Win More Auctions with A Little Help from your BidBuddy

Winning auctions isn’t something you learn to do overnight, so using them to save money can seem tricky at first. You might see and read about people winning more great bargains than they know what to do with, but what you might not hear so much about is that winning auctions is not about luck: it’s all skill! Many of the really smart bidders weren’t born winners, they learned through hard work, patience, and by thinking about what they’re doing. DealDash works hard to provide bidders with a fair and honest auction experience, and is currently the longest running auction site of its kind in the United States! But winning auctions is up to the individual bidders, and every bidder can take his or her own approach to winning the great bargains available with DealDash!

One feature on DealDash’s website that a lot of new bidders aren’t familiar with is the BidBuddy. The BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool, and a skilled bidder can use it to save time and money, and also as a great resource to help them WIN AUCTIONS! Here are three ways to incorporate the BidBuddy into your own winning strategy!

1. The BidBuddy is Key to Winning with Last Second Bidding

One strategy a lot of bidders use is to try to place their bids just before an auction closes. Every bidder is pressed to bid before the clock hits zero. And of course, nobody wants to place their bids if someone else intends to do the same thing, as this just means they’re placing a bid instead of your opponents. The BidBuddy is a great way to avoid this dilemma: the BidBuddy is programmed to automatically place your bids just before the auction closes. Try setting up your BidBuddy even if you’re planning on bidding manually for the entire auction. This tactic will make sure that your bids are only placed when absolutely necessary, thereby letting you CONSERVE your bids for when you need them to win!

2. The BidBuddy Makes a Great Safety Net

DealDash auctions don’t end according to a set schedule: they stop when the bidding stops (just like live auctions). While this makes them more exciting and offers bidders better bargains, it does demand more attention and focus. The deals are better, but it take more skill and determination to win! The BidBuddy is a great tool to set up as a safety net, especially for bidders who like to pay attention to more than one auction at a time. When you set up your BidBuddy, it is programmed to place your bids just before an auction closes, making it a great way to make sure a momentary distraction doesn’t cause you to lose a long, hard-fought auction. Instead of panicking and switching between multiple auction windows in an effort to place your bids before the auction closes, why not set up your BidBuddy to participate for you? It won’t waste your bids by placing them earlier than necessary, and it leaves you free to check out additional auctions, do research on the products, or just popping in on Facebook to see what’s happening. You can even turn off your computer and take a walk or watch some television: the BidBuddy will keep on ticking to make sure you stay in the fight!

3. People Know Not to Bid Against the BidBuddy

A lot of experienced users know how to spot BidBuddies in the auctions. When several bidders have BidBuddies in the same auction, they bid in a regular sequence, so they’re not so difficult to see. But even though bidders can tell when you’re using a BidBuddy, they can’t tell how many bids you’ve set it up with, or if you’re there watching. This makes using the BidBuddy a bit of a game changer. Bidding against a BidBuddy loaded up with thousands of bids will just mean everyone bidding against it is wasting their bids, but if a BidBuddy only has 10 bids or so then sticking with the auction can result in an easy, potentially very big win! Keep this in mind when you’re loading up a BidBuddy in the auction. When you think an auction is nearing its close try adding a few dozen bids to see if you can get some other bidders to give up the fight. You should also remember that other bidders will try the same thing against you, so don’t be too hasty pulling out of a fight with another BidBuddy! Take a moment to consider the item price, whether or not you’re familiar with your opponents and their bidding, and how much further you’re willing to go to win!

You can check out this video tutorial if you’re having trouble getting started with your BidBuddy. You can also check out the Winning Tips, Tactics, and Strategies page for more advice on how to win on DealDash!

Customers love the great bargains they get in DealDash auctions! You can see photos and read testimonials from auction winners on DealDash’s new Pinterest page, and of course the official DealDash Facebook page. Every week customers post pictures of the great products they get from DealDash, and the best photo of the week wins a 500 dollar gift card! Last week Martha used the great bargain she got on her Lenovo 15.6 in. Laptop Computer to help her win BIG again on Facebook!

Congratulations Martha!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

DealDash Review for Beginners

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DealDash Winning Tips and Reviews

Just getting started at DealDash and need some winning tips? Who else to hear them from than DealDash customers? Here are real customer reviews of DealDash and winning tips to help you get started! 

Cherylene R. shops for great deals on DealDash: “I won this Portable Stereo with Dock for iPod or iPhone for only $0.47 on DealDash with free shipping! Now I can dance with my grandchildren. I love shopping on DealDash.”

SOLD for $0.47 on DealDash – Click Image to learn more!

Have fun shopping and winning on DealDash!!

