Winning Made Easier

Have you been a long-time DealDash customer?

If so, you might have found it easy to win auctions about four years ago when the company was still small, but more difficult to win as the customer base grew larger and the competition grew stronger.

You might have also gotten discouraged when a handful of power bidders won the same high-dollar auctions two or three times a day.


Well, I have good news for you. DealDash has implemented a change to fix this problem. Once a customer wins an auction, that customer gets locked out from bidding on that particular auction again for one week.

I love this change for two reasons: 1) It gives more customers a better chance to bid on and win auctions, and 2) It allows customers to see which power bidders have already won and are now locked out so you can improve your odds of winning.

Since DealDash made this change, I started winning again, so it works for me. Therefore, if you gave up hope and stopped bidding for a while, like I did, you might want to try it again. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Limiting each customer to one win per auction per week has definitely made winning easier.

One thought on “Winning Made Easier

  1. Thank you for putting on the win limits so that others have an opportunity to win auctions as well. Now I will be able to check prior to bidding on an item to see who all has already won that item.
    I have been asking for this for a very long time. It gets old to start bidding on an item only to have one of the high rollers jump in and take over. There is about a dozen bidders that would bull doz through every auction and it seemed like they never slept.
    Thank you for giving everyone an even playing field.

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