Change Your DealDash Thinking Today


DealDash ThinkingTrying to think differently on DealDash is the smart thing to do. If you have been trying things the same way for a while change your thinking today!

Using your brain effectively is a big part of playing and winning auctions on DelDash. What sorts of bidding strategies do you like to use on DealDash? If you have hit a lull in your winning perhaps it’s time to change your thinking and your bidding strategies on DealDash. You don’t want any of your fellow bidders to get to know you and your bidding style too well. Here are some ways that you can try to think differently and act differently on DealDash.

Do Your Best Thinking in the Shower

Many people do their best thinking when they are in the shower. Maybe the next time that you are in the shower in the morning you’ll try to think up some great new strategies for playing on DealDash. Better yet, if you get up and shower a little earlier, you’ll have some time to check the auctions before you have to go about your day.

Think About BINning

If you’re pretty certain that you’re not going to win an auction that you’re in you’ll want to think about BINning (Buying It Now). Arriving at the decision that you’re going to buy the item at retail price and get all of your bids back can really take the weight of winning or losing off of your shoulders. If you enter the auction prepared to BIN it, then there is zero stress of winning or losing, because you know that you’re going to get all of your bids back and have the item shipped to you for free as well.

Bid at a Different Time

Are you the sort of person who only uses DealDash at night before bed, or maybe on the weekends? Thinking differently means doing things differently as well. Why not try to think of a different time that you can squeeze in some DealDashing? Maybe on your lunch break at work, while you’re in the kitchen making dinner, or even set your alarm for 2AM and see what’s going on in DealDash Land at that time. Think differently, act differently, win more auctions.

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The Official and Unofficial Rules of DealDash

There are two categories of rules on DealDash – Official and Unofficial. Let’s take a look at both to make sure that everyone understands them.


As for the 100% official “created by DealDash administrators” rules, they are both easy to find and easy to follow. They call them the “House Rules”, and they are very clear and easy to understand so that everyone is on fair grounds and equal footing. You can find these official rules at this link located right here. There are not many official rules, however you should most definitely familiarize yourself with the official rules so you don’t put your bidding account in purgatory until DealDash has had a chance to look into the situation.

These rules are very easy to follow and shouldn’t make your bidding or winning any more difficult at all. The House Rules are put in place to make things as fair and honest for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of the rules– but please check out the full version so you don’t accidentally get yourself into trouble.

  • Each person can only have 1 account, no exceptions.
  • You can win the same item only once per week.
  • You absolutely may not bid in the same auction with your family members, friends, or acquaintances.
  • You may not use any type of bidding software to automatically bid for you except the BidBuddy which is provided to everyone free of charge.
  • Your user name cannot be vulgar or obscene, and it also can’t mislead people into thinking that you are a DealDash employee, either.
  • DealDash employees and immediate family are not allowed to bid on auctions.

Those are the main points and summaries of the official House Rules. If you need any clarification on any of them check out the full version , and if you are still unclear about anything please feel free to send in a support ticket to DealDash. DealDash customer service reps are extremely friendly and willing to help you with anything that you have a question regarding, be it the rules or how something on the site works.

Unofficially there are a few rules as well, the biggest one being:

Don’t jump on other people’s bids.

This means that you should not bid immediately after someone else has bid. It’s the best practice to wait until the clock has 1, 2, or 3 seconds left before you put your bid into the auction. The reason that this is important is that every bidder who has put in a bid and spends time as the highest bidder earns seconds on their “bid clock.” When each person’s bid clock has been filled up they will receive free bids from DealDash. As I said, this is a completely unofficial rule, and no DealDash employee will enforce this rule. However, this is a very common “rule” among the bidders, and you will usually be quickly corrected by other bidders by having your bids “jumped on” therefore losing out on your clock time as well.

I hope that this article has helped you become more aware of the rules around DealDash. Remember to pay attention to the rules, check out the auctions and see what you would really like to bid on, see you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding!