Season Greetings and Merry Christmas

As I am preparing for the upcoming holidays with my family and friends this year, I cannot help but thank DealDash for the many opportunities I have had the past few years to not only win some very nice items, but to also use the buy it now feature which allows you to buy the item you bid on and get your bids back.

Combined with my winnings and buy it now orders, I have been able to purchase some incredible gifts for my family and friends. With your gift cards and new, in-demand items, I have scooped up some great savings and accumulated gift cards for large purchases. I am happiest when I can share and give to others, and this year I am very happy!

While some may argue that the Buy-it-Now feature is not worth it, I have to say every item I have purchased is exactly as I ordered. I have had no issues with delivery or customer service. Again, I offer the DealDash customer service department kudos for putting up with all of us all year-long and still having the best humor and customer service mind-set there is! You do a great job!

I celebrate Christmas in the true sense honoring the birth of Jesus. I feel great pleasure in offering sincere Merry Christmas wishes to everyone at I hope no one is offended by my gesture, it is who I am. Whatever your religion, beliefs, and views are; I wish peace and good will to you this season!

Thanks DealDash, you have a wonderful site and I hope you are having a very prosperous season too!

By Joan Vith

DealDash Provides

DealDash Holiday Shopping

DealDash provides may sound like a silly phrase to you, but to me it’s the absolute truth. I have had so many experiences of talking to a friend or family member and telling them about how I wanted to get something in particular, and within the next day or so it always seems to be listed on DealDash.

Bear with me for a moment while I tell you a little bit about my son – He is a very cute 6 (almost 7) year old boy with Special Needs. He was born 3 months early and has global delays due to this fact. I had a meeting with all of his specialists this week, and his Physical Therapist suggested it might help his motor skills if we got him a bicycle with training wheels.

If a bicycle is what he needs, a bicycle is what he will get! However, it was very difficult to find the right bicycle that met his needs- Having an 18″ wheel size so it would fit him, but also having training wheels for balance. Just last night we went to Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, K-Mart, and Toys R Us. Not a SINGLE one of those stores had that particular combination in stock, the closest we came was one at Wal-Mart, but it was very clearly a girl’s bike, purple and sparkly. There were some available online that weren’t available in stores, but they were very expensive, over $100.

Just on a whim before bed last night I decided to check DealDash, and there it was! An 18″ boy’s bike with training wheels, in his favorite color, green! I checked, and it had a very reasonable BIN (Buy It Now) price of $66, at least $40 cheaper than any comparable bike that I found online. And with free shipping, it would be an awesome deal even if I didn’t WIN and ended up BINning it and getting all of my bids back. I set my Bid Buddy up with as many bids to reach the BIN price, and went to bed.

Imagine my surprise when I checked in today and found out that I had WON! And used only 77 bids!! 77 bids and $2 equals approximately $12.78, which is one of the BEST deals that I had ever gotten on DealDash, and now my son will have the bike that he needs for his therapy.

Thank you DealDash, my son is going to have an awesome surprise when his new bike arrives!





albert einstein eyes

I have been bidding on various auction sites for several years. has become my favorite because of the various benefits offered to the consumer.  One…… they offer free shipping on everything they auction or sell in buy it now offers.  Two, they offer the best customer service there is.  If you don’t reach them by phone, you email and get answers right away.  Three, all of their items are brand new, you do not have to guess what you will receive from their site.

When you talk about online auctions, the” fair to the customer” could not be more true than with DealDash.  If you do not win an auction, the buy it now option allows you to purchase the item you were bidding on and get all of the bids you used returned to your account.  Recycling the same bids over and over may not sound like much of an offer, but if you look at other sites the buy it now option is very costly and hardly worth purchasing.

Bid packs at DealDash can be sold for 60 cents per bid when they are full price, or if you watch for their special promotions they have offered bids for as little as 14 cents!  This is a huge savings when compared to other sites that offer bids for 75 or 80 cents each.


As new bidders join DealDash, we tend to call them “newbies”, it is strongly suggested they read up on  the blogs, articles, tips and hints available to help them be successful.  When I first began bidding at DealDash I did not do this and regret that I did not know how to be more cautious, patient, and mindful of my bid counts.  I did not know how to use the bid buddy and often found others kept bidding on top of my bids and I never won.  Frustrated, I thought this was not a good site for me.  Then I began reading, watching and learning how more successful bidders won their auctions, and the bid buddy became my friend.


