Have you already met the DealDash Customer Service Team?

If you’re familiar with DealDash, you may already know that the company just celebrated its 9 Year Anniversary. What’s the key to staying in business for such a long time? We have it clear, we know how to take care of our customers and listen to their feedback and concerns to keep evolving as a company and become a better DealDash every year!

In order to take care of our customers the way they deserve, the team at DealDash has always prioritized Customer Service. We’ve always looked for the best and most qualified individuals when hiring new Customer Service employees. DealDash looks for empathetic, talkative, and problem-solving people who we know will do anything they can (and even more) to assist our customers.


DealDash’s approach to Customer Service has been used as an example by other companies. Our obsession with serving our customers is a fundamental principle of our company culture. We have even been interviewed by notable publications such as the Huffington Post, who wrote an article about the way we’re revolutionizing the online auction industry.

‘The online auction industry is currently evolving, and DealDash is at the forefront of the paradigm shift. Its innovative approach provides a much better experience for consumers who wish to obtain brand new products and enjoy the thrill of online auctions.’, the article states. If you want to read the full article, you can check it out here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/heres-how-dealdash-is-revolutionizing-the-online-auction_us_5a5e8566e4b03ed177016ec0

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a potential customer who has questions about how DealDash works, or a current customer who needs assistance, we’re just a click away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Come say hi on https://www.dealdash.com/support

Happy Bidding!

Introducing Daily Winning Limits (Limited Time Promotion on DealDash)

You spoke, we listened! At DealDash, we’re constantly trying to deliver the best experience to our bidders, and that’s why we constantly take your feedback into account. This week, we’re introducing a new promotion that we’re sure you’ll love. Starting today, and until Thursday, we will introduce our brand new daily winning limits promotion. Each individual customer will be allowed to win a maximum of 5 auctions per day.


This week is a very special week for DealDash. We’re happy to celebrate our 9 year anniversary. We certainly believe that one of the reasons why DealDash has taken over the online auction space is because we listen to our customers and always try to give them what they ask for.

DealDash keeps trying to add innovative features to make the auctions even more fun and exciting. Today, we’re introducing a new promotion that will last until Thursday: daily winning limits.

While the daily winning limits promotion is active, each individual DealDash bidder will be able to win a maximum of 5 auctions per day. Once bidders win their 5 items, they won’t be able to enter more auctions until the end of the day, which means less competition for bidders who still haven’t hit their limit!


We hope you enjoy this new DealDash feature! If you have any questions or suggestions, we’re available 24/7 on https://www.dealdash.com/support.php

Win With These Great DealDash Combinations!


Enjoy DealDash even more with these winning combinations. Read on to find out more…

Some things go together like peanut butter and jelly. What are some of your favorite DealDash combinations? I have a few in mind, but if you have another interesting DealDash combination, please feel free to leave it down below in the comments section. Without further adieu, here are my favorite DealDash combinations.

Combo #1 – Winning & BINning

When you first start thinking of DealDash combinations, what comes to mind? Winning and BINning, of course! If you’re not familiar with BINning, it means “Buy It Now.” When you use the DealDash Buy It Now (BIN) option you will get all of your bids back when you pay for your item if you don’t win. This is an amazing way to “recycle” your bids over and over again.

Combo #2 – Alerts & Bookmarking

The next winning combination I have to tell you about today is alerts and bookmarking. Both of these features that DealDash offers can help keep you “in the loop” when it comes to what auctions are coming up for bid. Here are instructions on how to use this powerful winning combo.

The “Alert me” feature is useful if you are interested in an item that DealDash carries but doesn’t currently have an auction planned yet. You can use the “Alert me” feature to get a “head’s up” when one is starting. To use it, you simply click the button that says “Alert me” and DealDash will send you an email when DealDash has scheduled an auction for this item. DealDash will alert you when the auction is starting within a couple of days, and then again when the auction is starting within a couple of hours.

Bookmarking is the other half of this winning combination. Bookmarking is for when DealDash has an auction scheduled for an item that you’re interested in but isn’t starting right away. This is especially helpful for when you are browsing and see an item that is coming up soon. Just click on the little outline of a star in the upper right corner of the auction and the auction will now be pinned to your DealDash home page. You can easily unpin it by just clicking the little star again.

Combo #3 – Winning & DealDash Blog

The final winning combination that I have for you today is winning and the DealDash Blog! If you’re reading this article, you are aware that DealDash regularly posts information to help bidders learn how to bid in auctions and keep them informed about DealDash happenings.

The DealDash Blog is only one of three blogs that DealDash sponsors. You can also learn from the DealDash Tips blog as well as the DealDash Reviewed blog. The blogs often post helpful articles on different promotions, strategies, products, and categories. Rest assured, if you take the time to read the blogs that DealDash provides you will be on your way to winning!

Thanks for Reading the DealDash Blog

I hope that this article on DealDash combinations was helpful for you. DealDash has lots of great items up for bid today. If you haven’t visited DealDash lately, then you should see what’s new and up for auction today. Go check out the best auction site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!Always BIN WIN DealDashThis sponsored blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018, Bidders!


Happy Valentine’s Day, DealDash bidders! If you need a few reasons to love DealDash, just read this blog for more information.

You must love DealDash if you’re reading this blog. However, if you need a few more reasons to love DealDash, then this article is just for you. Read on for some excellent reasons to make DealDash your valentine.

