How Does DealDash Compare?

When thinking about how DealDash compares to other bidding sites, I think you would agree with me that DealDash is the best! I’ll tell you why.

  First off, DealDash is user friendly. DealDash is extremely welcoming of new bidders and explains everything very simply in an up-front way so there are no misunderstandings how the bidding process works. There are even videos explaining how the bidding process works. Check out DealDash ‘s official YouTube page at this link right here to see their videos. Or you could watch the DealDash video that I made explaining everything at this link right here.

  Secondly, DealDash has amazingly responsive and friendly customer service and support. I have emailed them a few times about various issues and questions about DealDash and I have always received an email back within a day, and sometimes I even received a phone call! Another wonderful thing about DealDash customer service is whenever I have interacted with them they have never tried to pressure me to buy a single bid. Other penny auction sites used to call and email me weekly to hard sell into buying bids that I wasn’t interested in buying at that moment. The final straw for me with them was when they told me that if I bought $1,000 worth of bids from them over their phone they would “help” me win an auction. That’s cheating. Which brings me to the next point.

  DealDash is totally transparent and honest with everyone. All bidders the same chance and opportunity to win auctions. There are no “special” bidders, whoever is willing to spend their bids to win the auction will be the winner. There are no “bots” placing fake bids on DealDash to help certain people win. Whoever places the final bid when the clock hits zero is the winner.

  Now that you have heard some of the big differences between DealDash and other bidding sites I’m sure that you want to go check out DealDash! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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