The bid buddy allows you to put how many bids you are willing to spend on any given auction.  Not only are you in control of your bid budget, but you are also in control of what you are willing to pay for the final cost of the auction.  When an auction starts out with 30-40 bidders it is important to see how many of these bidders have their bid buddy set and how many are bidding occasionally.  If there are more than four bidders with their bid buddy set, the selling price is probably going to go quite high.  It appears the experienced bidders will begin, then stop bidding when the auction is busy with multiple bid buddy bidders, and slappers.  Once the fast and furious bidders settle down, you can see a slower, more steady paced auction take place.  After the three or four bidders are settled into a pattern the more experienced and cautious bidder may enter the auction to maintain his place in the auction.  This practice takes skill, time and patience.


A “slapper” is someone who will come into the auction with their 200 bids and hit every bid immediately after being placed.  If there are 10 bid buddies set, this means for every one bid that is placed (10 in this scenario) the slapper will place 10.  It doesn’t take long to see the slapper is going to burn through his 200 bid pack really quickly and not win the auction.  This slapper then becomes the disgruntled bidder who complains DealDash is is not fair, it takes all of your bids and you win nothing, it is a ripoff, etc.  Rather than see themselves as inexperienced this bidder wants to blame the site for their lack of successes.  I was recently in two auctions with the same bidder.  The first auction, I had set the bid buddy for a pre-determined amount and left for work.  Even though I knew I could not watch the auction and see who my competitors were, I was willing to take the chance to see if I could win this morning auction while I was at work.  I saw later in the day I had not won the auction but had come in second to an unknown, new bidder. Because of the buy it now option I was not deterred and bought the card for $25 to get my bids back to try again on another auction.

Later that evening the same card came up for auction.  Since I save my gift cards for larger purchases, I was willing to take the chance to try to win this second card.  The same new bidder who had won the early morning auction had also begun bidding in this second auction.   I put one bid into the auction and decided  to wait out the many bidders who were also interested.  In the early evening DealDash can be very busy  and  auctions do  get a lot of “ newbies” as well as  experienced bidders.  I waited until what I thought would be a good time to get into the auction.  Since I had watched the entire auction and knew how many active bidders there were, I made my move into the auction armed with a few hundred bids.  I was determined to win this auction.  As I used all of my bids, 100 here, then another 100, then 100 again, I realized this new bidder had deep pockets and was going to go to any length to win.  I stopped bidding and watched the auction until it was over.  This “newbie” had put more than 600 bids on a $25 card.  Even though bids are often on sale, this auction cost the new bidder an estimated $96 in bids with the cost per bid valued at 16 cents. The sales price when the auction was over was more than $17.00 so this had to be added to the $96 to determine the actual cost of the auction.  Any reasonable person would know this was NOT a good win nor a smart win.  It was a win in name only.  In this case, the second place person was way ahead, he could use the buy it now option to  buy his card and get all of his bids back to try again in another auction.

A lot of negative comments made about online auction sites are generated by uneducated bidders who think winning is automatic and won’t cost much.  Also, they believe bidding is easy to do and the win can’t be far behind.  The bidder mentioned above is likely disenchanted with the auction site since it cost them so many bids to “win”.  In reality, a more experienced bidder would have stopped bidding and re-entered the auction when the group slowed down and the chances of winning were greater.


Albert Einstein was credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  I say the above mentioned bidder was practicing this.   He will not become  a regular bidder on any auction site.  Knowing how to win takes a lot of practice, patience, and research.  You don’t win auctions by placing the most bids, you win auctions by placing bids at the right place and time.  Knowing when the time is right takes a lot of watching and learning.  A “newbie” will get lucky and win one auction quickly for just a few bids.  Unfortunately, that sets the new bidder  onto a path of bid quick and win and frankly it just does not happen that often.

Since I have been bidding for two years on DealDash I feel I am experienced enough to make some valid points on the bidding process.  I also feel I can make some suggestions to all bidders about what works and definitely what does NOT work.  Slapping, bidding quickly on top of other bidders, and ALWAYS being the $4.99 bidder is not going to win auctions for you.


