Start Your Holiday Wish List Now and Get Winning on DealDash

More than half of the year has already passed us by and we are now in the thick of summer but before you know it, Christmas will literally be just around the corner! As much as you may not want to think about the fact that there are just five months to the biggest holiday of the year, let’s talk reality and how getting your Christmas wish list together, bidding and winning on DealDash now can save you a lot of time, money and hassle later.


New Items Weekly

Take into consideration that Deal Dash is adding more and more new and exciting products to its roster ever single week. There are so many great categories on DealDash that it’s easy to create that wish list for just about every single person on your list right now!


A Category for Everyone on Your List

 I’m shopping not only for the grand kids, but for my children, parents and siblings as well. My sister is a fan of the kitchen and home items, so I’ve already got her started with a few items neatly tucked away in the closet. She absolutely loved the glassware I got her last Christmas! All the men in my family are big fans of outdoor items that include things like tools, camping and fishing gear and unique items like multi-tools and knives. As Christmas gets closer, I’ll be on the look out for more kid-friendly items for the grand kids, but you simply can’t go wrong with electronics.


Stock Your Closet with Can’t-Miss Auction Items 

Some of the best items on DealDash can be given with confidence to just about anyone on your shopping list. Items for anyone could include: comforters, pillows and bedding or the people-pleasing item:  gift cards! Whether it’s the mailman, your co-worker or your kid’s teacher, a gift card to a retail store or restaurant always fits the bill. You could also go really unique and get them a gift card from one of the several upscale names on DealDash that are now offering gift cards for menswear, jewelry, handmade home goods and so much more.


Planning a Little Now, Saves Lots Later

By starting your wish list now and starting to win a few items a week to put away for the holidays, you’ll be so far ahead of the game by saving, time, money and frustration. Who wants to deal with busy malls and long lines when you have DealDash at your disposal? Get creating and implementing that holiday wish list today!

Happy bidding—and winning—on DealDash!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American and grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

SUPER SALE: Happy 4th of July from DealDash!

Get ready for some major celebrations and a fireworks of savings this 4th of July on DealDash! Not only is DealDash about saving you money and having a little fun this Independence Day, we’re also introducing our first ever brand new car auction!

unnamed (7)

Bid on & Win a Brand New Car!

A brand new 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is up for auction starting at 5:00 pm EST on July 4th. This beautiful car in silver ice metallic is decked out with a whole lot of bells and whistles. The retail value on this car is $19,000 and by far the most expensive auction item offered to date. And don’t worry about getting in on the bidding on time. DealDash has removed the jumper limit so anyone can get in on the bidding at any time throughout the auction!

More Cracklin’ Savings!

 As if the excitement of the big car auction weren’t enough, DealDash is also offering the following money-saving incentives for you to bid on the 4th of July:


  • 11 cents per bid pricing on bid packs! This is one of the lowest prices of the year for bids and now is the right time to stock your bid bank at this special holiday price!


  • 4x Time as Highest Bidder means you’re earning up to 40 seconds per bid—and that means your Time as Highest Bidder is filling up faster, getting you to more free bids faster! Enjoy!


  • 50% final auction pricing means whatever your final winning auction price is, you only pay half!


DealDash loves a celebration and the 4th of July is one of our favorites! That’s why we’ve put a whole bunch of exciting deals together for our dear customers to enjoy the most of their day!

Happy 4th of July and happy bidding on DealDash!

Your Dream Vacation to Honolulu Awaits You on DealDash

If you’ve ever dreamed of vacationing in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, you simply can’t pass up the chance to win your dream vacation to Honolulu on DealDash! Check out this new auction being offered on DealDash and marvel at everything you get with this five-night vacation from October 12-17, 2018.



Location, Location, Location

The luxury ocean view condo is a five-minute walk to Waikiki Beach. You simply can’t beat the view or the proximity to a Hawaiian beach experience you won’t soon forget.


Luxury Accommodations & Amenities

Watch the city sunsets from your open-air balcony and enjoy the comfort of two pristine bedrooms sleeping up to five guests. Also enjoy the sun deck, pool, Jacuzzi and sauna among other great amenities. The condo was re-designed and renovated in 2017 with a high-end contemporary feel.


