Time to Start the Garden With DealDash

It’s spring and time to start your garden! Let’s see what items that DealDash has that can help.

Growing your own vegetables is fun, rewarding, and can save you money. All you really need to get started is some decent soil and a few plants, but to be a really successful vegetable gardener you are going to need some supplies. DealDash has you covered.

Starting with the absolute basics aside from soil and plants, you are going to need some tools. DealDash has an awesome tool kit that’s just perfect for beginning your garden. Here is what the kit includes:

  • Leaf and flower trimmer
  • Water spray bottle
  • Branch and twig pruner
  • Spade
  • Trowel
  • Cultivator
  • Convenient carrying bag

If you’re interested in checking out the beginner’s tool kit you can just click on this link right here and it will take you to the description page. If you’re interested in bidding on the kit just click the handy “Alert Me” button, and DealDash will send you an email when the auction is ready to begin. You may cancel the alert at any time by clicking the button again. You may set as many alerts as you would like, DealDash will take care of the rest!

I realize some people don’t have a lot of extra space for a garden, for example a lot of people don’t even have a yard due to living in an apartment or condo. Don’t worry, DealDash can help with that as well!

If you have even a small amount of space on a patio, deck, or balcony then a small raised garden bed might be the best bet for you to try. DealDash has a small Raised Garden Bed Kit that can provide you with an easy way to grow and display herbs, flowers or vegetables in smaller spaces. It’s made from recycled wood and plastic, the raised garden kit assembles easily with no tools. This wood and plastic garden bed measures 42″L x 42″W x 6″H and will not rot or decay since it’s made with quality in mind. If you would like to check out the small raised garden bed then just click this link right here.

I hope that you are excited about getting your garden started! You can set your Bid Buddy and get one of these great products for a fraction of the cost. If you don’t happen to win the auction, though, you can still be a winner by using BIN (Buy it Now). When you BIN you get the product that you wanted, all of your bids back, free shipping, and keep all of the bids that you won as being the highest bidder. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.


Getting Ready for Summer Fun With DealDash

It’s just barely spring, but I am already excited about summer! Let’s see what we need to do to prepare for the season ahead.

First things first, you need to make sure that your lawn mower is in good working order. If your lawn mower is older or broken, maybe you should think about getting a new one for spring and summer. My lawn has started growing back in again after the cold winter, and my husband is going to need to go out and mow it pretty soon. DealDash has a few different types of mowers, both the gas type and the electric type. If you are in the market for a new lawn mower for this year, how about checking out DealDash’s mowers at this link here.

Since you are checking out the lawn mowers, maybe you should check out the weed edgers and trimmers. DealDash has both the electric and the battery powered type. You might think that edging your lawn isn’t the most fun thing to do, and I would agree with you, however, if you want your lawn to look great it’s something that needs to be done. If you edge fairly frequently, so every two weeks, it’s not that time consuming and can be finished up pretty quickly. If you would like to check out the selection of lawn edgers on DealDash you can do that at this link here.

I’m sure you’re saying “Enough with the yard work, let’s have some fun!” Well don’t you worry, DealDash has plenty of opportunities for fun as well. There is a relatively new product that DealDash has only been offering for a short time, but it’s awesome for summer fun.

The summer fun item that I would like to suggest is one of the new wheeled hoverboards. There are many different makes and models of the wheeled hoverboard, but they all have the same basic functions.  They are all a type of portable, rechargeable battery-powered scooter. They also typically consist of two wheels arranged side-by-side, with two small platforms between the wheels, on which the rider stands. The device is controlled by the rider’s feet, standing on the built-in gyroscopic, sensored pads. I have never personally ridden one, but they certainly look like fun, many of the teens in my neighborhood have them and can be seen riding up and down the street having a wonderful time. If you’re interested in checking them out, here is the link to see them on DealDash.

I hope that you are having a lovely spring so far, but let’s get ready for summer! If you’d like to check out even more great things try the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games section on DealDash at this link here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Spring Cleaning With DealDash


Spring is in the air, and for most of us that means that a little spring cleaning is in order. DealDash has your supplies ready.

Now is the time for spring cleaning, and I couldn’t think of a better chore to do right now than steam clean my carpets and get them ready for summer. DealDash has a pair of cleaners that would be great for giving your carpets a deep cleaning this summer – the  Bissell Premier Pet 17N4 upright deep cleaner for most of the work, and the Bissell Spot Clean, 5207W to get those stubborn spots that just won’t come up with normal measures. This would be a great combination to win that would make your carpets look and smell just like new. You can find these and even more Bissell cleaning products on DealDash at this link here.