One of the easiest wins I ever achieved was a two-bid win on a ProSpera professional massager.  Having been on an auction for several hours, watching, bidding, watching, bidding, then pulling out, I actually put bids on this massager and only two bids later I won!  Talk about a surprise.  I was really feeling lousy when I pulled out of the other gift card auction and here I was two bids later a winner!  Never expecting I would win that auction so quickly, I was shocked when it came up on my screen.  “Congratulations!”  Gotta love those fireworks and the feeling of being triumphant!

Another auction that was quite a surprise was my HP OfficePro printer.  I won this auction while I was at work! Expecting to find the name of the person who won that auction in the winners list, imagine my surprise when I looked at my account and I had won!  I put a little over 100 bids on the auction before I left for the day.  Being a winner on such a nice printer really made my day!  I use it often now and really appreciated I received this shipment in only two days.  How wonderful is that?  I am very grateful to DealDash for these wins and their  fast shipping.  They are the fastest shippers on the Internet when it comes to online auction sites.


One other benefit I have not mentioned is the free bid meter at the bottom of your screen.  When you first start bidding you see the green bar filling up, but it really does take a while to figure it out.  This  is a bid meter and the bidder is rewarded for being in first place.  You must be logging seconds onto your meter  for several minutes as you go through the various experience levels.  Once this bid meter is filled you receive free bids.  The meter fills for every second you are on top of an auction as the highest bidder.  Just like any other clock, it is 60 seconds to one minute.  Your time is kept for 9 seconds when your  bid buddy is set and the green bar meter fills up.  When the meter is full it says Congratulations, get your free bids.  You click on the green meter and the bids appear in your account immediately.  As your experience level increases, so does the amount of free bids you receive.   The meter begins with just a few bids but as you reach the higher levels the free bid number increases.  Right now I am over 550 bids per award.  That is quite a  reward for staying on top of the auction.  This is one benefit that you are in control of and it depends on  your ability to stay on top of an auction.  When you are near the end of your bid meter,however,  it can be very frustrating to have new bidders slapping so your timer does not fill up.  Here is where the educated new bidder and experienced bidders have a better understanding of the DealDash benefits.  I have noticed, too,  over the past several promotions that the bid-slapping bidders have calmed down.  This is appreciated very much by all bidders who are looking forward to their next free bid reward.

Not only is DealDash offering promotions during the week and on weekends, but the free bid meter is quite unique to  No other auction site comes close to offering free bids on a regular basis nor do they have the types of promotions that DealDash has.

After bidding for over two years on DealDash, I can honestly say the most fun is saying, “You just never know”.  Some of your best auction wins may be  surprises and auctions you never really  expected to win.  “Congratulations” accompanied by fireworks is also the greatest feeling of all.  Sometimes you don’t see the fireworks on your auction win because you were away from your computer and did  not see the win.  Unfortunately you can’t get those fireworks back, but try try again is my motto and you will see them.  When the fireworks were first introduced, I did not expect them to stay, but I really enjoy seeing them and am happy they have left the added glow to our auction wins!


When you are selecting a user name it is important to keep it personal yet not revealing.  It is fun to see what others have chosen for their screen names and I often wonder what prompted them to make their choice.  There are many cat, dog, and pet names on the auctions.  There are threatening names that you learn very quickly are really not threatening at all.  There are several varieties of grandma, nana, grannies, and grandpas and pops too.  Surprisingly, there is a great variety of  grandmas on DealDash, however, their bios sound harmless enough.  If you watch the bidding practices, though, you will see the bios are NOT a true reflection of who the bidder really is.  “Looking for a deal”, is one of my favorites as the bidder continues to use twice the value of the auction in bids to try to win.  Not what I would expect from someone who wants a “deal”.  Try to select your username that makes you feel good when you see it on the auction page and especially when it is on the “Winners” page.

I am grateful to for allowing me to have the venue of writing my thoughts, comments, and observations on their blog site and on their  Facebook page.  Often we do not value what our observations are or the thoughts that we have that are really quite similar to what others are feeling or thinking.  I know I have struck some chords from time to time when I read comments other bidders attach to my posts.  Some bidders have had the same thoughts or observations but were hesitant to put them into words.  I enjoy writing and am encouraged to see so many other talented and experienced bidders appreciate my points of view.

