How Can We Be Better Bidders?

Even if you’re great at something you can always be better. Let’s examine how we bid.

How we can improve bidding with the end result being that next big win at DealDash? Sometimes all you need to do to improve is to take a closer look at your habits.

If you’ve noticed your wins are becoming more few and far between, perhaps it’s time to tighten up your bidding game. Let’s get back to basics.

  • Pay close attention to your competitors. If you’re just throwing bids in any old auction without paying attention to who your competition is you might be throwing away your bids.
  • Speaking of throwing your bids in any old auction, don’t do that! Make sure that you are thinking about the auction before you put any bids in. Do a little research on the item to make sure that this is the item you truly want. In a lot of cases DealDash has similar items up for auction within days of each other.
  • Buy your bids at the best price. You can spend more bids on each auction without hitting the BIN (Buy It Now) price if you buy the bids cheaper to begin with. Try to wait for a great sale on bids and then buy as many as your budget allows.
  • Make sure that you’re using your BidBuddy so that you’re not spending more bids than you need to.
  • If you don’t WIN make sure you BIN!

If you still find yourself not getting many wins maybe it’s time to totally change up your game! If you normally bid at night, bid in the morning. If you normally bid on kitchen stuff bid on toys! Change things around and maybe your luck will change as well.


  It takes time and experience to develop bidding skills and strategies. If you take my advice to heart, chances are good that soon you’ll be winning the big prizes and wonder why you were ever having trouble with winning at all. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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