Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from the DealDash team!

We saw this cute Thanksgiving poem and just had to share it! We hope you like it and the Black Friday sale starting just after midnight pacific time. Thanksgiving hint… it’s the BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR on DealDash so get ready to have some fun!

Happy Thanksgiving from DealDash

DealDash is BBB Accredited

Stand Up for Trust – DealDash joins the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business which helps set standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance.

Earlier this month, on November 4, 2014, DealDash confirmed it’s business accreditation with the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota in a unified effort to bring trust and compliance to the pay to play penny auction industry. Since DealDash launched back in 2009, the new and emerging Online Auction / Penny Auction industry has seen more than a thousand online auctions launch, but after more than five years, the market has started to mature and only the companies that are consistently providing a good experience remain.

DealDash BBB

Since DealDash’s inception it has grown into the most trusted and longest running online pay-to-play auction site in the United States and immediately differentiated itself from all other auction services with it’s tremendously popular Buy it Now option (BIN). BIN allows consumers to purchase the item at fair market retail price and get their bid credits back when they lost the auction.

The recreational shopping space is a multi billion dollar industry. With millions and millions of people continuing to try new online auction services, DealDash believes joining the BBB will help consumers find trustworthy companies and choose them over bad operators. DealDash believes it’s especially important in new emerging industries like this for a trusted authority like the BBB to assure consumers of companies that have a proven track record of delivering on their promises.

On average DealDash customers rate their service experience a 4.5 out of 5. DealDash believes much of this attributes to prompt response times consumers receive to their support inquiries (average 15 hrs to first reply) compared to the retail industry average of 26.6 hrs.

average time to first response

DealDash.com is a first of its kind online pay to play auction that allows customers to shop thousands of unique items daily from the comfort of their home. DealDash is making shopping more fun by turning it into a game with a mission to be the most exciting way to get a deal on the planet!






As we begin our holiday preparations and think of ways we can celebrate the season, DealDash has offered us many ways to enjoy the bidding , winning and/or buying it now we are able to do.  So, I was thinking about what the DealDash penny auction site offers all of the customers who participate in the auctions every day.  How can we use the winnings on DealDash to help improve our thanks?  For starters, we can spell out Thanksgiving with items we can win on DeadDash.

T = Trampoline or Texaco Gift Card

H = HP laser jet printers

A = Aeropostale gift card for the younger generation

N = Nintendo DS, a great gift for kids of all ages

K = Kmart Gift Cards, sometimes with bids

S = Shell Gift Cards to get you to Grandma’s

G = Gift Cards Galore for all kinds of place

I =  iHop, love those pancakes

V = Vtech toys for your children or grandchildren

I = iTunes gift cards, my grandson loves them!

N = NBA2K15, game for PS4 or Xbox One


We celebrate the season with our families and friends and we are so fortunate to have an opportunity to share with others.  While we are bidding during the holidays we need to keep in mind there are less fortunate people in our communities.  Let’s share our good will with each other, bid fair, and enjoy the fact we have found the most fair bidding penny auction site there is.

Remember with free shipping, fast shipping, excellent customer service and the opportunity to win or buy it now when the auction does not go in your favor,  DealDash offers us all equal opportunities to get the items we want either by winning or buying.   Happy Thanksgiving fellow bidders!

By Joan Vith

Thankful for the Small Things

The leaves are changing colors and falling, the nights are getting chilly, and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for your family and friends, having a warm place to sleep and plenty to eat – but what else should we be thankful for?

In addition to all of the things mentioned above, I am also very thankful for DealDash. Not only does DealDash save me money, it also fills my days with the excitement and anticipation of WINning. Before I discovered DealDash I spent a lot of my time idly watching TV or movies to pass the time, but now I spend that same time studying DealDash, researching products and prices, and honing my strategies.

My biggest reason that I am thankful for DealDash is not for the excitement or even the savings, but thanks to DealDash I started a successful YouTube channel doing “Unboxings” of all of the products that I WIN or BIN from DealDash. If it wasn’t for DealDash I would have never even thought of the idea.

I would imagine that most people are thankful for the savings, though, and I can understand why, here is an absolute truth: You can never lose when you are bidding on something that you are planning on buying anyway for yourself or your family. The reason I say that you can never lose is because you can always use the BIN (But It Now) feature that DealDash offers and buy the product for a fair market price and also receive every single one of your bids back, instantaneously.

I know that DealDash is also thankful for us customers, too! Do you know how I know that? Well, if DealDash wasn’t thankful for all of us that play in their auctions they wouldn’t do so many nice promotions for us like .14 cent bids or auction blasts when they have 150 or even 200 auctions start at once. I think another nice thing that DealDash offers that shows that they are thankful for us is this blog right here! DealDash wants us to WIN, so therefore they set up this blog for us to trade tips and tricks.

There is still a little time before Thanksgiving to think: What are you Thankful for this year?

Bio: My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 7 months, but I am very patient and I have already won more than 140 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, here is the link:

It’s Time to Dash for Holiday Deals

Have you started Dashing for your holiday deals?

It seems like time speeds up by the end of the summer. Here it is, already almost mid November with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah and Christmas just around the corner and holiday deals are popping up everywhere; especially on DealDash!!

I like to mind my money (and bids) by shopping early and often on DealDash! For instance, DealDash did something that I feel is very smart — they offered up VERY low-priced kid’s items for auction. The two that I was most interested in were:

The Domo Kun drawstring bag

holiday deals on DealDash

and The Angry Bids card game

holiday deals on DealDash

As you might be able to tell, I lost both of these auctions by .01 and .02, but that didn’t matter to me, because I was happy to be able to Buy it Now on both of them for a tiny price of $2 each, and get all of my bids back. And now I have two awesome stocking stuffers for my son this coming Christmas!

