Product Pay-Out Ratio

All the continued success!
– Dave

Fair and Balanced

We would like to remind everybody that we strictly allow only account per each person to use on the site and
to maintain control of one account only. This rule is perhaps the most important rule on the site. We know how
much fun it can be to win deals therefore we impose winning limits on the site so everybody can have a fair chance
to win.

We use highly sophisticated methods to detect any possible attempts of fraud on the site to make sure the DealBattles
are 100% fair, safe and secure. We have a zero tolerance policy on any attempt to hurt the integrity or the fun of
the service, and thus a result of our recent investigation, we have shut down several accounts on the site, which
we concluded to be maintained by a small amount of individuals today on Tuesday morning.

Thank you for playing fair and be sure to bid and win tonight!

DealDash Team

Faster Timers!


Now when the DealBattle has reached the $2.00 mark (edited November 2nd, changed from $5.00 to $2.00)
the timers will speed up and reset at 20 seconds! This will keep the momentum going, especially on the No BidBuddy deals!

Good luck!


New Social Features + more!

Check the video and stay tuned for more updates! 🙂
– Dave


During the last couple of weeks we´ve been getting hundreds of emails from people telling us to do
something about the same people winning the same product time after time (who needs 8 Kitchen Aid mixers anyway!?!)

We took the advice given to us and we put our developers to work on a new feature. And its out TODAY!
We call it “One-per-user”, it really means that if you have won that product before, you can´t bid on it again.
These deals are specially marked and by going to the DealBattle page (the page with the bidding history, etc.)
you can see a list of users who are blocked from bidding on that deal due to having already won a deal for that item.

Normal deals will continue as usual. You can check who´s blocked before bidding to get a good feel for the competition!
As always, keep telling us what we´re doing great but more importantly tell us when we´re screwing up!

Best wishes from the DealDash team

Credit Pack Mania!

Have you noticed what´s going on? 5 credit packs with thousands of bids each going on for days!?
Some of the biggest power-bidders in the industry have come to DealDash to battle it out.
Which power bidder will emerge as the ultimate bidder? Nobody knows quite yet.

We´ve received a lot of emails about this and a lot of people are watching the deals with excitement, as are we!
Here are some of the questions posted:
How come these bidders are taking up each other spending thousands of bids in attempt to win?
Well, it´s all part of their strategy. It´s a battle for domination and they want the community to know that they don´t quit.

Why credit packs?
As you know, winning limits do not apply to credit packs. We allow 10 wins / week, for power-bidders that´s not enough
and being able to bid and win without filling up your limits is something of great value!

Who´s going to win?
There are bets flying around on forums, blogs and the DealDash office! We are no smarter than you, only
time will tell!

Have a good one!
Dave & the team

Improvements Galore!

I´m really happy with all the new improvements that have been introduced in the last couple of weeks. From the new Buy it Now to the stricter winning limits, it´s been great to see all the positive feedback. Now with you in mind we have introduced a couple more great things which I think you´ll really love!

The idea of having to pay something in order for you to keep playing just didn’t seem right to us. With that in mind welcome to FREE Item Exchange. That´s right. You no longer need to pay a dime to exchange a product you win into more Credits! Just exchange it, hassle free!

The Dashboard has an updated look now as well. We hope to have answered your call with making the Dashboard easier to use. Remember to keep the suggestions coming, if you would like to see new improvements, please LET US KNOW! 🙂

Well that’s about it, we´ve been powering out the improvements during these past couple of weeks which I hope you have enjoyed! We have more planned so keep an eye out for ’em.

Have a great day!
Dave & The DealDash team