DealDash – The Internet’s #1 Site for Fair and Honest Auctions

DealDash – The Internet’s #1 Site for Fair and Honest Auctions

Thousands of satisfied customers will tell you that DealDash delivers a fun and easy way to save money on hot new products! Getting started is quick and easy, and here’s some advice to help new users find out why DealDash has become the Internet’s premier source for legitimate auctions!

Question#1: How do I get started?

All you need to do is sign up for your free account and purchase your first bid pack! Signing up is easy and only takes a moment, and there are almost always promotions running that can help you save money on your first bid pack purchase! After you sign up and purchase your initial bid pack (which is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee) you can start bidding and win some incredible deals, like an Apple MacBook Pro for $1!

Question #2: How do I bid in the auctions?

Bidding is easy! Just find an item you want to bid on by browsing through our auctions (or you can search for specific items from our homepage), then click the “BID NOW” button. It’s that simple! You can also click on the picture to take you to the auction page, where you can find additional information about the product. You can also go to this screen to find your BidBuddy, which is a great bidding tool that helps users win even while they’re away from their computer. Check out this video tutorial for more information about the BidBuddy!

Question #3: I’m having trouble winning! What can I do?

Bidding comes naturally to some people, but not everyone. Here are a few quick tips that new bidders might find useful:

  • Start off with easier auctions for inexpensive items to learn how to win. Once you understand how to bid to win, you can move on to more expensive items, which tend to have more competitive auctions!

  • Always remember that you can earn your bids back by purchasing the item using the “Buy it now” option!

  • Most of the auctions on DealDash are won using the BidBuddy!

You can check out the Tactics and tips section of the website for some more great advice! Also, keep in mind that if you use your first bid pack without winning an auction, you can send a message to our customer support staff and ask for help! Not only will you get some pointers on refining your bidding strategies, but you’ll also get the bids from your first bid pack credited back to your DealDash account. It’s no problem to give people who don’t win right away a second chance with their first try!

Question #4: I won! Now what?

Congratulations! After you win an item and purchase it at the winning price, we’ll take care of the rest. Just make sure you fill out the delivery information correctly for us! All the items being sold in our auctions are 100% brand new, and will come in their original packaging and covered by the original warranty! Not only that, shipping on all of our items is completely FREE!

And don’t forget, if you ever have questions or concerns about your DealDash account, the auctions, or our items, you can get in touch with our customer support team! They’re available 24 hours a day to help, and they’re one of the reasons that DealDash has become the Internet’s premier source of fair and honest auctions!

With over 6,000 auctions scheduled every day, DealDash has become the Internet’s #1 source of legitimate bargains! DealDash ships over 150,000 great products to auction winners every year, and has over 600,000 customers in the United States!

DealDash – The most exciting 100% Legitimate Auctions on the Internet

DealDash – The most exciting 100% Legitimate Auctions on the Internet

A lot of people love bidding in auctions. Not only is it a great way to get bargains on hot items that people want, but it’s a lot of fun too! The bidders who get the best deals are the ones who know how to use the tools that they have to save money. Despite what people think, being a successful bidder is more about skill than luck.

That’s why DealDash has created so many different tools and features to help bidders get those great products. Everyone has a chance to win a hot bargain on DealDash, and here are a few of the things that have helped make DealDash the Internet’s premier site for legit deals!

  1. No Jumper™ auctions make sure early bidders stay in the auctions until they finish!

DealDash’s unique “No Jumper”™ auctions help early bidders win by preventing new bidders from participating after the item price reaches 5 dollars! This ensures that bidders who join auctions when they start won’t lose to bidders who wait for others to exhaust their bids. Not only does this help DealDash’s auctions remain legitimate and fair, but it also keeps the item prices insanely low. That’s how people win items like this HP 17.3 Inch Laptop Computer for only 1 dollar!

The No Jumper™ limit has been reduced to $3 for the Black Friday weekend! Check out DealDash’s Black Friday sale here!!!!

