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If the item value is more than $200 you’ll get 200 Free Bids!

If the item value is less than $200 you’ll get 10 Free Bids! 


1.) Select an item you won on DealDash to feature in the photo.

2.) Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.

3.) Post photo to the DealDash Facebook page and include a caption describing the item and final sales price.



  • Have a friend or family member take the photo for you.
  • Smile and look straight into the camera.
  • Zoom-in on smiling face & item to avoid background distractions.
  • Make sure the lighting is good.
  • Take multiple pictures until you get a great one!

Examples of Qualifying Photos & Captions that were awarded Free Bids!


Be sure to follow these guidelines to ensure your photo qualifies

  • Quality photo which has clear resolution, bright and easy to see.
  • Clearly displays physical product received from DealDash – no bid packs.
  • Must be a picture of yourself (no children) and smiling face displaying item. 🙂
  • New photo & new item (never posted before).
  • Posted from DealDash account holders own Facebook account.
  • Includes a quality caption telling what you won and final sales price.


Users may post as many photos as they like however only one photo submission will be eligible to receive Free Bids each week. Each new week begins Monday 12AM pacific. Bids will be added to users account as soon as possible, typically within 24 to 48 hours. 

Pictures are public and may be used as testimonials. DealDash may or may not grant free bids for the photo submissions if they do not meet the qualifying requirements or under DealDash’s sole discretion. 

WOW What Deals!!!

Everyday hundreds of deals are sold on DealDash and the average winner wins more than 6 auctions! On DealDash, bidders that don’t win the auction, can buy an identical item for its normal price using the Buy it Now, and get all the bids they used in the auction back for free. This option provides shoppers with the relief knowing that even if they don’t win the auction, they can still get the item they wanted without losing the purchased Bids. 

All the products you see being auctioned off on DealDash are brand new factory sealed items with manufacturers warranties. Here at DealDash we strive to provide a wide variety of quality, unique and interesting items that will be enjoyed for years to come or simply be suitable as a fun gift for your friend or birthday present. The majority of DealDash shoppers give the items they receive from DealDash away as gifts and stock up to play santa during the holidays :). 

We hope you enjoy bidding on DealDash. If you have any product suggestion ideas you think would be a hit, please feel welcome to let us know as we’re always looking for new ideas for products to auction off. If you’ve recently received an item from DealDash be sure not to miss out on earning some FREE BIDS! Right now if you have a facebook account just post a photo of yourself showcasing your item(s) to the DealDash facebook timeline – let us know what the item is and how much it sold for and we’ll give you 10 FREE BIDS. Click here for more details. It only takes 1 Bid to win so with an opportunity to get 10 Free Bids once per week, why not collect those!  


Did you know Back-to-School time is the second busiest shopping season of the year next to Christmas!?!

During the next week we’ll be listing some Back to School inspired auctions on DealDash so you can save on some of the Back to School necessities.

Here’s a simple check list of what supplies students will need. (Grades 2-5)

- 1 Box of 24 Crayons
- 1-3 Ring Binder (1" or 2")
- 1 Pencil Pouch
- 1 Pair of Scissors
- 1 Roll of Paper Towels
- 1-4pk. Dry Erase Markers
- 2-10pk of #2 Pencils
- 1 Pack of Colored Pencils
- 2 Pks of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
- 1 Bottle of Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
- 1-4pk Glue Sticks
- 2 Boxes of Kleenex
- 1 Pack of Baby Wipes (Optional)
- 1 Box of Ziploc Bags (1 gallon/sandwich size) (Optional)
- 12" Ruler with Inches and Centimeters (Optional)

Post a photo to Facebook and claim 200 Free Bids – Click for details!

DealDash No Jumper™ Auctions

Tired of Bid Jumpers?

Win easier with No Jumper™ auctions, only on

DealDash Bidders

“I was about to win the auction and then someone jumped in out of nowhere and started bidding!”

DealDash No Jumper

No Jumper™ auctions are easier to win since there are less bidders.

Free Shipping
All items on DealDash come with free shipping. Items are typically shipped out within 24hrs.
In business for several years
Since February 2009, we’ve honoured our commitment to bidders. That’s why we’ve stayed in business longer than anybody else.
100% Buy it Now
Bidding on DealDash is risk free. If you don’t win the auction you can always buy the item at a normal, fair retail price and get your bids back for free!
Easy to win auctions
Other sites are crowded and bidders jump into your auction just when you are about to win. DealDash’s No Jumper™ auctions makes it easy to win.
Every day new items!
Check DealDash every day for new items. There is more item variety on DealDash than any other penny auction site.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Try DealDash. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, email to get a full refund on your first purchase. No questions asked. You even get to keep your auction wins and bids!

