Be On The Lookout For Our New Mystery Auctions On DealDash Today!

Hello DealDashers! We’re happy to introduce yet another exciting feature on DealDash today: Mystery Auctions! Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about this new type of auctions.

Today we’re running our Valentine’s Day Sale, where you will be able to earn free bids 3x faster. However, this is not the only surprise you will find on DealDash today. To make things even more fun and exciting, we came up with a new concept: Mystery Auctions.

During the course of the day, we have scheduled 12 different mystery auctions, so make sure you stay alert in order not to miss any of them! You will only be able to see a mystery auction one hour before the auction starts. When the mystery auctions appear, they will look like this:


Mystery auctions will have a countdown timer that will indicate the time left until the item is revealed. The item will be revealed only 5 minutes before the auction starts. Make sure you don’t miss out on the item reveal, as you will only have limited time to decide whether you want to enter the auction or not! Bear in mind that bidders will only be able to book their BidBuddies when the item is revealed, 5 minutes before the auction starts.

We’re sure that these auctions will turn out to be a lot of fun, so stay tuned for mystery auctions today on DealDash!

Happy bidding, and let us know if you have any questions!


Collect the Most Time as Highest Bidder for Additional Bid Rewards

Here at DealDash, we know there’s one thing that our customers really love: free bid rewards! That’s why we’re introducing a new promotion where the 3 bidders that collect the most Time As Highest Bidder (TAHB) in an auction, will earn additional bid rewards. Keep on reading to find out more about how it works.


If you like to earn free bid rewards, we have some good news for you today.  We’re excited to introduce a new DealDash promotion: Auction Leaderboards. You may be asking yourself how this promotion works.

As usual, in today’s auctions you will be able to collect TAHB in order to fill in your bidder bar and gain levels. However, as a feature of our new promotion, today you will see a TAHB leaderboard in the auction page. The leaderboard will display the name of the bidders who have collected the most TAHB in that auction.

Make sure you collect enough Time As Highest Bidder to enter the top 3 positions in the leaderboard. When the auction ends, the three bidders who have collected the most TAHB in that auction will earn additional bid rewards!

We really hope that you enjoy this new promotion. Make sure you visit DealDash today to enjoy the thrill of the leaderboards, and of course grab as many bid rewards as you can!


Five Ways DealDash Has Got Your Back

DealDash is sometimes like an old reliable friend. What I mean by this is that DealDash has several ways it makes sure to include and protect its customers—bidders like you and me. Here are the top five ways DealDash has got your back.


  1. Transparency

If you want to know who the recent winners are, how many bids it took to win an item and the average calculated cost for that item, look no further than the Winners Tab on DealDash. Transparency means they put this information out there for its customers to view. It’s easy to find and easy to use this information toward your bidding strategies. Simply put, it’s one of the best tools you can use on DealDash.

  1. BidBuddy

DealDash recognizes that your time is important. Whether you’re watching kids or soap operas, working hard or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen, DealDash knows you can’t always sit in front of a computer screen and babysit your bids. Luckily, there’s BidBuddy for that. All you do is pre-place your bids and BidBuddy does all the work for you!

  1. Buy It Now

The concept for DealDash actually started from its owner’s experience of bidding on a computer on a bidding site and the resultant frustration of losing his time, money and bids when he lost. DealDash offers a Buy It Now option on every single auction on their site. When choosing the Buy It Now option after losing an auction, you pay retail price for the item you bid on and receive all the bids back that you placed in that auction. It’s a great win-win option for all.

  1. Customer Feedback

As a bidder, I’ve given feedback of DealDash on websites and social media to discuss my experience of DealDash. The great thing about DealDash is they are listening and they have made adaptations to customer ideas and concerns. They are always willing to listen, so don’t ever be afraid to make your voice heard.

  1. Top-Notch Customer Service

The Customer Service Department at DealDash is consistently receiving outstanding marks from its customers on the way they handle customers, whether it’s a concern or otherwise. Time and time again, friendliness, knowledge and ability to make the customer happy are top priorities at DealDash. Reach out to Customer Service any time. They are always happy to help.

Like any good business, DealDash puts its customer experiences and satisfaction at the top of their priority list. This shows in so many ways that it really like having a good friend you can go to and have a great time with. Here’s to winning your next auction on DealDash!



This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American and grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

New DealDash Sale: First Bid Pack of the Day Cheaper!

Happy Monday from DealDash!

