Part 2 of Thinking About Mistakes We Make as Bidders

Today we will continue talking about some common mistakes that bidders make, and how to avoid making them.

On Monday we talked about how bidders make mistakes by not buying bigger bid packs when they are on sale, and also by not setting reasonable and achievable goals for themselves. Today we will continue to examine how we are bidding and  how we can improve bidding with the end result being that next big win at DealDash.

Not thinking ahead – Is a common mistake in DealDash bidding as well as in other aspects of life. Thinking ahead goes hand-in-hand with buying bigger bid packs when they are on sale, but thinking ahead is much more than just that. Thinking ahead means planning and making strategic decisions about when to spend your bids and what to spend them on.

Thinking ahead in DealDash terms means that you carefully decide what auction that you will be bidding on, and then do the math to figure out exactly how many bids that you can spend on that auction to get up to the BIN (Buy It Now) price without going over, and then inputting that amount of bids into your BidBuddy.

The BidBuddy is the best tool to use when you are trying to think ahead – the BidBuddy will effortlessly and tirelessly bid for you, up to the amount of bids that you inputted, and you don’t even have to be at your computer.

Spreading your bids too thin – Another mistake that is frequently seen at DealDash is spreading your bids too thin. Instead of picking one or two auctions and showing them the attention and focus that they deserve a common mistake at DealDash is placing a bid here, there, and everywhere on lots of different auctions and then being disappointed when there is nothing to show for it at the end.

The easiest way to fix this mistake is of course by taking more care and spending more time doing a little research to decide what you truly want to bid on. If you are only halfway interested in a certain auction, why bother throwing a few bids on it? Use those bids on an auction that you are truly interested enough to “go all the way” and Buy It Now (BIN) if you don’t happen to win.

Don’t despair if yourself doing all of the bidding mistakes that I have mentioned in the blogs this week –  it takes time and experience to develop bidding skills and strategies. If you take my advice to heart, chances are good that soon you’ll be winning the big prizes and wonder why you were ever having trouble with bidding mistakes at all. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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