  1. The BidBuddy can do the work for you!

The BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that you can program to bid for you. All you need to do is set it with the number of bids you want it to use, book it, and it’s all set. It’s that easy! Besides helping you place bids while you’re away, the BidBuddy is always ready to place those last minute bids for you, making it a great way to conserve your bids even while you’re at the computer! Check out this video tutorial to find out how to use your BidBuddy!

  1. DealDash’s 100% legit satisfaction guarantee makes trying it a risk free proposition!

Your satisfaction is our top priority at DealDash, and so we have a money back guarantee for all of our customers. If you buy your first bid pack, try the site, and are unhappy with the way the auctions work, you can contact us and ask for a refund. All dissatisfied customers are entitled to a full refund on their first bid pack purchase, no questions asked! This makes trying DealDash a risk free way to take advantage of the Internet’s premier source of great holiday bargains!

Don’t forget to check out DealDash’s Black Friday sale!

DealDash – A 100% Legitimate Source for Black Friday Bargains

DealDash – A 100% Legitimate Source of Black Friday Bargains

Next week is when the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, and it’s the busiest season of the year for bargain hunting. Internet shopping is a great way to find deals on the perfect gift for the people in your life, but bargain hunting on the Internet can be a tough job. Lots of online retailers and auction sites advertise great deals, but don’t deliver on the quality of items or customer service.

DealDash makes its mark on the Internet by delivering all these things and more, and that’s why it’s the Internet’s #1 legit source of great deals! Not only are all the items guaranteed to be 100% brand new, but the selection is unparalleled by other online auction sites! You can check out the DealDash Facebook page to see some of the fantastic items won by our customers:

Besides having these great items available, DealDash has innovative features like the BidBuddy and No Jumper™ auctions to help people win great deals! And don’t forget, DealDash guarantees free shipping on all of the great products available in their auctions, and all items are 100% guaranteed to arrive brand new, in their original packaging, and covered by the original warranty. The deals on DealDash are 100% legitimate!

No more malls, no more Black Friday lines, and no more holiday debt! DealDash is the Internet’s #1 legit source for holiday bargains!

DealDash – A Legitimate Source of Great Bargains on Fantastic Items!

DealDash – A Legitimate Source of Great Bargains on Fantastic Items!

The fact that people don’t get to shop at a physical store discourages some people from taking advantage of Internet shopping. It’s tough to feel confident in items that you can’t see or touch when you buy them. How do you know what you’re getting? Who do you talk to if you have questions? Even though Internet bargains are the best around, it isn’t surprising that some people feel like they’re being “taken for a ride”.

Time and time again, DealDash has shattered this myth by making sure customers get those hot items they want at a GREAT price! Not only that, DealDash guarantees that all items arrive to you brand new, in their original packaging, and covered by the original warranty. While some online retailers will offer refurbished items or buy used products and sell them, you can be 100% sure that EVERYTHING in DealDash’s auctions are completely legitimate, brand new items.

If it seems too good to be true, just check out some of these great deals:

You can check out DealDash’s Facebook page to see more winners who are absolutely thrilled with both their items and their whole shopping experience with DealDash! Shoppers that trust DealDash with their needs are rewarded with these fantastic bargains, and great customer service to boot! DealDash customers get highly trained experts watching their items for them, from the moment they win their auction right up to when their guaranteed free delivery arrives at their front door!

And don’t forget about DealDash’s satisfaction guarantee. If you sign up for your free account, purchase your first bid pack, and then decide these great deals aren’t for you, you can get a full refund on your first purchase – no questions asked!

So check out DealDash and find out why it’s become the Internet’s #1 source of legitimate bargains!

DealDash – Fair, Honest, Risk-Free Alternative to Penny Auctions

DealDash – A Legitimate 100% Guarantee

DealDash – A Legitimate 100% Guarantee

Despite the fact Internet shopping has exploded since the Internet went mainstream, a lot of people aren’t comfortable using it to shop for great bargains. You never meet the people you’re buying from, you never see the products, you never pay with cash…there’s a lot of things that makes Internet shopping different. Needless to say, it can take some getting used to. It’s really not hard to see why some people aren’t 100% confident that the great deals they see on the Internet are all they’re cracked up to be. DealDash is out to change all of that, because the DealDash guarantees are 100% legitimate.