Stocking stuffers are just one way that DealDash is helping me with this upcoming holiday shopping season – I am also bidding, WINning, and BINning various gift cards. They are the absolute perfect gift for just about anyone on my list. Bass Pro Shops gift cards for my Boyfriend and male co-workers, Bath and Body Works and Bed, Bath and Beyond for my female relatives and friends. Then there are small $10 gift cards to Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, and Wal-Mart for service people like my mail carrier, lawn-mowing man, and UPS delivery person. 

I am also very excited that DealDash seems to be offering more and more toys up for auction. I saw that there were Transformers toys, Lego sets, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sheets and backpacks. I love that these auctions are coming up more often, and they are always affordable if you end up having to Buy it Now and get all of your bids back.

My kids, friends and relatives are all going to have a great holiday season this year thanks to DealDash! If you have not started dashing for your holiday deals, you better get to it – the clock is ticking! 

Here’s a video I made about my favorite wins on DealDash. I love to WIN birthday presents for my friends and family throughout the year and keep them until the time is right.

By Dawn Xu

5 Reason Why DealDash Shopping is FUN!

We’ve received questions from people asking.. What makes DealDash more fun than other online auction sites?

This is a great question so we decided to answer it with a few things our customers have mentioned to us over and over again about what they love most about DealDash and what makes it fun to them!

1. Cheapest Bids Available Out of All Online Auction Sites

People love to play on DealDash therefore instead of having you pay $100 for 166 bids like you would on another auction site, you can get over 700 bids for the same price! Yesterday bids cost 14¢ per bid and today they are 15¢ per bid. DealDash shoppers have come to love the cheap bid prices because it allows them to play more!

2. Buy it Now and Get Your Bids Back

The Buy it Now option is a wonderful and DealDashers have come to love this feature! Whenever you don’t win an auction, you can buy it for a fair market price to get the desired item which ships free of charge and we’ll even give you back all the bids you used trying to win it! The Buy it Now makes shopping on DealDash easy and is one of the most recommended bidding tips customers share with each other. If you don’t WIN IT just BIN IT and get your bids back to keep on bidding!

3. No Jumper Auctions aka No New Bidders

The No Jumper auctions on DealDash are simple. If you have not placed a bid in the auction before the price reaches $5.00, the auction is closed and now new bidders are allowed to join. Only the people who placed a bid before the price went above $5.00 are allowed to bid in the auction. Customers love this because they know that someone who just came online to DealDash can’t enter the auction they are in if they weren’t there from the beginning.

4. Time As Highest Bidder

What could be more fun then collecting Free Bids? Our customers love this feature because it’s a generous reward system. The more you bid, the more free bids you collect. Everyone starts at level 1 where they have to collect 60 seconds as the highest bidder. Each second collected as highest bidder gets you closer to reaching the next level. Once you complete the each level you collect free bids! People especially love when DealDash has a special promotion where you can collect 3X or even 5X highest bidder rewards! This is when your level meter will fill up three or five times faster then usual allowing you to collect even more free bids at three or five times the speed you normally would.

5. Auction Blast Promotions

The auction blast promotions are so much fun! In fact, today DealDash has 150 auctions starting at the same time and tomorrow 200 auctions will be starting at the same time! During these auction blasts people regularly win super awesome deals because with so many auctions starting at the same time, not everyone on the site is able to bid in all of them. This creates a buzz and a bit of craziness with so many items selling fast and frequently!

Starting Sunday 2pm Pacific

People love shopping on DealDash because it’s really fun, exciting and unpredictable. You never know when you’re going to get that super deal which just blows you away! Whether it’s 32¢ for a quality baby stroller or $47 for a computer where you only used 22 bids, these types of deals are happening every day on DealDash!

What Halloween Bidder Were You This Year?

Here’s a guest blog post written by Joan Vith, a long time DealDash shopper for more than two years. This blog posts relates closely with Halloween and although we’re moving onto the up-coming holidays we could not resist sharing her creativity and Halloween comparisons.

What Halloween Bidder Were You This Year?

Are you Casper the Ghost when it comes to bidding? Are you the friendly spirit who will let someone else win the auction because the price has gone beyond what you would pay for the auction win? Or, are you Frankenstein? The bidder who will just not go away, continues to bid and haunts the other bidders persistently out bidding everyone else? Or….. are you the bright Jack-O-Lantern? You know the bidder that has the perky photo, and a great bio about all the good works done every day. The kind of bidder you almost feel guilty if you bid against them.

Then there is Bela Lugosi, remember him? His teeth are all fangs in the old movie classics and he is out for blood. He will stop at nothing to get the auction win.

Bela Lugosi

Do you sometimes feel like the “Headless Horseman” when you are bidding? You know the feeling, why am I still bidding? I am no longer following my regular winning strategies. Why can’t I let go? I am fleeing through the night on all the auctions I can bid on and nothing seems to be working.

I imagine this is the way all bidders feel at some point during auctions on DealDash. Sometimes all the wit and wisdom and research you have done just does not seem to be enough. Needless to say, the auctions can haunt you during the night but in the light of day, you know buy-it-now is a pretty good option and DealDash.com is the only site that offers all your bids back at no extra cost and never has any shipping fees. Pretty awesome auction site; fair and honest, fast delivery and buy it now if you don’t win. DealDash.com the best penny auction site around!

Are you an experienced DealDash shopper who loves to write? Email us your guest blog entry to community@dealdash.com for a chance to be featured here!