Italian High Fashion on a Budget from Deal Dash!

Almost every woman I know loves purses. You can be any shape or size, and you can always be sure that when you buy a purse it will fit, unlike some other articles of clothing!

Renato Angi

Most of the women I know love leather purses. They are so soft and durable, if you take good care of them they can last many years to come. A nice high quality purse is truly an investment. Everyone knows that Italy makes some of the best leather purses. Unfortunately when you import things from Italy the shipping and customs charges can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, read on below, and I will tell you the solution to the shipping fee problem.

Luckily for those of us who love Italian leather DealDash will soon be carrying one of the classiest purse lines from Italy – Renato Angi. Not only might you win a Renato Angi purse for a great deal, even if you end up BINning (Buying it Now) you will still come out ahead, since DealDash has already imported these bags for us, and will ship them to us for free, just like all of the other great products that DealDash carries.

If you aren’t familiar with Renato Angi, let me give you a quick overview. The Renato Angi story starts long ago, back in 1965, when he attended the “School for Young Designers” in Venice, Italy. By 1970 he had formed the Renato Angi company. By the year 2000 Renato Angi had opened up shops in New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, and many more. Renato Angi carries all sorts of different bags, from the leather purses that I was speaking of before, to wristlets and tote bags. They even have work and travel bags for men, too. All of the Renato Angi are 100% made in Italy, so you know that you are getting pure quality, not like some other brands who contract out work to other countries to get things made for cheaper. Renato Angi is the real deal of luxury.

If you are interested in getting a Renato Angi bag of your own I would keep an eye on DealDash in the next upcoming weeks. They are planning on adding in some great Renato Angi, and I certainly hope to be able to win one! I wish you good luck as well, my fellow bidders. As much as we might all want a Renato Angi bag, try and remember to have some fun as well! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Cookut Cooks With Syle

Do you have small kids who are just learning how to measure out ingredients and set the timer? My family loves to cook together, and Cookut makes it fun for all ages.

Cookut has extremely cute and useful products including bottle stoppers, egg timers, cutting boards, coffee cups, and so many more. These products are not only functional, but very useful and so cute, too. They have a series of fun and colorful animal designs including blue dragon, pink pig, red crab, gray elephant, and purple elk. These animal figures come in salt & pepper shakers, egg cups, bottle stoppers, and egg timers. My kids adore these kitchen implements from Cookut, and I’m sure your kids or grand kids will, too.


You might not have heard of Cookut yet, or seen their products at your local store, but they are based in France and have stores all across Europe. They are relatively unknown as of yet in the USA, however they do have a few select stores in the USA and Hong Kong.

Cookut believes in diversity in their designs, and utilizes 9 different designers for its products. Their brand is new, but they are already gaining respect and recognition in the design world, they were featured in the 2015 Maison & Objet trade show in Singapore last month. Cookut is an up and coming brand that you will be seeing a lot more of the in the future.


Do you like innovative products and new inventions? Well, Cookcut is definitely a brand that you should be looking into. Their newest product is a coffee mug with a silicone carrying handle. Is that smart or what?! You can pour your scalding hot coffee or boiling water for tea in the mug and pick it right up without worrying that it’s going to burn you. The cups are white in color, and they have many different color choices for the handle including blue, green, pink, and black. If you like the clean yet colorful design of the cups, they also have matching tea pots.

Another great thing about Cookut is they actually offers a two year warranty on almost every single product that they sell, including their knives! There are a very few exceptions that I was able to find, and these were the case that their knife set comes in, and the coating on the pans does not fall under the warranty if you happen to use a metal utensil and scratch it. This is definitely a very fair offer, and you may try Cookut products resting assured you’re covered.

Cookut products sound wonderfully whimsical, don’t they? Well, you have a chance to own your very own Cookout kitchen products from DealDash. You will see them arriving very shortly, I suggest that you load up your Bid Buddy for a chance to win some of these great kitchen items. Good luck everyone, and Happy Bidding.

Keter Products are Great for the Whole Family

Are you ready for a great summer? I know what can help make things even better, some fun outdoor things from Keter Plastic.

Keter Plastic

Do you have any products from Keter in your yard? Keter has a really amazing selection of different outdoor products,  shedsdeck boxes, playhouses, outdoor furniture, water tables for the kids, and even fences! They also have some great indoor products for storage and the laundry room, like cabinets and storage bins of all sizes and shapes. No matter what you need, as long as it’s made of plastic Keter probably has a solution for you. I’ve seen for myself that their plastics are durable, safely designed for kids to use, hold up to the elements, are easy to put together, and are totally enjoyed by their owners.

Keter Playhouse

Keter is short for Keter Plastic Ltd, plastic being what 95% of their products are made from. Keter has won plenty of awards in the past few years including the Red Dot Design award in 2010, 2011, and 2013. Keter also won the DIY Product of the Year award in 2010. Keter keeps up with the times, and makes new and interesting products that consumers love, as well as being moderately priced so everyone can afford to give them a try.

