What Do You Love About DealDash?

DealDash DealDash is easy to love. What do you love most about DealDash?

DealDash is the best shopping entertainment website around. There are so many things to love about DealDash that it’s hard to pick just one. What are your favorite features on DealDash? Please comment down below and let us know. Here are some amazing things love about DealDash.

Customer Support

DealDash offers wonderfully friendly customer service that can’t be beat! It’s easy to get in touch with a customer support rep by going on DealDash and looking for the “HELP” button at the top of the screen. From there you can either open a support ticket or even chat live with a DealDash customer service representative. It’s fast, friendly, and absolutely superior to other bidding sites out there.

The BidBuddy

The BidBuddy is a favorite feature of many bidders on DealDash. The BidBuddy is one of those great things about DealDash that you aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else. Simply choose the number of bids that you would like to spend on an auction and click “Book a BidBuddy” and he will place all of your bids for you. There’s no need to even stay at the computer. When it comes to things I love about DealDash, the BidBuddy is way up there on the list.

Quality and Selection of Items

Another thing to love about DealDash is the quality and selection of items they have up for bid. On some pay-to-bid sites, they only offer gift cards! Where is the variety in that? DealDash offers gift cards, of course, but they also have 6 other categories to pick from. There are hundreds of different items offered up for auction on DealDash every single day. Check out the variety on DealDash, you’re sure to love it.

Free Bids

Do you know that I love? Free bids. That’s right free bids, available every day from DealDash. There are different ways to get these free bids, and the easiest way is to just sign-in to DealDash every day. Really, it’s that simple. Just go to this link right here every single day, place at least one bid, and DealDash will credit you with free bids. The more days in a row that you show up, the more free bids that you will receive. I currently receive 30 bids each day for just showing up and placing a few bids!

You can also get free bids by posting photos of yourself and items that you have won. You can post these photos to Facebook to get free bids, and you will also be entered to win the weekly 1,000 free bids “best photo” contest. If you’d like to read all of the details about that, just head on over to DealDash’s Facebook page, “like” the page, and then you will be able to see all of the details. Just click here!

DealDash free bids Facebook

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash Blog article today. Don’t forget to check back often for new articles here are well as on our other blogs, DealDash Reviewed and DealDash Tips. We hope that your DealDash experience is a good one. Please let us know how we’re doing in the comments down below.

Would you like to see what DealDash has up for bid today? Go check DealDash for everything that you need for your home and family. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Love About DealDash?

  1. Mike

    Since the days when William created the site, the deals have dashed as well as all the great “practical” household items, that most COULD afford to buy back if one lost the auction. It has turned into a site for the wealthy bidder who just EXCHANGES all their wins, for more bids. Get rid of the exchange for bids option or bring back limits, thus allowing EVERYONE a chance to win a nice deal without spending all their time going up against those who can buy everything! Miss the old DD, where the bidding was much more “Fair and Honest”!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Mike. Please do write in to customer service and let them know that you’d like more everyday household items as well as the winning limits returned. The site is constantly evolving and they do take people’s requests into consideration. Thank you very much for reading and writing in to the blog.

  2. Phyllis Raines

    Customer Support is wonderful to deal with. Like everyone else from time
    to time I get frustrated with bidding, I think it is more like I get tired
    of bidding against bidders that I see bidding in what seems like every
    auction of value, or being won by the same people. With the help of cs and
    some knowledge of penny auction bidding it didn’t take long to figure out that
    most of the time, the heavy bidders are not their to win but more so to earn
    the meter time to build their free bid stash off of gift cards. With that being
    said if you buy your bids on days when their on sale and go into the auctions
    when their not free to bid, with the fullest intent of buying at retail cost.
    Then you do stand a good chance of walking away with a savings off retail cost.
    You have to remember, Most bidders are looking for free not a savings. I’m happy
    to get the savings from time to time. However I am always prepared to go the distance
    when I do bid. CS has been awesome to work with, Their advice has helpped me to
    win a few gift cards to date. Myself, I hope to be able to continue my shopping on
    Deal Dash rather a great win or not it is so much fun. The bid buddy has been my
    enemy at times, I had to learn to pay attention to the auction regardless if I
    set it up. It has brought me a couple of wins as well, I would tell anyone if your
    going to bid, be wise and stay close by. I love gift card shopping, Deal Dash offers
    so many to chose from yet they still ask for suggestions for what their customers
    would like to see come to auction. Be sure to let them know. They can’t provide
    certain ones we want if we don’t take the time to make suggestions. And if everyone
    else is like me, they will want to bid on them everyday, so addicting even without
    building bid meter time to earn free bids. You get a chance to earn 30 bids a day
    and that has got to be my favorite thing about deal dash. I hope others have had that
    free bid experience with a nice unexpected win. Good Luck to all of you and Deal Dash
    I would like to say thanks for being such a awesome site.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! We are so happy that you are enjoying DealDash. Keep stopping by for your daily free bids! And don’t forget to enter the free 1,000 bids per week Facebook contest. Thanks again for reading, and have a great weekend.

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