Cookware

The kitchen line that she has put out is of very good quality. I have bid on her items many times. I have either won or binned (Buy it Now to get bids back) several of her items. Those items would include the red stoneware, pasta forks, the spoonula, a casserole, and the EVOO & vinegar set. I prefer the “red” line of products but she does have a mix and match type of line like the orange pictured above.

Either way you choose, you will be very happy with these products. Always keep in mind that these products come up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are featured on DealDash numerous times giving you many chances at winning. If the certain auction doesn’t appeal to you then wait until the next one. Give it a little time and patience and you can have all the products that you would like to have at considerable savings! Bid well my friends and have happy new year!


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