“With less bidders, DealDash No Jumper™ auctions are so easy to win!”


In-depth study and survey of online auction sites

DealDash Review

In-depth study and survey of online auction sites

Easy to use, easy to win
From a brand new customer’s perspective, I recently conducted a 150-hour in-depth study of eight online auction sites. I looked at cost of bid packages, ease of winning and making payments, ease of using the web site, number and variety of items up for bid, customer service, win limits, ease of using the audo bidder, best features I liked about the site, what I did NOT like about the site and then provided recommendations for improvement. I emailed the same letter to four CEOs of the -auction sites I included in my survey to see if they wanted to make a deal to get a copy. Only one responded — the one that cares most about its customers — DealDash. When I compared DealDash with seven other online-auction sites, none of the others even came close to what DealDash has to offer. Why? Because DealDash knows that customer feedback is important. They not only welcome it, but DealDash often implements good ideas that help them better meet customer wants and needs. DealDash makes customer satisfaction a top priority.
Easy to win
I did not know about online-auction sites until January 2012, when one of them popped up on another survey I was doing. When I studied how that other site worked and tried it with some success, I did a google search to see if there were any more online auction sites online as well. That’s when I found DealDash. Since I needed to present a speech on a technical subject in my Toastmasters club, I decided to speak about online-auction sites and compare the good and bad features. After that, I was hooked and continued to do additional research. The more I researched and the more I compared DealDash with other online-auction sites, the more I realized that DealDash was the best one and the one that makes it easiest to win.
I registered as a DealDash customer Feb. 8, 2012, and on Feb. 23, 2012 (my 65th birthday) I won a 55-inch Toshiba TV that retails for $1,399.00. My cost? Only $1 transaction fee, plus the $19 worth of bids I used to win it. Deal Dash just happened to be celebrating its third birthday by offering its products FREE to the winners on my 65th birthday, so I was able to win an awesome birthday gift for myself. That was just the beginning of my success on DealDash.
As a new DealDash customer, I won more than 100 auctions in only four months. Some of my other favorite wins are:
* $999 digital Canon camera for $18.28
* $222 eight-person modified three-room dome tent for $5.06
* $279 women’s Schwinn bicycle for $7.85
* $279 case of Milwaukee tools for $1 transaction fee
* $89 video camera for $1.31
* $149 durable luggage set for a $1 transaction fee
* $100 J.C. Penny gift card for $4.13
* $50 AMC movie night gift card for 77 cents
* $18 radio for 7 cents, a DVD movie for 5 cents
* Ghostbusters Nintendo Wii game for 22 cents
* Kindlefire leather case for 7 cents and
* 40-bid package for only one penny.
This shows actual auctions won at bargain prices on Deal Dash  <br />--Courtesy photo, DealDash support  team.

Getting started
Registration is free, but before customers can start bidding, they must purchase a bid package. After purchasing an initial bid package, the only cost to customers is the closing cost of the winning auction, because postage is free.
Most online auction sites charge a standard 60 cents per bid (some are higher). DealDash also charges 60 cents per bid, but often celebrates specials for events like Father’s Day and gives customers a limited time to purchase bid packages at a discounted cost of only 20 cents per bid. Smart customers take advantage of those sales and stock up on bids in their accounts. Another way customers reduce the cost of bids is by bidding on and winning bid packages. Bid packages of 40, 60, 70, 80, 150, 300, 600 and 800 are put up for auction every day, so it is fairly easy for DealDash customers to win additional bids. To give everyone a better chance to win a bid package, DealDash has set a limit of one per household for the 150 and 800 bid packages. However, all of the other bid packages are up for grabs as many times as you can win them. How well you do on winning bid packages at a bargain price depends largely on being in the right auction at the right time (when nobody else or only a few other bidders are there). Winners of bid packages significantly reduce the cost for each bid. For example, yesterday I got really lucky and won a 600 bid package for only 48 cents. Counting the cost of bids, I paid $2.08 for a bid package that retails for $360.

FREE shipping and handling, no hidden charges
Whether a customer wins a product or buys a product, DealDash always ships postage FREE, and there are no hidden charges.
Each time a bid is placed, the cost of the product goes up one penny. If a total of 19 bids are placed when the auction closes, the winner of the auction only pays 19 cents, nothing more.

This shows actual auctions won at bargain prices on Deal Dash  <br />--Courtesy photo, DealDash support  team.
Attractive, easy to use website
The DealDash website is very attractive, easy to use and extremely well organized… continue reading

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