Free Bids – A Big Reason to Love DealDash

Know what I love? FREE DealDash bids! It’s all love and happiness when you’re bidding with free bids from DealDash. You can easily earn some free bids from DealDash in various ways. All of them are easy and only take a few moments of your time. One way is by bidding in DealDash auctions every day. You will earn free bids by visiting DealDash every day and placing a bid. If you visit for 7 days in a row you’ll get 30 free bids on the last day, and every day after that you remember to come and bid. Sounds like love to me!

Promotions for You to Love

DealDash often offers special promotions, and that is a super reason to love DealDash! There are various different promotions available, and they are all ways to save yourself money and bids. You can find out if there is a promotion running anytime you like by visiting DealDash and looking at the banner to see what the promotion is, and the price of bids that day.

There are many different promotions that DealDash runs, and they are all worthy of love. Go take advantage of today’s promotion and let DealDash be your valentine.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

I hope this article on reasons to love DealDash has been helpful. I always want to encourage new bidders to learn more about DealDash. If you’d like to read more, you should definitely check out DealDash’s “Tips & Tricks” section on the official site.

Want to win more auctions on DealDash? Then read all of the blogs that DealDash sponsors! These other blogs are located at DealDashTips.com and DealDashReviewed.com. Read the articles, learn tips and tricks, and win more auctions! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, have a great time on DealDash, and have fun bidding, everyone!DealDash

This sponsored blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Be On The Lookout For Our New Mystery Auctions On DealDash Today!

Hello DealDashers! We’re happy to introduce yet another exciting feature on DealDash today: Mystery Auctions! Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about this new type of auctions.

Today we’re running our Valentine’s Day Sale, where you will be able to earn free bids 3x faster. However, this is not the only surprise you will find on DealDash today. To make things even more fun and exciting, we came up with a new concept: Mystery Auctions.

During the course of the day, we have scheduled 12 different mystery auctions, so make sure you stay alert in order not to miss any of them! You will only be able to see a mystery auction one hour before the auction starts. When the mystery auctions appear, they will look like this:


Mystery auctions will have a countdown timer that will indicate the time left until the item is revealed. The item will be revealed only 5 minutes before the auction starts. Make sure you don’t miss out on the item reveal, as you will only have limited time to decide whether you want to enter the auction or not! Bear in mind that bidders will only be able to book their BidBuddies when the item is revealed, 5 minutes before the auction starts.

We’re sure that these auctions will turn out to be a lot of fun, so stay tuned for mystery auctions today on DealDash!

Happy bidding, and let us know if you have any questions!


Collect the Most Time as Highest Bidder for Additional Bid Rewards

Here at DealDash, we know there’s one thing that our customers really love: free bid rewards! That’s why we’re introducing a new promotion where the 3 bidders that collect the most Time As Highest Bidder (TAHB) in an auction, will earn additional bid rewards. Keep on reading to find out more about how it works.


If you like to earn free bid rewards, we have some good news for you today.  We’re excited to introduce a new DealDash promotion: Auction Leaderboards. You may be asking yourself how this promotion works.

As usual, in today’s auctions you will be able to collect TAHB in order to fill in your bidder bar and gain levels. However, as a feature of our new promotion, today you will see a TAHB leaderboard in the auction page. The leaderboard will display the name of the bidders who have collected the most TAHB in that auction.

Make sure you collect enough Time As Highest Bidder to enter the top 3 positions in the leaderboard. When the auction ends, the three bidders who have collected the most TAHB in that auction will earn additional bid rewards!

We really hope that you enjoy this new promotion. Make sure you visit DealDash today to enjoy the thrill of the leaderboards, and of course grab as many bid rewards as you can!


Doing the Right Thing on DealDash


Sometimes it’s tricky to know when you’re doing the right thing on DealDash. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you think you’re making a mistake.

When you are new on DealDash, it’s easy to second-guess yourself and think that maybe you aren’t doing the right thing. You can’t always avoid mistakes, but if you pay attention to the tips in this blog you will find yourself making less of the common mistakes, and doing the right thing more often. Read on for some great tips and tricks from the DealDash Blog.

Should I Buy the Bids or Not?

Something that many people wonder when they first join DealDash is when is the right time to buy bids. Of course, the answer is “right now” if you need them to participate in an auction that’s currently running. However, if you’re wondering when the right time is to stock up on DealDash bids, then my advice is to wait for a holiday weekend and stock up by buying the largest bid pack that will fit in your budget.

Waiting for a holiday sounds like it might take a long time, but there are holidays in every month. For instance, we have Valentine’s Day this month, St. Patrick’s Day in March, and Easter in April. I can’t guarantee that there will be an amazing sale on bids on these holiday weekends. However, if you look into past sales on DealDash, the best deals on bid packs are always on holidays.

Should I Use the BidBuddy or Not?

New bidders on DealDash are typically a little befuddled with the BidBuddy. If they haven’t read the blogs to understand how he works or taken the tutorial to get a chance to use him, then they might opt out. That definitely wouldn’t be doing the right thing, because the BidBuddy is your #1 tool to help you win DealDash auctions.

The BidBuddy is on every single auction that’s held on DealDash, and he is free for everyone to use. Not knowing how to use the BidBuddy is common at first, but you can follow these easy directions and you’ll be bidding in no time.

  1. Choose an auction
  2. Find the box in the auction that says “Book a BidBuddy”
  3. Type in the number of bids as you are willing to spend on an auction
  4. Hit Enter

So you see, it’s very easy to do the right thing and use the BidBuddy on every auction that you enter. You should, because almost everyone else is, so you will be at a disadvantage if you are placing single-bids.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

I hope that this article on doing the right thing when using DealDash was helpful for you. DealDash has everything that you need for your home and family, from home decor products to lawn mowers and shovels. Go check out the site and bid on some great items. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!


This sponsored blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.