We wanted to let you know about our new sale this week. For the first time on DealDash, we will be offering a special offer for the first bid pack of the day. You’ll be able to buy your first bid pack of the day for only 12¢ per bid!


The offer will be valid until Monday Jan 22 at 11.59PM (PST). Bids are 15¢ today, but if you buy your first bid pack of the day before the sale ends, you’ll be able to get them for only 12¢!

Make sure you take advantage of the discount. Click here to see the sale!

Decorating My New Home With DealDash

I am finally moving from an apartment to a house and am so excited about having a larger space and all the amenities that an apartment just doesn’t provide. With all the stressors of relocating and all that comes with that, I’m looking to DealDash to provide me some amazing items to decorate and furnish my new home.


I’m looking to win lamps on DealDash and there are so many diverse styles and colors to choose from. There are funky table lamps as well as stylish floor lamps to add just the right mood and touch to my new space.

Smart Lighting

With the lamps comes another great find on DealDash—Smart lightbulbs controllable by an app on your Smartphone or table. In other words, when you’re lying in bed and check in on your Smartphone app to see if there are any lights on the house, it’s a snap with the touch of a finger to simply turn them all off from wherever you are in the house.  Likewise, there is a light strip on DealDash that is controlled by the same app.

Hand-made Décor

Type in the word “handmade” on DealDash and you’ll see an abundance of unique décor items offered for the bidding. Whether you want a bench, wall storage or clocks, DealDash has something fun and unique just waiting for you.


If you’re looking for throw pillows that make a statement, check out the colors, textures and styles on DealDash that will have your quests asking, “Where did you get those pillows?” Not only that, but they’re not bad to snuggle up on either!

Even though I hate the thought of all that moving involves, I have to say I am looking forward to adding my own touch to my new home with the help of DealDash.


Happy bidding!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.

DealDash Introduces New Challenges To Earn More Free Bids!

DealDash is always looking for new ways to make auctions even more fun and exciting. Today, we’re introducing a new feature: Challenges!

Welcome to DealDash! If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know that we love to keep things interesting. You may also be aware that we like to run multiple promotions where our customers can earn free bids to use in the auctions. For example, right now we have a Free Bids 3x Faster sale.

What does this exactly mean? Well, each time you are the highest bidder, your bidder bar fills up. When the bar is full, we give you free bids and your level goes up. During “Free bids faster” promotions the bar fills up faster, meaning that you will earn the next level and the free bids faster! Today, the bar is filling 3x faster!

Today, we’re excited to introduce a new way you can earn free bids: Challenges! These new challenges will require you to unlock some achievements, in order to earn a free bid reward.

Our first challenge is called January Win StreakDo you think you can win at least one auction on each day from Friday to Sunday this weekend? If you do so, you will receive 300 free bids!

Untitled design (3)


We hope you enjoy taking part in this challenge! Stay tuned for upcoming challenges, which will show up on the badge section of the website and Mobile Apps.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We’re available 24/7.

Happy Bidding!

Adrian (DealDash Customer Support)

Start the New Year Off Right With DealDash Confidence

When I started bidding over two years ago the one thing I lacked—and subsequently needed most—was confidence. I was a fresh newbie, spending money on bid packs and not fully understanding the bidding scene and all its subtle nuances. Whether you’re a newbie or someone who has been bidding for a while, confidence is key and here’s how to get it.

Learn all you call about how the bidding process works. Read the customer-written blogs (like this one), the Tips & Tricks section on DealDash and tutorials. The more knowledge you have on the way things work and what the process is, the more confident you will be placing your own bids.

Watch other auctions in process as they are happening and notice patterns of bidders (jumping in and out, bidding from the start, joining in the middle, jumping in at the end). Do you notice patterns? Behavior by the same people over and over again? Take notes.

Use tools to predict bidder behaviors. Utilizing the Winners tab will enable you to see if the person you’re bidding against has recently won a large or multiple items in the past 24 hours. When they do win, are they overbidding (example: bidding 500 bids on an item worth $50 seems excessive)? Although it is not an exact science or 100 percent accurate predictor on how a previous winner will bid on any given auction, they may be ones to watch.

Start small with your bids. In other words, bid on a $100 item to start rather than a $1000 item to start. There will likely be less people in the auction and that means a greater chance for you to win.

Win with confidence. Know that every small win could lead to a bigger win and then a bigger win still. Putting all the pieces of the bidding puzzle together—or as much as possible anyway—will help you to win more and gain confidence as you get into the bidding pool.

Happy bidding on DealDash!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.