1000 free bids go to…

The best photo of the week goes to Les Levine. Congratulations! You just won 1000 free DealDash bids for posting this great photo of the Tonfisk WARM 20 fl oz Teapots that you won with only 17 bids.

I won this Tonfisk WARM 20 fl oz Teapot worth $110- for only 77cents on #DealDash, with just 17 bids! Afternoon Tea is on me from now on and in STYLE. Thanks DealDash for another great deal!

Have you collected your free bids for your posting your winning photos to Facebook? If not, you’re missing out on hundreds of free bids and a chance to win 1000 bids awarded weekly for the best photo.  Learn about how you can claim your free bids here.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

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