DealDash reviews and winning tips:

1) Don’t let your ego get in the way. Some people are so determined not to lose that yes, they do pay more than an item is worth just to “not lose.” Also, they may have purchased their bids on sale, so they’re not paying as much as you think. Once you get close to what the item is worth in bids, exercise the Buy It Now Option and get your bids back. Accept that you will not win every time.

2) Buy your bids when they’re on sale. But if DealDash is having a push on computers and 500 people are all there to win a coimputer, don’t bid on computers. Bid on something else — like somebody else said, something that others don’t want (but YOU DO).

3) Listen to your intuition about when Lady Luck is by your side. Sometimes I’d get a nudge to go on the site at 2:00 in the afternoon or 1 a.m. I’d go on and be able to win the product I wanted with only a few bids.

4) DealDash has expanded their server. No network problems anymore. But if others are using the BidBuddy, it’s best to use it too.

5) if you’re broke and desperate, don’t go on there thinking ‘I have to win.’ Desperation rarely leads to success.

6) When everyone else is focused on the latest IPad, watch the items that are just coming up on the auction table. If there aren’t two hundred people there, they may not be paying attention to the new items that come up and you can win something for one cent (and the cost of that bid). Study Penny Bidding. It’s an art. Watch. Learn – before you jump in with the last ten dollars in your checking account. Don’t spend money you don’t have and don’t bid on items you can’t afford — unless you’ve set a limit you’re willing and able to lose.

Recreational Shopping is a great way to get gifts for others and items for yourself that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. And, DealDash is impeccable. No bots, they’re a clean business with integrity and the best Customer Service I have ever encountered. Any business will have issues from time to time, but DealDash responds to every email sent to customer service and they go out of their way to deal with any complaint, issue or problem. I’ve visited almost every penny bidding site, and in my opinion, DealDash is #1 and getting better all the time.”

More DealDash Customer Reviews and Tips:

Forrest R. provides DealDash review: “Excellent auction site… I have played on many of them and very few are the “real deal” in that they are honest, fair, and fun. And DealDash is definately at the top of the list!”

Lesa S. shares a review of DealDash: “I have been a participant on DealDash for 5 months and have won 59 auctions. I visit the site daily. I watch more auctions than I participate in. It’s exciting and entertaining, but you have to know your limits. Enrollment increases daily. Because of this, they could use more auctions. Customer service is friendly, very receptive of feedback, and respond quickly. They are better than other penny auctions because of their free shipping and deals on bid packs!”

Paula H. thanks DealDash with a review: “The customer service at Deal Dash is I would have to say the best I have ever come across, sincerely honest and handles anything that comes up most efficiently , You all are great people and it shows that you have pride in your company and compassion for your customers. Thank You All

Robert K. gives DealDash review: “Great deals fair site have had a fun time great customer service.”

Kelley H. likes DealDash: “I have had nothing but good experiences on Deal Dash. Sure you lose some but hey thats what happens. I have never had any problems with the products I have won.”

Bob T. reviews DealDash: “I have nothing but praise for DEALDASH. I have had a couple of questions I wrote to support about. They answer very quickly and I always found the answers honest and helpful. With the new innovation of after $5.00 no new bidders can jump in. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE!”

If you have any winning tips or reviews of DealDash please get in touch! See Live Auctions here.

DealDash Review On Winning Tips

Get Free Bids!

Winning on DealDash is easy when you follow some basic guidelines.

Three Simple DealDash Winning Tips

1) Bid on No Jumper™ auctions
-> These are special auctions that can only be found on DealDash. They end earlier, have less bidders and are easier to win. No Jumper™ auctions do not let new bidders enter the auction once the price hits $5. So if you bid early, you have greater chances of winning.

2) Enter the auctions early
-> Most auctions end in the first hour of bidding. A common rookie mistake is to enter the auction when it has already been going on for hours and hours. This simply means that you will bid against other committed bidders.

3) Bid on items you are prepared to buy
-> Inorder to fully take advantage of DealDash, you should never bid on items outside your budget. We recommend using the Buy it Now option if you lose an auction. By doing that you’ll pay a regular retail price for the item you were bidding on, and get all your bids back for free. This way you won’t have to worry about having to buy new bids every time an auction is over and you do not win.

If you have a DealDash Review or Bidding Tips you would like to share please be sure to contact us by sending an email to

DealDash Review: Bidding, Winning, Buy it Now, and BidBuddy.

Carolie Watkins “pigsurfer” gives a DealDash review

Carolie Watkins, aka pigsurfer, shares here experience in this DealDash review video.

Post a photo to Facebook and earn up to 200 Free Bids! Click image to see details.