Keter is known all over the world, they have 29 plants in the USA, Israel, and Europe. They were started in 1948, and have continued to be a favorite all over the world, Keter products are available in over 90 countries. Even though Keter doesn’t have retail stores in all 90 countries, they own and operate their retail stores that are located in Israel.

Even though most Keter products require some assembly, the instructions are easy to follow and shouldn’t take you very long at all to put together so you can enjoy your new things. If you happen to lose the instructions, though, don’t worry! You can get instructions (including pictures) for every single Keter product on their website. That’s a relief for those of us who aren’t great at keeping up with instruction sheets from season to season.

DealDash offers a variety of some of Keter’s most popular products including various deck boxes, sheds, and rattan planter sets of three. You can set your Bid Buddy and get one of these great products for a fraction of the cost! If you don’t happen to win the auction, though, you can still be a winner by using BIN (Buy it Now). When you BIN you get the product that you wanted, all of your bids back, free shipping, and keep all of the bids that you won as being the highest bidder. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.

Black & Decker Makes D.I.Y. really F.U.N.

<How handy are you? I am the resident “Handy Woman” at my house, and what I lack in skill Black & Decker takes up the slack.</h2>

I recently won a Black & Decker 12V Lithium-Ion drill from DealDash, it’s my first drill, but I am no stranger to Black & Decker products! I am really excited about my new drill, it seems like it would be perfect for the average who is tinkering around with projects in the garage on the weekends and warm summer evenings on the deck. It is nice and light so you won’t need to flex your muscles just to use it. That being said, if you are planning on building a deck or putting in a new fence this is not the drill for that. This is a really great drill to do small projects such as putting together IKEA furniture, hanging pictures, building a sandbox for the kids, and 300 other projects small to medium.

The LED light is nice if you are using it in a dark corner, it automatically turns on whenever the drill is being used.  A few days ago I assembled a new desk for my fiance, this desk is a great cherry wood desk made by Sauder, also from DealDash. I was putting it together in the spare room, where the only light is an overhead, and is rather dim. The LED light came in really handy and allowed me to be able to see the tiny indention where each screw was supposed to go. The drill was definitely powerful enough to screw in all of the screws with plenty of battery to spare, even though it took me an astoundingly long time of two hours to put the desk together.

Black & Decker vintage ad

Black & Decker is proud to be an American company, and was founded in 1910! A lot of things have changed since then, of course, and one of the biggest changes for Black & Decker happened exactly 5 years ago, on March 12th, 2010 Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker.

Black & Decker has a HUGE line of products, including coffee makers, irons, hedge trimmers, toaster ovens, mowers, hand vacuums, and many many more! I have quite a few of these products, and they are some of the best in my house. If I am shopping and I have a choice between Black & Decker and another brand, I will pick Black & Decker every time!

DealDash happens to have auctions for different Black & Decker products just about every day. All you have to do to find them is just head over to DealDash and type in “Black and Decker” into the search box and all of the current and future Black & Decker auctions will pop up and you can pick which ones that you would like to set your Bid Buddy or an Alert on. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Are You on Team Samsung?

Are you on Team Android or Team Apple? Being the well-rounded tech-lover that I am, I actually like both! I will tell you though, the best phone that I have ever owned was a Samsung!

I love my Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s an awesome phone! So easy to use and even customize to your own preferences. It’s so easy to use the internet on it, and all of my favorite apps are free. The Galaxy is a great product, but Samsung makes so many more things than just phones.

Samsung S5

The Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Note are actually two of the best selling tablets out on the market today, they are so popular with all age ranges from kids up to seniors. Everyone at my house, from the oldest to the youngest loves the Galaxy Tab; My Fiance’s mother, who is retired, loves to play Candy Crush and Bejeweled on her Galaxy Tab, you should see some of her scores! My kids, who are 3 and 7, love to play Angry Birds and Fruit Slice together. So you see, the Samsung Galaxy Tab really has something for everyone.

Another great product that Samsung makes that I have and use every day is my Samsung TV. Samsung makes a huge range of TVs, from 19″ TVs under $200, all the way up to the top of the line Samsung 46″ Class LED HDTV Smart TV that runs just over $1,100. You know when you buy a Samsung TV it will last – one of our Samsung’s is 7 years old and still running just as well as when we bought it.

Samsung Products

The original Samsung Electric Industries was started in Korea way back in 1969, and the Samsung that we know and love that manufactures our favorite consumer electronics became a subsidiary in 1988. You might be surprised to know that Samsung actually manufactures some of the batteries, flash memories, and hard drives that are in Apple, HTC, Sony, and Nokia products! Samsung actually became the world’s largest technology company in 2011, a title which was formerly held by Apple.

