Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!

We want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! It’s been so great to have such wonderful and loyal customers
that have joined us now and been with us throughout the year. There have been many great developments thanks
to your creative and collective ideas and we are so thankful you enjoy the site, service, and make it possible for us
to provide you with a very exciting and competitive way to shop!

We wish you all continued success in all your future en devours. May this Thanksgiving day bring you peace, joy,
happiness and perhaps a 52″ Flat-screen LED SONY TV!

Good luck to all of you!

Dave and the entire DealDash Team!


New Winning Limits and Safeguard!

What is Safeguard?
Safeguard works as a shield to protect you from losing the deal in case your bid does not go through when trying to place it during the last few seconds.
We recommend bidding with at least 5 seconds on the clock to allow for your bid to be registered however if there is any network lag or if your bid does
not go through for whatever reason, that’s when Safeguard comes in. When activated, Safeguard will automatically place that bid on the very last second.
Try to make sure it does not go off otherwise it costs two credits and you are no longer protected. You will also have to bid 25 times in the DealBattle to have the chance to reactivate it again and get your protection back.

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Dave and the team!

Network Outage

You may have noticed the site acting unusual last night with deals not ending properly. One of our key servers went down
for a couple hours due to power disruptions at publicly listed iWeb Technologies. The back up generators kicked in so there
were no major issues however we have voided all the DealBattles affected and returned all credits to users that participated
in those affected DealBattles. Here is some more information about the incident from the iWeb community blog, it appears
there was a fire near the data-center which caused the disruptions.

We apologize for the inconvenience. I’ve talked with our technical team and they promised to bring the wrath on iWeb if this
happens again to ya’ll! Thanks for your understanding and please feel welcome to contact us with any questions.

Dave and the team!

Shout-Out! Faster Timers! Winning Limits!

Hope you enjoy the shout out feature, faster timers and new winning limits!
– Dave

Product Pay-Out Ratio

All the continued success!
– Dave

Fair and Balanced

We would like to remind everybody that we strictly allow only account per each person to use on the site and
to maintain control of one account only. This rule is perhaps the most important rule on the site. We know how
much fun it can be to win deals therefore we impose winning limits on the site so everybody can have a fair chance
to win.

We use highly sophisticated methods to detect any possible attempts of fraud on the site to make sure the DealBattles
are 100% fair, safe and secure. We have a zero tolerance policy on any attempt to hurt the integrity or the fun of
the service, and thus a result of our recent investigation, we have shut down several accounts on the site, which
we concluded to be maintained by a small amount of individuals today on Tuesday morning.

Thank you for playing fair and be sure to bid and win tonight!

DealDash Team

Faster Timers!


Now when the DealBattle has reached the $2.00 mark (edited November 2nd, changed from $5.00 to $2.00)
the timers will speed up and reset at 20 seconds! This will keep the momentum going, especially on the No BidBuddy deals!

Good luck!