Charity donation to The American Red Cross final sum

We are happy to say we donated the final sales price of all the auction wins paid on 10/6/2019 to The American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Thanks to all the active DealDash customers during the DealDash 10 Years Encore event we were able to help those struck by disaster with a total charity donation of $8,524.45.

DealDash donation to American Red Cross

Disaster can strike anyone of us even without warning. We want to continue our charity work with the American Red Cross and will donate the final sales price of all auction wins paid today (10/6/2019) to disaster relief.

DealDash x American Red Cross

Less than 30 Days Until Christmas! Tips for Holiday Shopping on DealDash

My granddaughter went to the calendar just the other day to count the number of days before Christmas. She then proceeded to excitedly tell me there were only 38 days until Christmas—however, upon the recount, I discovered she had counted incorrectly and there are actually less than 30 days to get my shopping done, wrapped and under there tree. If you’re cutting things close, here are a few tips and tricks for DealDash bidding to get you to your goals:

Have You Made a List? Checked it Twice?

Getting things down on paper is a great way to get your shopping organized and started. Who are you shopping for and what types of items available on DealDash would they most love?

Bookmark Your Wish List Items

Once you have a wish list together, use the bookmark feature to have those favorite items put toward the top of your page when you’re on DealDash. Bookmarks also mean you will receive an email notification as a reminder before the auctions go live.

Competition Amps Up This Time of Year

You’re not the only one looking to get a bargain on DealDash this holiday season. Bidding amps up before the holidays so prepare yourself with more bids, a great strategy and patience.

Check Out What’s NEW on DealDash

Under the large banner on the main page, click on Browse Categories and use the dropdown menu to choose New items to see what awesome new items are going up for auction on DealDash. Keep checking back for amazing finds to add to your holiday gift list!

Keep the Focus

Remember all those awesome DealDash auctions you want to focus on and took the time to bookmark? Go to the My Dashboard icon at the top right of the page and you will be re-routed to a list of items under that heading. Scroll down and click on Bookmarked auctions and it will only display only the items you have bookmarked. This way you can focus on only the auctions you have previously bookmarked.

BidBuddy Really is Your Best Friend

BidBuddy literally does the bidding for you so you can do other things (like watch your favorite holiday movie on TV or wrap presents). You can also browse and check on other auctions frequently and not worry that you will miss a bid.

Here’s hoping your holidays are merry and bright and that you get some great holiday wins on DealDash!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American and grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this post.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Let’s Talk Storage With DealDash

DealDashLet’s face it, as Americans, we have a lot of stuff in our homes. Luckily, DealDash is here to help with storage. Read on for more information.

Welcome to DealDash, the website that is here to help you with your home decor needs. Today’s problem is having too much stuff! Compared to other countries, Americans have many more items in their homes. I can speak from personal experience, my house is overflowing with kid’s toys, craft supplies, clothing, and more.

The easiest solution, of course, would be to get rid of the stuff. However, storage is the second-best solution, and the one that I like to use. DealDash has many different storage solutions to offer you. The DealDash Blog is here to help you on your storage journey. Here are some quick tips to get you up and bidding on storage to make your home beautiful and neat.

Outdoor & Garage Storage

One of the places that tend to need storage solutions is outside and the garage. With DealDash, this is no problem at all, because there are lots of different ways to get creative with storage in these areas.

One way to store big things, of course, is to get a storage deck box. You can get deck boxes in different sizes and shapes. They are made out of super thick and durable plastic that’s impervious to the Winter elements. Some of them look like woven rattan, some are plain, and some are even shaped like chairs or benches so you can store things in them and also sit on them! If you’d like to take a peek at this great storage item, just click this link and you can see them on DealDash.

Another great storage solution for the garage is a steel shelving unit. These shelves are tough and can take a beating since they are made out of steel. They look great in the garage or even the basement. You can store all sorts of things on them such as gardening tools, paint, tools, or sports eqipment. They can hold thousands of pounds! They are the best storage solution for tough jobs. If you’d like to browse the steel shelving units on DealDash, just click this link here.

Indoor Storage

If you thought that outdoor storage was interesting, just wait until I tell you about the storage solutions that DealDash has for the inside of your home. There are bookshelves, kid’s storage, kitchen storage, and more.

I love bookshelves for storage, since they can store so many other things as well as books. For example, I have craft supplies stored on bookshelves, as well as my Willow Tree family figurines.

Children always seem to have lots of books, and my kids are no exception. With 3 kids aged 2 to 10, we have more books than average, since they are all at different reading levels. Luckily, DealDash has lots of nice storage that’s perfect for children’s books. If you’d like to check out DealDash bookshelf storage, just click this link here.



Thanks for Reading the DealDash Blog

I hope that this article on DealDash auctions for indoor and outdoor storage was helpful for you. DealDash has everything that you need for your home, indoors and out. DealDash has it all. Be sure to check out what DealDash has up for auction today. Go check out the site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!

Sauder Heritage Hill 5-Shelf Library Bookcase, Cherry

This sponsored blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Decorating My New Home With DealDash

I am finally moving from an apartment to a house and am so excited about having a larger space and all the amenities that an apartment just doesn’t provide. With all the stressors of relocating and all that comes with that, I’m looking to DealDash to provide me some amazing items to decorate and furnish my new home.


I’m looking to win lamps on DealDash and there are so many diverse styles and colors to choose from. There are funky table lamps as well as stylish floor lamps to add just the right mood and touch to my new space.

Smart Lighting

With the lamps comes another great find on DealDash—Smart lightbulbs controllable by an app on your Smartphone or table. In other words, when you’re lying in bed and check in on your Smartphone app to see if there are any lights on the house, it’s a snap with the touch of a finger to simply turn them all off from wherever you are in the house.  Likewise, there is a light strip on DealDash that is controlled by the same app.

Hand-made Décor

Type in the word “handmade” on DealDash and you’ll see an abundance of unique décor items offered for the bidding. Whether you want a bench, wall storage or clocks, DealDash has something fun and unique just waiting for you.


If you’re looking for throw pillows that make a statement, check out the colors, textures and styles on DealDash that will have your quests asking, “Where did you get those pillows?” Not only that, but they’re not bad to snuggle up on either!

Even though I hate the thought of all that moving involves, I have to say I am looking forward to adding my own touch to my new home with the help of DealDash.


Happy bidding!

This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, grandmother of two, major MMA fan, writer and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.