In-depth study and survey of online auction sites

DealDash Review

In-depth study and survey of online auction sites

Easy to use, easy to win
From a brand new customer’s perspective, I recently conducted a 150-hour in-depth study of eight online auction sites. I looked at cost of bid packages, ease of winning and making payments, ease of using the web site, number and variety of items up for bid, customer service, win limits, ease of using the audo bidder, best features I liked about the site, what I did NOT like about the site and then provided recommendations for improvement. I emailed the same letter to four CEOs of the -auction sites I included in my survey to see if they wanted to make a deal to get a copy. Only one responded — the one that cares most about its customers — DealDash. When I compared DealDash with seven other online-auction sites, none of the others even came close to what DealDash has to offer. Why? Because DealDash knows that customer feedback is important. They not only welcome it, but DealDash often implements good ideas that help them better meet customer wants and needs. DealDash makes customer satisfaction a top priority.
Easy to win
I did not know about online-auction sites until January 2012, when one of them popped up on another survey I was doing. When I studied how that other site worked and tried it with some success, I did a google search to see if there were any more online auction sites online as well. That’s when I found DealDash. Since I needed to present a speech on a technical subject in my Toastmasters club, I decided to speak about online-auction sites and compare the good and bad features. After that, I was hooked and continued to do additional research. The more I researched and the more I compared DealDash with other online-auction sites, the more I realized that DealDash was the best one and the one that makes it easiest to win.
I registered as a DealDash customer Feb. 8, 2012, and on Feb. 23, 2012 (my 65th birthday) I won a 55-inch Toshiba TV that retails for $1,399.00. My cost? Only $1 transaction fee, plus the $19 worth of bids I used to win it. Deal Dash just happened to be celebrating its third birthday by offering its products FREE to the winners on my 65th birthday, so I was able to win an awesome birthday gift for myself. That was just the beginning of my success on DealDash.
As a new DealDash customer, I won more than 100 auctions in only four months. Some of my other favorite wins are:
* $999 digital Canon camera for $18.28
* $222 eight-person modified three-room dome tent for $5.06
* $279 women’s Schwinn bicycle for $7.85
* $279 case of Milwaukee tools for $1 transaction fee
* $89 video camera for $1.31
* $149 durable luggage set for a $1 transaction fee
* $100 J.C. Penny gift card for $4.13
* $50 AMC movie night gift card for 77 cents
* $18 radio for 7 cents, a DVD movie for 5 cents
* Ghostbusters Nintendo Wii game for 22 cents
* Kindlefire leather case for 7 cents and
* 40-bid package for only one penny.
This shows actual auctions won at bargain prices on Deal Dash  <br />--Courtesy photo, DealDash support  team.

Getting started
Registration is free, but before customers can start bidding, they must purchase a bid package. After purchasing an initial bid package, the only cost to customers is the closing cost of the winning auction, because postage is free.
Most online auction sites charge a standard 60 cents per bid (some are higher). DealDash also charges 60 cents per bid, but often celebrates specials for events like Father’s Day and gives customers a limited time to purchase bid packages at a discounted cost of only 20 cents per bid. Smart customers take advantage of those sales and stock up on bids in their accounts. Another way customers reduce the cost of bids is by bidding on and winning bid packages. Bid packages of 40, 60, 70, 80, 150, 300, 600 and 800 are put up for auction every day, so it is fairly easy for DealDash customers to win additional bids. To give everyone a better chance to win a bid package, DealDash has set a limit of one per household for the 150 and 800 bid packages. However, all of the other bid packages are up for grabs as many times as you can win them. How well you do on winning bid packages at a bargain price depends largely on being in the right auction at the right time (when nobody else or only a few other bidders are there). Winners of bid packages significantly reduce the cost for each bid. For example, yesterday I got really lucky and won a 600 bid package for only 48 cents. Counting the cost of bids, I paid $2.08 for a bid package that retails for $360.

FREE shipping and handling, no hidden charges
Whether a customer wins a product or buys a product, DealDash always ships postage FREE, and there are no hidden charges.
Each time a bid is placed, the cost of the product goes up one penny. If a total of 19 bids are placed when the auction closes, the winner of the auction only pays 19 cents, nothing more.

This shows actual auctions won at bargain prices on Deal Dash  <br />--Courtesy photo, DealDash support  team.
Attractive, easy to use website
The DealDash website is very attractive, easy to use and extremely well organized… continue reading

DealDash Review: How to Create an Account and Buy Bids

Thinking of giving DealDash a try?

See a quick video review on how to create your DealDash account.

If you have any questions about getting started please feel welcome to email

For those of you have already been shopping and winning auctions be sure to post a photo of yourself showcasing the item(s) to the DealDash facebook timeline. It’s possible to earn 200 Free Bids just for sharing a picture showcasing your win! See the DealDash facebook timeline here:

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