BISSELL  Premier Pet Upright Deep CleanerBissell SpotClean

Speaking of vacuums, when is the last time that you vacuumed your basement and garage? This would be a great spring cleaning project for you to tackle while the air is fresh and you are feeling optimistic about the whole cleaning idea. DealDash has a vacuum that is specifically meant to be used to clean the garage. It’s called the Garage Utility Vacuum, and it’s made by Hoover. You can find the GUV at this link here. After you have vacuumed your garage and basement, how about putting up those shelves that have been sitting around waiting for you to get around to them? Once you have put up some nice shelves it will be so much easier to get all of your tools and outdoors things organized. You can find an assortment of garage and basement shelves on DealDash at this link here.

Hoover GUV™ Garage Utility VacuumEdsal Five-Shelf Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving Unit

Speaking of getting cleaned and organized, how is your deck or porch looking lately? I know that in the fall my desk becomes a catch-all for some of the things that stay outside in the winter, and it could really look much tidier. When thinking of ideas how I can maximize my space yet still keep all of my items, I came across this resin wicker seat. It can store a lot of small items, it’s capacity is 22 gallons. It’s also very cute and looks great on the deck as well as providing an extra seating option for when our deck chairs are all occupied. If you’re looking for something similar check out this link here.

Suncast 22 Gallon Resin Wicker Storage Seat





In case you need something that I haven’t mentioned, DealDash has all of your cleaning supplies covered, – they carry everything from the biggest items like vacuums and steam cleaners all the way down to the most humble of the cleaning supplies – paper towels, dish soap, and spray cleaners. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



Tweet DealDash and Get Free Bids


Did you know that you can get FREE bids from posting your wins on Twitter? Here’s how you can get in on the fun!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years or so, I’m sure that you have heard of Twitter. However, you might not know anything about Twitter’s history. Twitter is an online social networking service that lets users share short 140-character messages called “tweets”.  Users can send and read tweets from just about anyone, from their next door neighbor all the way up to President Obama. Users may subscribe to other users’ tweets—this is known as “following” and subscribers are known as “followers”. DealDash has a whopping 10.4 thousand followers! If you love looking at the “Winners” tab on DealDash, looking at the tweets that people post on DealDash’s Twitter page is even more fun.

You can get totally free bids really easily and quickly using Twitter. The way you can do that is by simply following DealDash and posting photos on Twitter. If you are going to take photos of your wins to post on Facebook and Pinterest to get free bids, why not also post them on Twitter?

First things first, you need to follow DealDash on Twitter at this link here. Then go to DealDash, win an auction, and wait to receive it. After that you can get free bids by simply taking a photo of yourself holding the auction win and posting the picture on Twitter with a quick message such as “I got this – ____________ item – @DealDash for – ___________ bids- & $ – ___________ final auction price-. I love it! #DealDash also gives #FREE shipping!” Just “fill in the blanks” with the appropriate answers, and you are all set!

When you take advantage of the generous free bid offers that DealDash gives everyone every single week you can build your bid bank and win even more auctions. Then, of course, use your bid bank to get more wins, and then repeat the process. There is no limit to how many weeks in a row that you can post on Twitter and get totally free bids. As long as you have a new auction win every week then you can get more free bids every week.





I hope this helped some of you that didn’t know how to use Twitter to get free bids! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!




Another Look at the DealDash YouTube Page

YouTube is one of the biggest internet sensations that can be used and enjoyed by just about anyone, from young to old. DealDash has a great YouTube channel.

I’m sure that you have heard of YouTube before, but did you know that YouTube has actually been around for over 11 years? That’s right – YouTube was founded on Valentine’s Day in 2005.

If you like watching YouTube videos, I suggest you check out DealDash’s YouTube channel. When you arrive at their page a video on the very basics of how DealDash works begins to play. Here is that video:

Did you know that DealDash has just over 25 videos posted, and over 3,242 subscribers? That’s awesome, I personally only have about a third of those subscribers, and I consider YouTube a hobby of mine! YouTube videos take a lot of time and patience to make, edit, and upload, so let’s show our appreciation for the Social Media Team at DealDash for uploading videos for us to watch.


Have you seen the DealDash commercials on TV? If you haven’t, the are available to watch on DealDash’s YouTube page.

If you haven’t seen the TV commercials, check them out below:

There are also some YouTube reviews of DealDash, as well as some product reviews, and other fun videos for you to watch. I personally do a lot of DealDash unboxings on YouTube, if you are interested in watching those, come on over and watch my DealDash user experience video!If you would like to check out the video that I made for DealDash, please see below:

Since you have been checking out DealDash’s YouTube page, how about subscribing to the DealDash YouTube channel, and then watching a few videos and giving them a “Thumb’s Up” to show that you “Like” them? Then maybe DealDash will put up even more videos for us to watch. It would be wonderful if we DealDashers could help grow DealDash’s YouTube page to 3,500 subscribers! Let’s see if we can do it!



I hope this article made you want to check out DealDash’s YouTube page, or even re-visit it if you have seen it before. If you watch all of their videos you are bound to pick up some bidding tips and tricks that will be useful on DealDash. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks please check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


Did You Join DealDash Today? Here’s How It Works

Are you just getting started? Here’s how DealDash works.

