WIN It or BIN It | How to Play Responsibly

My Advice when bidding on online auctions is to bid responsibly by not spending more money than you can afford.

Being responsible is expected with any kind of bidding sites as it is with gambling sites because in a sense, it is somewhat similar gambling. You have to set your limit and stick to it, otherwise, you will waste your money, time and resources and you won’t be having fun.

By setting limits, seek auctions that you would pay for out in the “real” world, auctions that have a Buy it Now (BIN) price that fits your budget. With DealDash, if you are bidding on an auction and don’t win it, you have the option to BIN it and get your bids back. It’s a Win-Win for everyone!

WIN it or BIN it on!

Another technique is to wait for the specials. I get emails on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis from DealDash telling me about discounted bid packages and holiday specials going on. Part of my DealDash bidding strategy is to buy the bid packages when they are on sale at 15 cents to save myself money and peruse the site for items I’m willing to BIN and wait for them.

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I will watch the timer to see when they start and tend to pick the ones where there is less “competition”, i.e. the middle of the night based on my research. Personally I find these auctions are less crowded, offering me more opportunity to win with less bids and money out of pocket. How about you? What time of day do you find best for bidding?

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself: I’ve been bidding on Deal Dash for about two years and really like it. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of the option exchange an item for bids when you win an auction and the option to buy it now and get your bids back if you don’t win.


Poll Results Are In! Require or Not Require BidBuddy?

In yesterdays blog post by Kim Finnegan, an experienced bidder who has been shopping on since September 2012 with over 150 auction wins, questioned the highly used BidBuddy DealDash currently has as an option for bidding. The BidBuddy is your automated bidding tool which allows you to plug-in any number of bids you have available on your bid balance and let the auction ride in hopes others will not bid and you’ll have that sweet taste of victory and lovely explosion of fireworks!

Fireworks on DealDash

The BidBuddy will place your bid at the very final second of the auction while you sit back and watch or go on with your daily activities of work, sleep, play, or whatever requires your attention. Having your bid placed at the final second of the auction is a viable strategy as it conserves your bids while others place single bids, perhaps unaware your BidBuddy is locked and loaded. Don’t take the word “locked” the wrong way, you can cancel your BidBuddy at anytime and all the unused bids will be deposited back to your bid balance and can be used again at anytime. One can also add more bids to the BidBuddy as well without having to cancel and re-book as shown in this lovely and colorful snippet of the BidBuddy Box.

DealDash BidBuddy

So the BIG question Kim asked is… Should BidBuddy Be Required? These are only the results gathered so far since the question was asked yesterday, July 8th, however so far the results are split fairly evenly.

BidBuddy Results on DealDash
First Day Poll Results

What do you think about the BidBuddy? Should it be required or does it take away from the bidding fun?

The poll will be open for another 6 days, answer here:


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as DealDash Bidders

Joan Vith DealDash Bidder
By Joan Vith

While vacationing the past few days I was thinking about writing a whimsical take on the different DealDash bidders we see on the best auction site I happened to stumble upon some really great statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and thought I’d write an article comparing the seven dwarfs (Doc, Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy, and Happy) with the different bidding behaviours and traits of DealDash shoppers.

For your entertainment here’s the original movie trailer from the original 1937 Walt Disney masterpiece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I had originally stopped at the gas station, to use the Subway gift cards I won on Deal Dash for a quick sandwich, while we were on the go when I saw these statues. I thought about how I could describe our fellow DealDash bidders and compare them to Snow White’s seven dwarfs. Here’s what I came up with…

Doc Dwarf from Snow WhiteDoc

The meticulous bidder who watches, waits, and examines each auction he bids on. He wins some, he loses some.

Sneezy Snow White DwarfSneezy

He bids, then bids again, then stops.  Hi ho, he bids again, then bids again, and again, then stops and never comes back into the auction again.

Snow White and Seven Dwarf DopeyDopey

He bids, he slaps, he bids, he bids, he slaps, he uses all his bids and never wins.

Sleepy Snow White DwarfSleepy

He bids, sets his bid buddy, leaves the room, and returns to find his auction has sold while he was sleeping!

Snow White Dwarf Bashful Bashful

This bidder bids once or twice and then is never heard from again.  Perhaps too shy to bid again?

Grumpy Snow White DwarfGrumpy

This bidder bids on several auctions all day. He loses most, because he has not stayed focus on one auction and spreads his bids too thin. Losing his auctions has cost him so many bids he just gets grumpy and will probably not even use the Buy it Now feature DealDash offers for bidders to get their bids back.

Happy Snow White DwarfHappy

Last but not least, this is my favorite of all because he has watched, listened, and learned how to play smart on DealDash. Due to this he gets to see “Congratulations!” and fireworks regularly as he wins auctions! What a happy bidder this little dwarf is! He has reached that place we all want to be and that is on the winners page on Free shipping makes him happy too, and since he bought all his bids on sale, he knows he got the best deal of all.