FINAL THOUGHTS is the best online auction site there is on the internet.  Period.  With all they offer in the way of auctions, their buy it now option, their free shipping, and the bonus of earning free bids, they have stepped far out in front of other penny auction sites.  If you are not having a good experience bidding on DealDash, try sitting out a few auctions and/or days and watch how the wins occur.  There are plenty of auctions to be won and with the absolutely fair way DealDash has of limiting everyone to six wins under $200 and three wins over $200 per week, there are plenty of opportunities to be a winner too!  Good luck to all of you bidders and please let’s not be Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.  We don’t want to use the same strategies over and over and be losers.  Let’s try new ways of winning and different strategies to become successful DealDash  winners!

By Joan Vith

DealDash Audit Completed by Ernst and Young

DealDash recently completed an independent third-party audit by Ernst & Young in accordance with International Standard for Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000: “Assurance Engagements other than Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information”, issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board.

The scope of the engagement was to examine the auction records of DealDash to provide assurance that bids on auctions are placed by bona fide users, without the use of bots, shill bidding or bidding by employees. Furthermore, to guarantee winning auctions are fulfilled; and bids are processed in the order received without the element of chance.

The following is taken from the conclusion of the report to the Management of DealDash: 

“Nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that bids would not have been placed by bona fide users or that the use of bots, shill bidding or bidding by employees would have taken place or that winning auctions would not have been fulfilled (i.e. shipped) or that bids would not have been processed in the order received (e.g. “first in first out” basis) without the element of chance.” 

Some of the assurance procedures included:

  • User data analysis
  • Payment data analysis
  • Data analysis of bid history
  • Bid data reconciliation against shipment data
  • Cross reference of user data to employee information

Auditing is a means of evaluating the effectiveness of a companies internal controls and maintaining such effective systems is vital for achieving a company’s business objectives, reliable financial reporting, preventing fraud, and more.

DealDash is proud to have conducted this audit with Ernst & Young, one of the largest international professional services networks in the world, offering audit and assurance services.

Providing customers with an exciting way to win and discover brand named products is one aspect of what DealDash does. We know our customers have a thousand different choices of where they can shop so providing quality assurance guarantees of good business practice, both with this professional audit and BBB accreditation, is another way to show our commitment to maintain effective business controls and protect our customers.

You can view the final report here: DealDash_EY_Audit

Thinking of giving DealDash a try? Good things to know:

1. If you don’t win an auction, you can Buy it Now to get the item you wanted plus get back all the used bids. We’ll even ship your item for free!

2. Let’s say you buy your first bid pack and don’t win anything. Let us know and we’ll return the bids free for a second chance!

3. If you’re not satisfied with your shopping experience for any reason, we’ll refund your first bid pack purchase – no questions asked. Just be sure to inform us within 90 days of making your purchase by emailing

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Deal Dash-er Delivers for Christmas  

Before I begin, I must make one small confession … I have  O.C.D. – Obsessive Christmas Disorder!

I do believe I was born with the condition (Christmas-in-July birthday), and it has progressed through the years to the point where all hope for a cure has been abandoned! All that being disclosed, let me share a Deal Dash experience that has evolved into a Christmas memory I will cherish forever …

Deal Dash has been very good to me … I have more gadgets and gift cards than I could ever imagine.  And many friends and family members have benefitted from my winnings and BIN’s (Buy It Now and get your bids back).

I never paid much attention to the ‘TOYS’ category on Deal Dash – I don’t have any Wee-Ones or Grand Wee-Ones myself … but, every now and then, I would toss a few bids on some neat items for urchins in the family or my circle of friends – and I had quite a few NICE items to show for those efforts.  Well … one September morning, I had a ‘Pay It Forward’ moment.  It dawned on me that, since Deal Dash has afforded me SO many great deals, why not share a little of the wealth and the luck with some needy children during the Christmas Holiday Season??!!!

What started out as a casual effort to ‘get a few nice toys’ for those less fortunate transformed me into a Woman on a Mission (do you think they could make a Transformer Flip Toy for this???!!!).  Before I knew it, my very large living room was filled with boxes – it was starting to look like one of those forts we built as kids.  I thought I could free up some space by taking toys out of the shipping boxes, and that worked for a little while.  But, like a woman’s purse, I just kept filling up my living room by adding even MORE toys to the stash of goodies.  I am now on a first-name basis with my carriers from the Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx, and I am convinced that they think I’m running some nefarious business in my basement!

