Have you already met the DealDash Customer Service Team?

If you’re familiar with DealDash, you may already know that the company just celebrated its 9 Year Anniversary. What’s the key to staying in business for such a long time? We have it clear, we know how to take care of our customers and listen to their feedback and concerns to keep evolving as a company and become a better DealDash every year!

In order to take care of our customers the way they deserve, the team at DealDash has always prioritized Customer Service. We’ve always looked for the best and most qualified individuals when hiring new Customer Service employees. DealDash looks for empathetic, talkative, and problem-solving people who we know will do anything they can (and even more) to assist our customers.


DealDash’s approach to Customer Service has been used as an example by other companies. Our obsession with serving our customers is a fundamental principle of our company culture. We have even been interviewed by notable publications such as the Huffington Post, who wrote an article about the way we’re revolutionizing the online auction industry.

‘The online auction industry is currently evolving, and DealDash is at the forefront of the paradigm shift. Its innovative approach provides a much better experience for consumers who wish to obtain brand new products and enjoy the thrill of online auctions.’, the article states. If you want to read the full article, you can check it out here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/heres-how-dealdash-is-revolutionizing-the-online-auction_us_5a5e8566e4b03ed177016ec0

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a potential customer who has questions about how DealDash works, or a current customer who needs assistance, we’re just a click away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Come say hi on https://www.dealdash.com/support

Happy Bidding!

2 thoughts on “Have you already met the DealDash Customer Service Team?

  1. Bill Edwards

    I had not bidded for many months but when returning I was shocked at the high prices on most bid items. When and why did this happen?

    1. Hi Bill. Thanks for getting in touch and we’re glad to have you back! We have put several measures in place to limit the competition in the auctions, and our customers still get great deals. Do you have any examples of deals where you found that the price was too high? Please let us know by replying to this comment, or reach us on our live chat if you prefer an instant reply 🙂 https://www.dealdash.com/support

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