How to Get Started

How it works

  1. Each bid raises the price by $0.01.
  2. The auction clock restarts from 10 seconds every time someone bids.
  3. If no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, the last bidder wins.
  4. Before you can take part in an auction you need to buy bids.


More Questions?

  • You can read our FAQ here to get more information about the concept.
  • We’re also more than happy to give you a hand if you need any help, or just wanna say hi! Get in touch with our customer support team here.

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17 thoughts on “How to Get Started

  1. I have found if I want to win book a bid bid b Iuddy when its down to 2 or 3 bidders……also I look ahead to auctions
    i wont be around for in time and book 1 bid to be able to join after 5.00s good luck all

  2. Mona Barringer

    Where is bid buddy. I sure as heck cant find it .Also why do I have to wait for my bids to be returned 1 week if I don’t win an auction??????

    1. Hi Mona,

      To find the BidBuddy just click on any auction. This will open up the main auction bidding page where you can book a BidBuddy.

      Since you did not win an auction with your first bid pack purchase, those bids have been returned back to your account free for a second chance! The majority of auctions are won are with the help of the BidBuddy so it’s recommend to use this. If you have any other questions please email for a quick reply or live chat with our support team. The live chat option can be found here:

      Learn more about how DealDash works here:

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  4. DeniseMorales

    I hope we are never to ” old to learn”. I am determined to figure this out.
    So far I’m thinking a little bit of strategy – a whol lotta LUCK!

  5. closmartin

    i just signed up for this penny auction site and been reading about some helpful tips when on this site. what is bidbuddy and where can i get it? thanks for your help.

    1. Good question! The BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that you can set up to place bids for you in an auction.

      There’s actually a new blog post with more details about how the BidBuddy helps you win auctions, so check it out here!

      If you still have any questions send an e-mail to so we can give you some more help!

    1. You can see the buy it now price before before you start bidding, during the auction, and after it closes. It’s located just beneath the auction window, or if you enter the auction page it’s listed below the name of the product.

      If you need anymore help learning about the site, just send an e-mail to our customer support team. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have!

    1. Hi Connie,

      Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time winning. If you’re experiencing difficulties you should have a look through the blog posting to see if you can find any advice that might help. You can also contact our customer support staff and ask them to have a look at your account. That way they can give you some more specific tips that might help. Remember, customer support is always available to help and they’re just a click away!

  6. thank the compamy for looking out for me i dont know how to play i would put money on i paid but they did trturn my points thank you so much are honest company now how do i get to an autiom? and a bid buddy?

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