DealDash Glossary

100% Money Back Guarantee

Bidders on DealDash are entitled to a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on their first bid pack purchase. Should a bidder be unsatisfied with the service for any reason, they are entitled to get their entire first bid pack purchase fully refunded. Ready to get started?

2nd Chance

Bidders who don’t win an auction with their first bid pack purchase can have their bids credited back to their account for a second chance. If you strike out with your first bid pack and don’t win an auction e-mail and tell them you’d like your bids from your bid pack credited back to your account!

Account Details

A sub-menu available in your dashboard that contains your personal details such as your name and address. You can also change your password in this menu!

Alert Me

A feature that sends “alerts” when an auction you are interested enters the queue. You will receive three e-mails for each alert: one when the auction is scheduled, one 8 hours before the auctions begins, and one more when the auction starts. Keep in mind that you will only receive alerts for the exact auction you request, so remember to request alerts for any similar items or variants you might be interested in. Watch this video to see how it’s done!


Auctions are the competitive sales featured on DealDash’s website. Bidders attempt to purchase the featured products by submitting competing offers (bidding) for the item.


A bid is an offer to purchase the product at a particular price. All items featured in DealDash auctions are initially priced at $0.00, and the bids placed in the auctions increases the price of the offer by one penny. But remember, you are under no obligation to purchase the products, win or lose!

Bid Expiration

Bids that are purchased by users or credited through other means expire after 1 year, so make sure you use them before then!

Bid Now Button

Mechanism bidders use to place bids. Check out this video walkthrough to see how to bid!

Bid Pack

A bulk amount of bids that users purchase from DealDash to use in the auctions. Make sure to check out the website for up-to-date information about bid pack sales!


The BidBuddy allows you to bid on auctions even when you can’t be on the computer yourself. It will automatically place bids for you within last seconds of the auction clock.

Bidder Bio

A brief remark about yourself that is visible to other DealDash users. It appears next to your bidding avatar, and is ideally suited to share something fun about yourself! You can fill out your bidder bio in the “public profile” menu located in your Dashboard.

Bid Clock (Bid Timer/Countdown Timer)

The clock that counts down the remaining seconds available to bid on a particular item. The clock resets  to 10 seconds when a new bid is placed.

Bidding Avatar

A picture of yourself that is visible to other users. You can choose from a selection of avatars provided by DealDash, import your picture from Facebook, or upload your own image through the “public profile” menu in your Dashboard.

Bidding History

A sub-menu in the dashboard that lets users see how many bids they have placed in what auctions. A great tool to keep track of your bidding!

Big Ticket Items

These are products featured in auctions that are valued at $200 or more.


Bookmarks let you keep track of auctions that you are interested in without placing a bid on them. All you need to do is click on the “+” sign in the top left hand corner of the screen, and then the auction will be tracked in your dashboard. Have a look at this quick video to see how it’s done!

Buy it now History (BIN History)

A sub-menu in the dashboard that lets users see what products they have purchased from DealDash at regular prices.

Buy it now Option (BIN Option)

The “Buy it now” option lets bidders purchase the items featured in DealDash auctions at a regular price. Using this option lets bidders get back all of the bids that they use in a particular auction, which is why nobody has to walk away from DealDash empty handed!

Customer Support Team

The customer support team is available to help anyone that has questions or concerns about all things DealDash! Don’t hesitate to contact them here if you need anything at all!


The dashboard contains tons of information about bidders’ DealDash accounts. It helps bidders keep track of their bidding, orders, and other account details and activities. You can access the dashboard after you make your initial bid pack purchase!


DealDash is the Internet’s premier source of fair and honest auctions. It has over 10 million registered users, and is the longest running auction site of its kind in the United States!


DealDashers are customers who take advantage of the fantastic savings offered on DealDash’s fun and friendly website!

Fair Auction Guarantee

DealDash does not allow any kind of “shill bidding” or illicit software to be used in the auctions, and has undergone strict third party audits to verify the legitimacy of the bidding platform (which you can read about here). DealDash also does not allow any kind of collusion or team play by users, and you can read more about the rules and regulations governing the auctions here.

Final Price

The price of the items in the auctions when the auction closes. The winner of the auction can purchase the item at this price.