All the Comforts of Home

At the end of a gorgeous day or when you need a little down time, the condo provides all the comforts of home with plush mattresses and linens, a double shower, air conditioners in every room, WiFi, and Smart TVs with cable.


A Cook’s Dream

 If you’re up for cooking a meal, the condo provides top-of-the-line appliances, including a dishwasher—after all, who wants to do dishes while on vacation?—and small appliances such as a toaster, kettle, coffee maker and NutriBullet.


Enjoy all Honolulu Has to Offer

Whether you’re up for checking out bars, restaurants, shopping, nightlife or local treasures such as its beaches and nearby volcanic Diamondhead crater, Honolulu is the place where memories will be made!


No Jumper Limit

One of the things that makes this vacation auction on DealDash so exciting is the fact that it’s a No Jumper Limit auction. That means you can get in on the action at any point in time. Be sure to set your bookmarks and alerts for this auction so you don’t miss out!


Yes—You CAN Buy It Now!!

 As if a No Jumper Limit auction weren’t sweet enough, consider this—you CAN use the Buy It Now feature to purchase this auction at its retail value price of $3,800, re-coup all the bids you placed in the auction and still have a dream vacation in Hawaii for a bargain price. The Buy It Now will be another week and subject to availability.


Super Bonus!

Winning this five-day vacation stay in Hawaii also means you’ll receive $500 in American Airlines Gift Card(s) upon purchase. Could it get any better than that?

There’s simply no reason not to get in on this amazing vacation opportunity and enjoy the vacation of your dreams in Honolulu, Hawaii. Good luck and happy bidding on DealDash!


*Flights and transfers are not included. Please refer to the official auction listing for all particulars on this auction.



This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American and grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.


This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

NEW on DealDash: First ever CAR auction!

I just almost had a coronary when the newest auction notification popped up on DealDash! ON July 4th DealDash is putting a brand new 2018 Chevy Cruz Sedan up for auction in an unprecedented auction offering. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You read that right! You can get a brand new car on DealDash!


About the Car

This Chevy Cruz Sedan in silver ice metallic color is valued at $19,000 and features a 1.4L ECOTEC® DOHC turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, front wheel drive, 4-wheel antilock disc brakes and so many more features that make this car mechanically sound.

Loaded with Modern Technology Features

The interior features impressive bells and whistles such as: the Chevrolet MyLink® with  7″ diagonal Color Touch Screen to control radio, entertainment, smartphones, vehicle features and so much more! Place hands-free phone calls with the Bluetooth pairing feature and built-in 4G WiFi strong enough to connect up to seven devices to the Internet. There’s also a USB port for charging, MP3 player or flash drive. This car truly has it all—and then some.

When Security and Comfort are Key

If that weren’t enough to get you hopping excited, there’s more. How about a rear folding bench seat for those trips to the hardware store, displays for the Driver Information Center, tire pressure and need for an oil change and warning tones for driver and front passenger safety belts? There’s also remote keyless entry, remote trunk release, a theft-deterrent system and remote panic alarm.

No Jumper Limit is Removed for This Auction

This auction will likely be the talk of the Internet once word gets out! Don’t worry—DealDash has removed the No Jumper Limit for this auction, which means you can get on it at any time. Be sure to set alerts and bookmark this auction for the best auction DealDash has ever had on its site!

What are you waiting for? Go check out the auction and book your BidBuddy on:

Good luck and happy bidding on DealDash!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American and grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

What’s Your Dream Vacation – Vegas or Hawaii? You Can Win Them Both on DealDash!

In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined the amazing and luxurious vacation stays DealDash currently has up for auction. Whether you want to enjoy the lights, shows and high-paced atmosphere of Las Vegas or the calm and relaxing vibes of Maui, Hawaii, DealDash is the place to get in on the vacation action.


Vegas, Baby!