1. Buy Bids

Bids are what you use to bid in the auctions to try and win.  Bids are available in a variety of different sizes of bid packs. The regular price per bid is 60 cents, and your first bid pack purchase will use this price. However, DealDash offers bid sales pretty much every day where you can purchase them from around 14-18 cents per bid. If you buy a larger bid pack, the cost per bid is usually much lower. Sometimes on holidays the prices will be even lower. You just have to be patient and see what the price is every day.

2. Browse Auctions, Do Research

All items sold on DealDash are brand new and come with manufacturer warranties. All of the items are clearly displayed, some with multiple pictures. All of the items have descriptions, and of course you can always google the item you’re interested in to get consumer reviews or more information.

3. Start Bidding

All auctions start at $0.00. Everytime you or anyone else bids it adds one penny to the final price of the item. Each bid from you or anyone else restarts the timer to 10 seconds and allows people to place bids until the timer reaches 0 or is reset again by someone bidding. You can bid one by one, or use the free tool  to help you bid called the BidBuddy. The BidBuddy is an awesome tool that everyone should take advantage of – you can program it to bid as many times as you like, and you can watch it bid against the competition or step away from the computer, or even turn it off and go to sleep!

4. Win or BIN

When the timer reaches 0 and no one else places a bid, the last bidder wins the auction and pays the final auction fee that is displayed on the bidding screen. Sometimes DealDash offers half off all auctions, or even FREE auctions. When you start bidding in an auction you never know if it’s going to be over in a matter of minutes or even days! However, if it’s an item that’s important to you, you probably want to think about going “all the way” and be willing to BIN (Buy It Now) if you don’t win. That way, when you BIN the item for the retail price you get ALL of the bids back that you placed, as well as getting free shipping. Sounds great, right? Well get bidding!


I hope this article made you want to check out DealDash’s auctions and start bidding. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks please check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


Cameras For Summer Adventures


Summer is coming, is it time for a new camera? Let’s see what DealDash has on offer.

DealDash has so many different types of cameras up for auction at any given time, from inexpensive kid’s cameras all the way up to high grade digital cameras good enough to fancy yourself a professional photographer when you use them. DealDash also has cameras meant for active lifestyles, and cameras meant to be enjoyed by the whole family. Here are a few of my favorites that DealDash often has up for bid:

Best for Kids: Fuji Instax 8 – I actually have one of these for myself! The Instax is one of my favorite things to take to parties, over to the relatives house, or to keep handy when we go out in the summer. It’s just like an old school Polaroid in that it spits out instant pictures, except it’s got a fun new body design, multiple levels of flash for different types of light, and comes in fun colors.

Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera - Black

Best for Families: Coleman 2V9WP Duo2 Dual Screen – I picked this one as best for families because it’s a very affordable price, it comes in fun colors, it’s waterproof, it has dual screens, and 20 MP resolution. This is a cute but rugged camera you don’t have to be afraid to hand it over to your 6 year old to take a picture.


Coleman Duo2 Dual-Screen Waterproof Digital Camera (Purple)

Best for Active Lifestyles: GoPro Hero – GoPro Hero has become the gold standard in practically indestructible sports cameras. The GoPro Hero camera mounts easily to your body, gear or vehicle, making it easy to record video with up to 1080p resolution during your favorite activities. Dropped from a high distance? No problem! Want to film surfing selfies? No problem! GoPro!


GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Camera

Best for Serious Hobbyists: Nikon D3200 – This Nikon is actually my dream camera! I have never had the nerve to bid on one on DealDash because I haven’t worked up the nerve to be willing to “Go all the way”.  Maybe someday. This is an awesome camera that also shoots videos in 1080p. Perfect for making YouTube videos. You can actually even edit your pictures right within the cameras interface and share them wirelessly. And as an extra awesome bonus, it also comes in red!!!

Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera Kit, Black

If you have gotten your camera and you’re wondering what you should take a picture of next, how about some of your DealDash winnings? You can have fun using your camera and even score some free bids while you’re at it! Here’s how:


After you have taken your photo of you and your big (or little!) win head on over to the DealDash Facebook page which is here, and “Like” it. Then you can post your picture to get free bids. Here are the instructions from DealDash describing how to get free bids from Facebook:

1. Select an item you have won on DealDash to feature in the photo.

2. Take a high quality photo clearly showing yourself and the item you won.

3. Post photo to DealDash’s Facebook page and add a description which should include the following information: the item name, retail price, how much you paid for the item and a personal comment about the win as well. For example: “I got this $688 Garmin GPS on @DealDash. I paid just $6.08 and used 62 bids! Thanks DealDash, I will never get lost again!”

4. In the end of the caption, please include the following sentence and the link (See the picture below):
See how much you can save at: www.dealdash.com/join.php?utm_source=customer%20testimonials&utm_medium=pictures&utm_campaign=facebook

I hope this got you thinking about what kind of camera you might like to bid on for this summer! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks on how to win, check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!