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29 thoughts on “DealDash Reviews and Testimonials!

    1. Hi Jeanne. If you wish to view the products we have to offer before purchasing a BidPack, you are more than welcome to. Simply create your free account, then click the DealDash logo in the top left corner of the page from anywhere on our site. Please let me know if there anything else I can do, I´ll be happy to help.

  1. E Wayne Mays Jr.

    I have checked out several penny auctions in the past and decided against trying them. Then I ran across I am really glad I tried this one. Great service reasonable prices and lots of items to choose from. No matter what you are looking for you can find it on Dealdash. I have won several auctions and the shipping is always FREE. The shipping is always prompt, always arrives in excellent condition. I really enjoy Dealdash and will always be a customer. Keep up the good work.

  2. carolyn

    when I first tried deal dash I was somewhat reluctant…..I must admit I’ve lost more auctions than I’ve won, but there were plenty of times when I’ve won and wasn’t expecting it….I’ve pretty much broken even when I think about it… and with the option of trading in prizes for the dollar amount in bids, you can accumulate a hefty amount of bids for future use. My major problem is that I hate to lose so I end up spending too many bids on a product just for bragging rights!…lol….but I’m trying to work on this because you can’t win em all. Take care everyone and good luck!

  3. Melanie

    Deal Dash is a fun site and you can get some pretty amazing deals. Not a scam as some people say. There will always be a risk of losing, but it’s still fun.

  4. I really enjoy Deal Dash and have won many auctions in the past couple of years. What I like best is that if I don’t win an auction, my bids are not wasted because I can take advantage of the “buy it now”. Customer Service has always been very helpful with any questions or problems I have had….actually I’d say Customer Service goes above and beyond to make things right.

  5. Carol Mungavin

    I have been a dealdasher for several months and have had nothing but good experiences. I took their advice…and so I make it a habit to only bid on items I really want. If I don’t win, I typically buy it at the “buy it now” price. That way I get my bids back and I have purchased something I can use myself or as a gift. I have won several gift cards which I will use as Christmas gifts. I had one problem and although it was my error (because I didn’t understand the rules) Customer Service helped me so that I wouldn’t lose my bids. I agree with Sandyss…Deal Dash also gave me a second chance.

  6. Marie

    I have had a absolute blast bidding and winning on deal dash. I mostly go for Amazon gift cards and have won a couple thousand dollars worth of merchandise because of Deal Dash!!

  7. Dealdash is a awesome site that gives you the opportunity to bid on what you want.
    I have been on site a short time but have won products.
    I am very pleased with this site !!!!!!
    Awesome Products.
    Every One should try this site !!!!!!!!

  8. Katt Hamer

    i have some questions on Bid Buddy, if everyone is using bid buddy for instance at night is there any way to win if the bids are automatically being done? if no i have wasted ALOT of bids thinking i could somehow beat the clock. I’m in love with this site but i guess I’m still a bit confused

    1. Hi Katt, thanks for the question. This really depends on how many bids are booked in each persons Bid Buddy. If it’s the middle of the night and multiple Bid Buddies are booked from different bidders, the auction will continue until all but one run out of bids. One strategy people use to overcome this is to be at their computer to watch the auction closely and not bid in the auction or book a Bid Buddy until the auction is down to only 2 other people bidding in hopes they will have the most bids booked. Check out some other strategies and tips experienced bidders are using from the website

  9. William Roseberry

    I studied deal dash auctions for a couple of weeks to develop strategies. I bought my first bid pack and lost it quickly. Deal Dash replace the entire bid pack for free and offered advice based on the way I had been bidding. I studied and watched auctions for a couple more weeks, came up with new strategies and started bidding. In one night I won my limit of auctions, getting $1216.00 worth of merchandise for just $102.21. I am now hooked on Deal Dash for life! Thanks Deal Dash!!!

  10. sue kelly

    say what you may! i purchased a packsge for $36.00. I DID NOT WIN AND I DID NOT GET MY MONEY BACK! WHEN I GOT READ TO BID AGAIN, I WAS TOLD TO PURCHASE ANOTHER PACKAGE. VERY UNHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Sue,

      All customers are entitled to a 100% money back guarantee on their first bid pack, so I’ve gone ahead and issued a refund of your initial payment of $36.00. I hope you’ll give us another try and feel welcome to contact our support team with any questions you may have.

  11. joie_exley

    I am new to DealDash and did not know what I was doing when I started bidding on an item, of which I lost a lot of bids as well as the money I lost buying bids, and not winning. I suggest NEWBEE’S educate themselves by reading or printing out DealDash’s glossary and Official Blog. They are valuable tools to help you to start bidding smart and hopefully winning that item. I apologies to the bidders I STOMPED BIDDING on when I first started; I will not ever do that again!

    1. april485

      I forgive you Joie_exley…LOL…I did it too! At first, that is how I thought you won…but now I know Bid Buddy is the only way to win most of the time! Deal Dash is the best! LOVE it!

  12. Barbara Hulle

    I like DealDash it gives me a chance to bid on items that I would never think of bidding on. I will be trying to bid on items for Christmas. I enjoy very much to shop on DealDash and get items for less than what I would do shoping and likes the bargains as well. I suggest this for anyone who like to save.

  13. Deal Dash has given me so much joy its my relax time to sit and bid . I have won several gift cards tvs you name it.. I love to shop and get a bargain deal dash is the way to go !!!

  14. I love DealDash i tried this penny auction in 2012 one of the best things i ever did i won bids on gift to give for christmas really saved me some time i did’nt need to go out to shop. DealDash thank you for giving me the chance to save money and have fun.I have recommended DealDash web site to some friends.

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