The vacation in Vegas includes a four-night stay in the 57th floor penthouse overlooking the Vegas strip. The penthouse has everything from an infinity hot tub off the balcony, full kitchen, two full bathrooms with luxury tubs (one even has a steam shower), a half-bath, two bathrooms and a living room (all with separate thermostats), five TVs, a double-sided fireplace and so, so much more. When you’re not out on the strip enjoying all Vegas has to offer, you’ll be relaxing in complete style and comfort at this penthouse at Palms Place in Vegas. Oh—and did I mention it has direct access to Palms Casino! Cha-ching!

This stay is from August 26-30, 2018 and is valued at a cool $4,000.

Click here to see the auction!


Aloha, Hawaii!

If Vegas is a little too high-paced for you, maybe you’ll consider a five-night stay overlooking the ocean in a sixth floor condo in Maui, Hawaii. With cool ocean breezes and the sounds of calming waves to lull you into relaxation, it’s hard to say no this vacation stay. You’ll enjoy a two-bedroom, two bath condo with a full kitchen, private veranda, direct beach access and a heated, private, oceanfront saltwater pool. Along the beach just outside, you’ll be able to enjoy the surf and sand as you lounge and swim. If you want to amp up the outdoor activities, you can boogie board, surf, fish, paddle board, scuba dive, kayak, boat, snorkel, whale watch or do some yoga on the beach. This location has it all for the perfect unforgettable getaway.

This stay is from September 29 through October 4, 2018 and is valued at $3,800.

Click here to see the auction!



No Jumper Limit – A Bidder’s Dream

The No Jumper Limit has been removed for these vacation stay auctions on DealDash. What that means is that you can get in on this auction at any time through the length of the auction. That’s great news for those just learning about these vacation auctions. Keep a close eye on these auctions and get in on things whenever you want!

Buy it Now!

Did someone else walks away with the win? Have no fear—Buy it Now is here! No matter how many bids you put in on these auctions, as with any other DealDash auction, you have the opportunity to receive all of those bids back by using the Buy it Now feature.

Here’s hoping you win big with a Vegas of Maui trip and send me a postcard! Good luck and happy bidding on DealDash!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American and grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Theresa’s review of DealDash

Our great customer Theresa has been a DealDash customer since 2012, but has only become more active this past year. We had a chance to chat with her and she told us about her experience with DealDash. Here is what she had to say:

In 2012, I created a profile to check out DealDash, but it wasn’t until this past year that I really put any money into it to give it a good try. I must admit that there have been times where I swore off DealDash, but the allure of the fireworks seemed to keep calling me back. I’m glad I stuck with DealDash and continued my quest for figuring out what I was doing wrong and how I could do things better to be more successful in the auctions.
I love that DealDash really does feel like a community in ways. Through other people’s snippets, I get a sense there are people from all walks of life and interests on the site and we all want the same thing–a great bargain and the fireworks display when we win! I am 50-year-old mother and (young) grandmother and work full-time at a day job and do freelance work from time to time as well. I have many interests, which include writing and watching mixed martial arts, drinking good wine and the company of good friends.
Over the past six months, I have had more success on DealDash. I was able to get a Verdict watch for my dad and a Barrel Shack wine rack for my mom for Christmas and they absolutely loved them! I haven’t told my dad yet that I didn’t really pay $349 for the watch. He did want to know, however, if I had hit the Lotto. I then went on to win a Wilson & Miller mini charcoal grill for my son for his birthday. He is so thrilled and can’t wait to cook on it the next time he goes ice fishing.
I keep getting a little better at DealDash and that comes with practice and above all, patience. This usually means I lose more bids than win, but I am now getting wins more often. I have had plenty of frustrating days when I couldn’t win a thing and came “so close” to winning a big ticket item before running plum out of bids. You always know there’s a good chance you’re not going to win but you’re willing to take the chance for the entertainment factor and the chance of a great win. If you lose, you can always use the “Buy it Now” option to buy the item for its normal price and get your bids back.
So here’s my advice if you’re just getting into DealDash:  Give it some time, bid only on the items you really want (I must admit this is the hardest one for me but I am getting better at it), read the Tips & Tricks section, study the bidders to determine who to stay away from (power bidders) and use BidBuddy! Have confidence and good bidding!

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