DealDash and a New Decade

Most people agree there are only three things in life we can be sure of–death, taxes, and change. Of course, we cannot do anything about death or taxes, but things changing could be either good or bad. When it comes to shopping on, we try to listen to our customers and make the best possible changes based on that to cater to the needs of a variety of different style of bidders.

Plans for the new decade on DealDash
The road to 2020 looks bright!

Let’s take a look at 2019

The year started with our new winning limits in place. We wanted more people to be able to win auctions so we set weekly winning limits to DealDash auctions. A user can no more win over 50 auctions in a week, leaving more space for others to go towards the win. It’s ideas like these we receive from our customers that make a change in the auctions for everyone.

In March we headed towards the DealDash 10 year anniversary celebrations, which continued throughout the year.

We’re also happy to say the celebrations are not over yet, stay tuned for the Grand Finale!

10 years in business is a long time in the internet era and we are thankful for all the loyal customers that have been a part of the journey – some even since the very beginning in 2009! Some might be familiar faces from the YouTube videos James posts weekly to our YouTube channel where customers have contributed actively to the videos.

Every BidBuddy Counts

One of the more interesting promotions we ran during 2019 was the Every BidBuddy Counts where bidders would receive 9 seconds of Time as Highest Bidder whenever their BidBuddy automatically placed a bid. Furthermore, if there were any active Time as Highest Bidder multipliers, whether personal or site-wide, these would stack for the full effect.

The promotion was so well received that after customer feedback we decided to launch it permanently in November. James has a good description of what it’s all about in this YouTube video.

So what will 2020 bring?

We have some exciting plans for the new decade. After all, in addition to the calendar, it’s a whole new decade for DealDash as well.

Buy It Now Discounts and cheaper bid packs

Discounts on the Buy It Now price

We have started the new year offering Buy It Now discounts and will continue through the year. As the name suggests, whenever we have Buy It Now discounts, the price for which you can buy the item is decreased for selected items!

Discounted large bid pack price

Something we have recently been promoting are discounts on the larger bid packs. That’s great news for those opting to choose the larger packs instead of multiple smaller ones. The main benefit is getting more bang for your buck like this 10,000 bid pack for 11¢ per bid.

DealDash 10 year Grand Finale

We have an epic ending for the DealDash 10th anniversary year coming up in February! From Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd of February we have the DealDash 10 Year Grand Finale where we once more gather to enjoy the best promotions of the first decade of the DealDash story.

New arrivals

We are constantly working on introducing new items to our product selection. We keep a close eye on customer favorites and seek for similar items to be added next. Usually the recent additions to our catalog are launched during New arrivals blasts where the new items are all auctioned at the same time. You’ll see a timer on the dashboard counting down to the blast when one is about to start.

Bar graph of recent additions to the DealDash catalog
We monitor the age of items auctioned on DealDash and continuously introduce new products to the selection. (Illustrative image)

What will not change

One thing DealDash shoppers love and would never want to see change is free shipping and handling. Having our orders delivered to your doorstep postage free is one of the most wonderful benefits DealDash has to offer.

DealDash offers 100% free shipping to continental US.
DealDash offers 100% free shipping – always!

Another change we would not want to see on DealDash is the fast and easy payment system. When your bids are low and the auction gets down to the last two bidders, you might not have much time to waste. Therefore, being able to purchase new bid packs within a few seconds is one change we would not want to see on DealDash. Whenever things run smoothly and a customer gets a good experience on DealDash we feel we have succeeded in our goal of offering fun, easy and reliable pay-to-participate auctions for everyone!

These are a sneak peak into some of the ideas we have at DealDash for the new decade. If you aren’t familiar yet, join today with the promo code “dealdash2020″ when registering to get 100 free bids on your first bid pack purchase. We also recommend to download our mobile apps for either Android or Apple devices.