Who Ya Gonna Call? DealDash!

If you have a ghost, who ya gonna call?  Ghost Busters!

Everybody knows that, but what if you have a problem while shopping on DealDash.com?  Then who ya goanna call?

The first thing you should do is go to the home page, scroll down to the big yellow button that says, “Contact Support.” A form will come up for you to fill out and explain your problem. If you do that, a customer service representative will soon contact you to answer any questions or help you solve any issues.

After shopping on DealDash for about six years and winning more than 700 auctions, I only had to contact customer service a few times.


Once I won a set of malfunctioning ear buds that I had given to my granddaughter as a gift.  When she finally told me they did not work, a lot of time had passed and I no longer had the return paperwork. However, I contacted the DealDash support staff, anyway. The customer service representative reimbursed me enough bids to win another set. Problem solved.

One other time, a backpack I won was out of stock, so a customer service staff member gave me an option of choosing another one from two different styles. Problem solved.


The important thing is that the DealDash team members have always been easy to reach, easy to work with and I would give them an A-plus grade in customer satisfaction.

Therefore, if you ever have any questions or problems while shopping on DealDash, who ya gonna call?  Now you know. The DealDash problem busters!

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers

One thought on “Who Ya Gonna Call? DealDash!

  1. Phyllis Raines

    I so totally agree with you there Barbara. It may not always be the answer you would like to hear. But a answer you will get. There team of cs reps that I have dealt with since I joined, have all been wonderful. One even sent a very nice gift to my granddaughter, simply because I had to wait on a product I had purchased a couple of extra days. They went far and beyond my expectations. I love it when I send in a message to cs that I am talking to a person in return email and not getting a generated response from another source or even the company itself.

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