Which of the seven dwarfs would you say you are? Please comment below and if you are interested in reading more of my bidding tips, here’s my article DealDash in review – understanding and winning auctions.

Happy bidding, and good luck in the Deal Dash auctions!

About the author: I’m a grandma of two boys, who are my pride and joy, and a retired HR Specialist currently working as a volunteer manager at a non-profit. I have been playing online auctions since 2011 as it lets me enjoy being competitive and win. You don’t get those opportunities at work or being a spectator of sporting events.

Recent Excellent Wins!

On DealDash there are over 1,000 auctions won every single day and some of these wins stand out amongst the crowd.

Here’s a look at 10 great wins during the last 2 weeks, the final sales price, how many bids the winner used, and the average selling price for that particular item.

Samsung 40-Inch LED Smart HDTV

Final Price: $8.77

Bids Placed: 59

Samsung 40-inch Class LED Smart HDTV

KitchenAid Over The Range Microwave

Final Price: $1.69

Bids Placed: 50

KitchenAid 2.0 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

HP ENVY Desktop Computer with 2TB Hard Drive

Final Price: $20.25 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 49

HP ENVY 700 Desktop with 12GB Memory and 2TB Hard Drive

LG 47-Inch LED Smart 3D HDTV

Final Price: $44.99 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 49

LG 47-inch Class LED with 1080p and 240Hz Smart 3D HDTV

Sony VAIO 21.5-Inch Touch-Screen Computer

Final Price: $11.04 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 99

Sony VAIO 21.5-inch Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer

HP Split 2-in-1 Touch-Screen Laptop

Final Price: $2.52

Bids Placed: 36

HP Split 2-in-1 13.3-inch Touch-Screen Laptop with 4GB Memory

Lenovo Yoga Touch-Screen Laptop

Final Price: $15.62 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 65

Lenovo Yoga 2 2-in-1 11.6-inch Touch-Screen Laptop

Yamaha 3D / Smart Home Theater System

Final Price: $7.13 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 68

Yamaha 575W 5.1-Ch. 3D / Smart Home Theater System

Apple iPad mini with Retina display, Wi-Fi and 128GB

Final Price: $13.42 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 187

Apple iPad mini with Retina display with Wi-Fi and 128GB

Lenovo Flex Touch-Screen Laptop

Final Price: $15.14 during Free Auction Day where DealDash pays final sales price.

Bids Placed: 105

Lenovo Flex 15 2-in-1 15.6-inch Touch-Screen Laptop


By David O’Weger

Top Tips, Winning Strategies And Ways To Get Free Bids

Here is a list of the top articles featuring tips, bidding strategies to winning auctions, and how to get free bids on

Have you been finding it harder to win recently? Have you thought about your bidding strategy recently? Here are some great articles you may want to review. As you probably know auctions are unpredictable and adapting different bidding strategies is one way to continue winning auctions and enjoying your shopping experience. Try implementing some new bidding tips and collect some free bids to help with your overall strategy.

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This article provides bidders with some of the basic building blocks to developing a good winning strategy.

2. Top 3 Bidding Tips For Having The Best DealDash Experience

Dive further into detail on how to use these three important bidding tips to enhance your bidding experience.

  1. Watch and Learn
  2. Use the BidBuddy
  3. Buy it Now

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3. 3 Tips For Earning Free Bids On DealDash

Yes… FREE Bids!!!

Free Bids DealDash

4. How To Get Free Bids On

Reveals the Number 1 Way To Earn Free Bids. 

5. Are You Sabotaging Bidding Success By Another Satisfied Penny Bidder

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  1. Change Hope To Strategy
  2. Freeze Fear
  3. Neutralize Greed
  4. Knock Out Angry Bidding

How to get Free Bids on

As you may know, in order to participate in the auctions on, it’s required to have Bids. Bids are your source, your ammunition to win auctions so to speak. Bids on DealDash allow you to shop in a fun new way and save money when you win auctions. However, the cost of Bids can add up quick with the normal cost per bid at 60¢. This equals $6 for 10 Bids, $30 for 50 Bids, $60 for 100 Bids, etc. Just multiple the price per bid times quantity of bids and you get the full price. For example $0.60 x 100 Bids = $60.00. 

One of the best parts about DealDash compared to other pay-to-play shopping websites is that DealDash offers regular Bid Sales where Bids sell for as low as 17¢ or 16¢… sometimes even as low as 15¢ per bid! $0.15 x 100 Bids = $15.00. 

Halloween is this week so in the spirit of spooky critters and witches brew; DealDash has a limited time Bid Sale where the price of Bids is only 16¢ per bid. But that’s not all… there is also a limited time event where “All Auction Wins are Free”. What does this mean? During All Auction Wins are Free promotions, DealDash will pay the final sales price when you WIN an auction during this sale.