Free Auctions

DealDash sometimes runs “free auctions” where the auction winner does not have to pay the final sales price of the auction. (Note: There will be a minimum charge for these auction wins, as a financial transaction is necessary to process orders. This charge will be the minimum allowed for the respective payment method).

Free Shipping

All shipping on DealDash is 100% free!

Letting the Clock Run Down” (“Don’t Jump my Time”)

Letting the Clock Run Down” and “Don’t Jump my Time” are expressions for letting the bid clock run down so that the top bidder gets more time for their “Time as Highest Bidder Clock”. Sometimes people will leave messages like these in their Bidder Bios as a way to encourage each other to cooperate to get more free bids!

No Jumper™

No Jumper™ auctions is a new type of auction that makes winning easier. The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00! (sometimes the price is set at $3.00 too!)

Stomp Bidding (Overbidding/double bidding)

Overbidding” is an aggressive bidding technique where one bidder will place bids immediately after another user.

Public Profile

A sub-menu in the dashboard that lets bidders change their bidder bio and bidding avatar.

Risk Free

While auctions are by nature competitive, DealDash works hard to give everyone the opportunity to get great bargains. The Buy it now feature and 100% money back guarantee are just two of the reasons why trying DealDash a risk free proposition!

Time as Highest Bidder Clock

The Time as Highest Bidder Clock is a timer that measures how much time bidders spend as the top bidder in every auction. Once the Time as Highest Bidder Clock reaches a certain level bidders can claim free bids!

Transaction History

A sub-menu in the dashboard that lets bidders see when they had bids credited to their DealDash account.


The username is the name players choose for themselves while they’re on DealDash. The username, along with the bidder bio and the bidding avatar, are how the community identifies you while you’re using DealDash.

Winner List

The winner list keeps track of who wins what auctions on DealDash. It is publicly available and an invaluable resource for bidders to learn about the great savings available on DealDash!

Won Auctions

A sub-menu in the Dashboard that lets bidders see what auctions they have won.

14 thoughts on “DealDash Glossary

    1. What makes DealDash exciting is that the auctions may end after any of the bids placed!

      As soon as no bids are placed before the timer hits zero, the auction ends and the highest bidder wins an incredible bargain on the auction item. Shipping on DealDash is always free, and the auction winner will only have to pay for the final auction price to claim the win.

      DealDash has no control of the duration of the auctions, and it is solely up to the bidders and their placed bids to determine when an auction ends. That’s what makes it so exciting – there are no reserve prices regardless of the value of the item, and any bid can truly be the last one. We have seen $3,000 TVs or $2,200 Macbooks get sold for just a few bids, and many other similar deals are made on DealDash every day.

      If you do not win an auction you will not automatically get the bids back to your account. You have the option to use the Buy it Now button. By using the Buy it Now option you will get the item for retail price and all bids back to your account that you used in the auction. Users who take advantage of this option usually have a better experience, since they both get the item they initially wanted, as well as retain all their bids.

      If you do not want to use Buy it Now you will unfortunately lose the bids. We recommend our users to bid on items they really want, so that if they lose the auction, they can still get the item and their bids back.

      Let me know if you have more questions!

  1. I read that I can see the average price of sold item on DealDash. It said to go to auction site when not logged in and I will be able to see avverage price sold for over a number of auctions. Do I need to right or left ckick item I am interested in to find out avg. price of item i am interested in bidding on? Don’t understand what I need to do?

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    1. Hi Sheron, we understand how you mean and we wish we could guarantee everyone would always win auctions. What we can guarantee is a full refund on your first purchase if not satisfied for any reason – this allows you to at least give the site a try knowing your safe to get your money back from your first purchase if you want. Also, if you don’t win an auction with your first bid pack purchase, we’ll return those free for a second chance. Lastly, all auctions have a Buy it Now option. So as long as you bid on items you want to have and are willing to buy at normal price in case you don’t win, you don’t lose the bids and can continue bidding to try again. It’s a good option to have a fun time shopping and try to win some good deals. Plus all items come with free shipping so you don’t have to worry about any hefty shipping fees.

      Check out the Top 3 Bidding Tips for having the best experience here: and feel welcome to email our customer support team with any questions.

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