Resources for Winning at DealDash

There are so many resources out here to help you to win.  There are blogs on the DealDash Bidding Site which help you learn how to be a better player, and a better player wins more.  There is no doubt about that. I’ve seen inexperienced players, usually because they don’t know what their doing, lose over and over for the same reason, they are Stompers.  Stompers come into the auction and place rapid fire bids without using a Bid Buddy.

Which leads me to the next resource, the Bid Buddy.  This should be your go to resource to win.  The stomper wins a few in the easy category, but they aren’t going to win against the “Seasoned Pro” and there are a lot of them, it’s another testament to how awesome DealDash is, there are bidders who go back to 2009, 2010 and 2011 who are still bidding.  Many, many players from 2012, 13, 14.  I’m in that crowd.  I didn’t use the Bid Buddy at first, that didn’t last though, I quickly learned it was the best way to win.

Your Dashboard, the Dashboard provided by DealDash is a bunch of information about you and your bidding history all in one place.  You can see what you’ve won, when, how many bids you used, you can see who you played against.  The Dashboard is a fantastic resource and I’ve written blog just on the Dashboard,  follow my blog and use the search bar.


Other players mistakes help you win, you bet’cha.  This is a resource you will need to tap into over time.  There are a lot of players who only play the front of an auction.  Get to know who they are, then out last them!  The other time to get involved is in the middle of the night. Everyone has set their  Bid Buddy, you hope to outlast them, because you are awake!

Don’t underestimate the Winner’s List!  It’s a great resource to see who’s playing, who’s winning and what they are winning it for.  This is vital information to help you win.  Remember, you are winning, that means there is an element of failure.  You must be prepared to lose too, but!,…..if you use all the resources at your finger tips you will have better luck and win more auctions.

Low priced bids, no where else will you find such a great prices on bids, this is where the fun comes in.  It’s Entertainment Shopping, you “pay to play”,but the odds are in your favor at DealDash. Check the blogs and their Facebook Page to see what the current sale is.  You can also see the price of bids right on the top of the auction page.

Use what DealDash has given us to win and then go out and win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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