DealDash Auction

So for example… see these winners. User: Annoying1 did not have to pay the final sales price of $12.66 for the $1,000.00 Amazon gift card they won. They only had to pay for the cost of used Bids which was 157 Bids. Same thing goes for user: jana81557, they did not have to pay the final price of $8.27 for the $500 Chevron Gift Card they won; just the cost of bids which they used in that auction which was 52 Bids. As you can see, those are some pretty great deals, even if the bidders paid the full 60¢ per bid price, however it’s likely they even paid much less and also received FREE Bids!

So, the question remains… How to get Free Bids on Well, this is pretty simple. One way is to just simply bid in the auctions.

Free Bids
When the button turns green, you can claim free Bids.

The more you bid in the auctions, the more time you collect as highest bidder. The more time you collect as highest bidder, the more free Bids you earn. This is integrated into how DealDash works so there’s nothing you need to do but simply bid in the auctions and press your Collect Free Bids button when it turns green.

However, the number 1 way to earn free Bids on is to show off your winnings by taking a picture of yourself showcasing what you won and post that to the DealDash Facebook page. By doing this you can collect up to 200 Free Bids every week! Plus, you are entered into a weekly contest where the best photo of the week is selected and rewarded with a $500 gift card of choice. Click here to be redirected to the DealDash Facebook page and read more about the promotion.

Top 3 Bidding Tips for Having the Best DealDash Experience

  1. Watch and Learn – The first and most important bidding tip for having the best DealDash experience is to take the time to watch and learn how the auctions work. Be sure to read the FAQ and visit the how does it work page on before jumping into the auctions. Once you have a solid understanding of the bidding process and various DealDash features, it’s advised to take the time to participate in a few auctions as a bystander only. Watch the auctions and see how they play out. Some people even keep a notepad or excel sheet to track bidders and what type of bidding strategies they are using or what auctions they recently won. Visiting the winners page is useful to see what just sold and for how much it sold for. One secret tip is to view the auction in logged out mode. When you do this, you are able to see what the average selling price is for any particular item on DealDash.

    DealDash Auction
    From logged out view you can see the average selling price for the auction.
  2. Use the BidBuddy – Wait! What is the BidBuddy? You should know this by now if you have taken the time to read the FAQ and may even be able to spot bidders using their BidBuddy. The BidBuddy is your automated bidding tool. This comes in very handy because when you book bids in your BidBuddy, you don’t have to sit at your computer and press the Bid Button over and over again every time you want to place a bid. The BidBuddy also removes the risk of placing your bid too late and having the system not recognize the bid causing the auction to sell right in front of you to the other bidder. The BidBuddy will place your bids during the last few seconds of the auction clock automatically. Auctions can not end when more than one person has bids booked in their BidBuddy. If multiple bidders have bids on their BidBuddy, they will take turns placing bids until all but one run out of bids. This is why you may notice the same few people placing their bids in a rotating order. Example: BidderA, BidderB, BidderC, BidderA, BidderB, BidderC, BidderA, BidderB…. you get the idea.  A secret tip: the high majority of all auctions sold are won with the BidBuddy!

    DealDash BidBuddy
    Insert bids in the BidBuddy to help you win auctions.
  3. Buy it Now if you don’t win – DealDash is much more than just a penny auction site, it’s a retail shopping store and you will find some of the newest & coolest items on that you might find in other retail stores – with comparable and competitive prices! It’s one of the main reasons people come to DealDash to shop for their families and friends. Why? Because the Buy it Now prices are fair, DealDash makes shopping more fun, plus shopping here gives you the chance to get a really really good deal. There are over 1,000 auction winners everyday with thousands of examples of amazing deals. Remember the winners page..? Yes, just check that out and see what recently sold. Other penny auction sites are set up in a way that if you don’t win the auction, you’re out of luck and walk away empty handed with nothing to show for it. This is one aspect which makes DealDash different. It’s obvious that there is only one winner to each auction listed. So, what happens to all the people that did not win the auction? The Buy it Now happens! People that don’t win the auction have a full 7 days (not 1 or 2 hours like other sites – if they even have a Buy Now option) to decide if they want to buy the same item they were bidding on at regular retail price. In doing so, they’ll get back all the bids used in that auction. So what does this all really mean and what is the BIG takeaway? Bid on items you want and/or need. If you don’t win it, Buy it Now and get your bids back to try for something else. Remember… DealDash is a retail shopping site. Use these tips and take away the gamble but keep the thrill!
    DealDash Buy it Now
    Buy it Now and Get Back your Bids!

    Did you like this post? If so, you may also want to check out DealDash Reviewed – a blog site made up of real stories written by real DealDash customers. Want to get up to 200 Free DealDash Bids and a chance to win a $500 gift card every week? Check out our Facebook page to learn more!