If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, TV, laptop, or camera, DealDash and Samsung have you covered. DealDash holds multiple auctions of Samsung products daily. Go ahead and check out some of Samsung’s newest products, including the Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch; And remember, if you don’t win the auction, you can Buy It Now (BIN), and get all of your bids back. Good luck everyone!

iTouchless Saves the Day in my Kitchen

The iTouchless is a super hero in my kitchen, saving me the horror of touching a dirty garbage can! The iTouchless also calms my nerves about my two small kids throwing things away, before the iTouchless came into our lives I was making them wash their hands every each and every trip to the trash.


iTouchless has a variety of different garbage cans for different needs, the particular model that I have is the IT13RX. The IT13RX is a 13 gallon can with a square opening that is 11.75”, which is large enough to hold a pizza box. It’s stainless steel design matches all of my other kitchen appliances, and can be cleaned with the same stainless steel spray cleaner that I use on all of the other appliances. It looks great in my kitchen, much better than my old white one, that’s for sure.

iTouchless also makes a round version of the 13 gallon can, as well as a smaller 8 gallon can. iTouchless even makes robotic vacuum cleaners and UV sanitizers for toothbrushes, touchless toilet seat covers, automatic soap and lotion dispensers, microfiber towels, and more. I love the iTouchless brand and have quite a few of their products in my house.

iTouchless has been around for 15 years, and they are always coming up with new and interesting products. One of the most innovative new products that I have heard of is an automatic door lock that uses your fingerprint instead of a key! I think that is just amazing, I can only imagine how much easier life would be if I could just unlock the door with a fingerprint instead of fumbling with my keys when my hands are full of shopping bags. It also seems like it would be even safer than a regular lock, since no one could make copies, and you could never lose your key. What a wonderful new invention!

iTouchless in action
iTouchless in action

The  iTouchless 13 gallon garbage can and other iTouchless products such as the floor vacuum and the soap and lotion dispenser are all available on DealDash. If you just do a simple search and type in “iTouchless” in the search bar all of these great products will pop up and you can choose which ones that you would like to set an alert. When you click the “Alert Me” button DealDash will send you an email when they are coming up for bid. That way you’ll never miss a product that you are interested in. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

If you would like to see me do a quick demonstration of my iTouchless 13 gallon garbage can, please click the video below. Also, please feel free to subscribe to my channel, everyone is welcome, and I have many DealDash themed videos.

Remington iLight Keeps the Hair at Bay

Have you ever had laser hair removal? If so, you know that it’s expensive, time-consuming, and even painful! Well, all of those things won’t trouble you if you invest in a Remington iLight Pro.

I am a registered Esthetician in the state of Massachusetts, and when I was in school the teachers encouraged us to try out all of the health and beauty treatments that we were able to get. I was able to get a Groupon for Laser Hair removal, and it’s really far from a quick or even permanent fix. I had to go for 6 sessions, and while the hair is mostly gone the laser technician told me that I should come back every 3-6 months for a “touch up.”

iLight Pro
iLight Pro

That’s where the Remington iLight Pro comes in! I figured that if I was going to have to come in for a laser treatment 2-4 times per year at around $50 per treatment I might as well just get the Remington iLight Pro instead. It will pay for itself in the first year, yet I can use it for many years to come.

The iLight Pro is an IPL laser, which means Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is the technology that dermatologists use in professional hair removal, and now you can now get professional-quality results in your own home for less money for the treatment, and you don’t even have to tip! Unlike non-permanent treatments like waxing or dipilation  IPL doesn’t cut, burn or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing.

Here is a quick bullet point list from the Remington website about how the iLight Pro works:

• Light energy is generated by a Xenon flash lamp and applied to the skin by a handheld device.

• The light targets the melanin or pigment in hair follicles, gently heating them and disrupting the growth cycle without damaging the overlying skin.

• To protect the skin, unwanted rays are safely filtered out, so that only light within the desired therapeutic range is allowed to pass through.

• Within a few weeks of your initial treatment the hair will begin to fall out and results should improve over time!

You might be surprised to know that Remington Products actually got it’s start as a firearms maker named E. Remington and Sons, which was founded all the way back in 1816! E. Remington and Sons made a few other things besides firearms, including farm equipment, typewriters, and sewing machines. In 1937 Remington started making health and beauty products, starting with electric shavers and then branching out into all of the Remington products that we are familiar with today, including curling irons, light-up makeup mirrors, and of course the iLight Pro!

Old Remington ad

If you would like to try laser hair removal  but you are a little wary of signing up for multiple expensive sessions at your local med spa, DealDash has the answer – The Remington iLight Pro. DealDash offers the Remington iLight Pro occasionally, if you are interested in one you should go to the auction page and click the blue “Alert Me” button, and DealDash will send you an email when a Remington iLight Pro is coming up for bid. Good luck everyone, and happy bidding!