It might sound too good to be true, but that’s why DealDash makes sure that new customers are 100% percent covered for their first purchase. Customers can buy their first bid pack, explore the site, bid on some great items, and if they decide it isn’t for them they can get that money back. All they need to do is send a message to one of DealDash’s great customer support specialists, and their money will be refunded to them. Quick, simple, and easy!

But it doesn’t end there. Some people try DealDash, and they really, REALLY like it…but they make a few mistakes and aren’t really happy with what they’ve done with their bids. They might bid on something they don’t really want, they might bid on too many different items and run out, or any number of things can happen. DealDash wants everyone to have a chance to win something, so if new users don’t win an auction with their first bid pack, all they need to do is get in touch. DealDash has absolutely no problem giving new players a 2nd chance with their first try. “Taking a mulligan” is a penalty-free guarantee!

And DealDash goes the extra mile to ensure that the guarantees continue for people who want to bid in our auctions. For example, unlike a lot of other auction sites, the items on DealDash are 100% new. That means they come in the original, unopened boxes. Not only that, all shipping is guaranteed to be free. That’s right: FREE SHIPPING! That means when you win a LG 50-Inch TruSlim 600Hz Plasma HDTV, you get a LG 50-Inch TruSlim 600Hz Plasma HDTV, and you get it with no hassles or headaches!

New users are always worried about whether or not they’ve found real deals. These guarantees mean that customers can sign up for a free account and try the auctions out without worrying about what will happen. The guarantees, bargains, and great customer support at DealDash are 100% legitimate, and you have literally nothing to lose by trying DealDash out today!

Join DealDash Risk Free Today!
No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee on First Purchase

DealDash – Creating Honest Auctions on the Internet

DealDash – Creating Honest Auctions on the Internet

The Internet can be a tough place for people looking to save some money. When you open your e-mail, you find messages from strangers in different countries asking for money. When you go to read the news, you get a pop up messages telling you to buy some new miracle drug.

But experienced bargain hunters have learned that DealDash is a diamond in the ruff when it comes to Internet auctions. DealDash has been holding legitimate, reliable auctions longer than any other site of its kind, and hundreds of thousands of people have gotten great bargains with the site. A quick Internet search can turn up some real stories from the real winners who have used and enjoyed the site! Just check out these stories:

“Best site ever…All my items I have won come so fast in the mail and everything is great quality. I really enjoy bidding on DealDash and I have had a lot of success. I have christmas taken care of for all grand kids this year.”

“The DealDash Service Team, specifically Dave, bring their “A” game to work. I had 3 great experiences which were coupled with rapid response, adversity assistance, and it all came with a great attitude and willingness to find a solution. They have gone above and beyond with my account and I am thankful for that. Their sense of urgency is refreshing and it shows they truly care about their client/consumer.”

“Excellent auction site… I have played on many of them and very few are the “real deal” in that they are honest, fair, and fun. And DealDash is definitely at the top of the list!”

 A lot of auction sites try to hook people with flashy promises, but let people down when it comes to delivering customer care, the quality of their products, and helping everyone get a great deal. After all, there can only be one winner for each auction, but one of the things that makes DealDash so reliable is the commitment to make all of the bidders happy. Besides having round the clock customer service available, DealDash offers all of the bidders the chance to get their lost bids back by simply purchasing the item at a regular retail price. By giving everyone a chance to get a great bargain, and by making sure the users have access to our experienced, professional customer care staff, DealDash offers bidders a legitimately safe and reliable way to get fantastic deals on great new products.

DealDash is the longest running auction site of its kind, and has delivered fast and reliable service to hundreds of thousands of Americans. DealDash’s alternative to the standard penny auction format lets everyone get great value for their money by offering generous bonus bid reward programs, free shipping on all items, and fantastic customer service. Find out more about DealDash by checking out their review on The Huffington Post, the comments and photos on the DealDash Facebook page, and of course the website.

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