Thanks to Deal Dash, I have garnered almost 100 Toys for Angel Soldiers!  It is a local ‘Toys For Tots’ campaign for Military Children.  And there will be MANY smiling faces this Christmas, thanks to ‘DASH-er’!  (Hey … the Military has code names for EVERYTHING … ‘DASH-er’  is  MY code name for this wonderful journey of gratitude and love!)

You MIGHT think the children are the beneficiaries of these great toys, but, truth be told, I am the one who has received more FUN and pure JOY over the past few months!  Deal Dash has made ALL this possible! And it has started a tradition that I hope to continue in the future!  The only change I will make for 2015 is that I will start MUCH earlier!  Getting all these toys in 3 months has been exhaustive … NEXT year, I will spread my DASH-er mission throughout the year – and, who knows?  Maybe I’ll have 200 toys next year!!!

If you would like to take on a task like this yourself (TRUST ME – you will feel SO uplifted!), here are a few recommendations:

  1. KNOW your limits.  Winning auctions are almost always below retail, but you must include the cost of your bids!
  2. TRACK your winnings!  I actually created a spreadsheet to track my winnings, BIN’s and Deliveries.  This keeps you in line with your budgeting, and you won’t lose track of your toys!  It also gives you a great way of communicating your purchases to the charity of your choice!
  3. Get Bids at the lowest cost possible (Winning Bid Packs and buying them on sale helps!) … and allocate what you can afford towards gift items.
  4. Don’t be afraid of the ‘Buy-It-Now’ option!  I typically placed enough bids on items I could afford so that if I didn’t win the item, I was STILL able to buy the toy and get my bids back!
  5. Start your ‘shopping spree’ early in the year!  I condensed my efforts into 3 months – and it has taken a little bit of a toll, financially and mentally!  Spreading your efforts over the year will be less stressful, and it might also make the BIN option more affordable!
  6. Be PATIENT and TIMELY!  Some of the highest-priced toys I won were in the ‘off-peak’ hours.
  7. SHARE your efforts with Friends and Family members!  They might be so inspired, that they will add even MORE toys to your stash!!!
  8. Be JOYFUL!  Once you’ve decided on an organization for your donations, BELIEVE that your efforts will benefit so many needy children!  It will inspire you, and bring you a Christmas Joy that you probably haven’t felt since your own childhood!  LET IT GO!!!!

To all my fellow DEAL DASH-ers … have a Blessed Christmas, and a VERY Happy New Year!

To all of the wonderful folks at Deal Dash … THANK YOU … for the many smiles we will see this Christmas … for allowing me to share some Gratitude and Love this Holiday Season … for bringing back the Child in ME!


I’ve been shopping on DealDash since summer of 2013 and have won nearly 300 auctions. 

If you love shopping on DealDash and want to be a guest blogger please email for a chance to have your story featured!


How Low Can You Go?    

How low can you go?  That is what we all want to know.

All customers want to know how we can win auctions at the lowest possible closing cost, while using the fewest number of bids.

If you look at the list of customers who already won the $500 Amazon gift card, you will see that one lucky customer won it for as little as 69 cents, while the same card closed for as much as $713.26. The highest closing cost of the $500 Amazon gift card was on a “free to the winner” special, so it does not mean the winner actually paid that much. It does mean, however, that there was a huge difference in the number of bids placed to win the same gift card.

$500 Amazon Gift Card on DealDash

Everything is fair in love and war, and everything is fair on, too. Regardless of the huge differences in the lowest and highest closing costs of auctions, the most important thing to remember is that we, the customers, are in charge of what happens. Nobody makes us bid or tells us how to bid or how much to bid. Nobody tells us when to start bidding or when to stop bidding. That is entirely up to us—the customers.

I know firsthand how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of the bidding process because it happened to me when I first discovered the site. However, we customers are expected to be responsible bidders and we must each control our own bidding habits. One of the best ways to do that is by learning how the site works and by knowing how to play smart. As long as we do that, we can all enjoy a fun bidding experience.

Note: Written by Barbara  Sellers, resident of Tacoma, Wash., who has been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012.  Barbara is on Level 48 and has won over 560 auctions.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from the DealDash team!

We saw this cute Thanksgiving poem and just had to share it! We hope you like it and the Black Friday sale starting just after midnight pacific time. Thanksgiving hint… it’s the BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR on DealDash so get ready to have some fun!

Happy Thanksgiving from DealDash