The Keys to Winning Auctions on

This blog post is to help bidders learn a few of the basic building blocks to a winning strategy. If you’re an experienced bidder, it might be useful to revisit some of these ideas and think about whether or not there’s room to refine your strategy.

If this is your first experience with DealDash, congratulations! DealDash is the longest running pay-to-bid site of its kind in the United States, and currently provides service to over 1.5 million registered users. Everyday people visit the site, have a great time bidding and looking through the thousands of available items, and many customers (even the new ones) win great deals on products they love.

But winning isn’t a matter of luck on DealDash: bidders who win do so because they’ve taken the time to learn how the auctions and the website work. By keeping these few pieces of advice in mind you can save yourself both time and money and learn what the best bidders already know!

Watching Auctions Pays Off More Than You Might Think

Watching auctions on DealDash might not be as much fun as watching your favorite TV show, but it pays off for bidders. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to do to create a winning strategy is to learn how bidders behave in the auctions (this is advice from some of the most experienced bidders on DealDash)! Spend a little bit of time watching how bidders react, who bids when, and what kind of products attract more bidders. Watch and learn…then win!

Read Through the Website and Some of the Blog Entries

DealDash regularly posts information to help people learn how to win, both in this blog and on the website. While the blog provides summaries of key strategies and provides some context on how they can be used to your advantage, the website contains raw data that you can use to make decisions. Pages like the Winners page lets you see who’s winning what, when they’re winning it, and for how much – all of them important pieces of information. Information like that can tell you who might be a power bidder, or highlight a couple of hours when the items sold for unusually cheap prices. The blog, on the other hand, highlights some of the particulars of bidding and helps illustrate how certain features, concepts, and ideas can be your key to winning auctions.

Familiarize Yourself with the Tools of Your Trade

DealDash has several unique features to help bidders in their quest for bigger and better wins. Many of the tools are easy to use and understand, but surprisingly some people don’t take the time to learn about them before bidding. Here’s a few example of things you can use to help you learn to win auctions:

  • Bookmarks – You can bookmark auctions that you’re interested in and then view them all on the same page
  • The BidBuddy – The BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that places bids for you even while you’re away from the computer.
  • No Jumper Limits – One of the most frustrating experiences for bidders is when they’re reaching the end of the auction.

It’s down to you and one other bidder (who may or may not be your arch nemesis)…and you’re bidding back and forth trying to outlast each other. It’s been a long, hard-fought battle, but now you can see the light at the of the tunnel…and then another bidder joins the auction.

Nothing is worse for bidders than the above situation, which is why DealDash has implemented “No Jumper” auctions. These No Jumper auctions prevent new bidders from joining after the item price reaches $5 (sometime less if there’s a sale), thereby limiting the number of bidders who can join that particular auction. There’s less competition in these auctions, and so they’re easier to win!

The “Buy it Now” Helps you Save Money

People come to DealDash to win great deals in the auctions, but nobody wins all the time. That’s why there’s the “Buy it now” (BIN) option. This lets you buy the item from the auction at a regular price. You read that last sentence and though “Where’s the deal in that?”. Well, when you BIN an item, you get all your bids back from that auction for FREE, and so you can use them in another auction. Many new bidders don’t realize this at first, but this can actually help you save a lot of money on bids, and you still get the product you want. It really minimizes the risk of using your bids and then walking away with nothing. That’s why bidding DealDash is a risk-free proposition!

Secrets, Tactics and Tips about Stomp Bidding on

There’s not a lot of controversial aspects about the bidding on…most of the decisions successful bidders make are informed more by things like trying to make their bidding fit their individual budgets, lifestyles, and shopping habits. But there is one practice that nearly all experienced bidders love to hate, and hate to love – stomp bidding! If you check out our glossary, stomp bidding (also known as overbidding or double bidding) is defined as “an aggressive bidding technique where one bidder will place bids immediately after another user”. Aggressive behavior in general tends to irritate DealDashers (and DealDash actively monitors such behavior to and steps in when it is deemed inappropriate), but nothing seems to bother people more than stomp bidding. Many a bidder has written in with complaints about stomp bidding, and here’s a couple of points to consider about why people do it!

Stomp Bidding Prevents Other Users from Getting Free Bids

A unique feature on DealDash is the “Time as Highest Bidder” (TAHB) clock, which lets users claim free bids for spending more time as the highest bidder in each auction. It’s a great way to subsidize your bid costs, and many successful bidders actively use it to help them save money. In fact, some bidders will participate early in the auctions specifically to take advantage of this feature!

Stomp bidders, whether they know it or not, are robbing people of the free TAHB bids. Sometimes newer bidders won’t realize what they’re doing when they stomp bid, but others are more malicious and actually intend to prevent people from getting free bids! To these bidders, preventing you from getting free bids increases their chance of winning the auction!

Stomp Bidding Scares Bidders Away

The more experienced bidders become, the more they start to realize winning auctions is about playing against other users, and so strategies to beat them are important. One way to do that is by making them doubt whether or not they have what it takes to win…whether that be the time, the bids, or the dedication!

Besides being a general irritant, a lot of people stomp bidding want to give other bidders the impression that he/she has so many bids to use that it’s pointless to bid against him/her in an auction! After all, who can afford to throw bids away like that other than someone who just bought three 5000 count bid packs?

Whether or not the bidder actually has that many bids (few of them do) is beside the point: by making others think that they have thousands of bids to use, they’re able to make themselves look like the big bad bidding wolf, and chase other bidders away!

What To Do About Stomp Bidders

While bid stomping can certainly be an annoyance, it’s not against the rules, and when bidders can make it work for them it encourages them to keep doing it. So to beat Stomp Bidders, it’s imperative to let them know that you’re not going to be intimidated into throwing in the towel. Here are a few easy suggestions to help you troubleshoot Stomp Bidders:

Don’t Let Stomp Bidding Throw you off your Budget

Before entering an auction, every bidder should decide how many bids they’re willing to use to win. Different factors should influence the way you formulate this budget (for example, how much time/money you have to spend, whether or not you’re willing to BIN the item, etc), but no matter what happens you shouldn’t let Stomp Bidders throw you of your plan. Don’t get angry and determined to beat them no matter what, but at the same time don’t immediately assume that the Stomp Bidder is willing to apply this tactic till the end. If you have a strategy that works, stick to your guns!

Don’t be Afraid to do it Back

An eye for an eye as they say. If someone is stomping all over your bids, doing it back to them is a great way to give them the impression that you’re just as willing to waste bids as they are. Once they click in to the fact that a group of people stomp bidding all over each other is wasting everyone’s bids and driving the item price up they’ll quickly understand that maybe their approach isn’t really conducive to saving money.

Let your BidBuddy Handle Them

The BidBuddy is your automated bidding tool, and experienced bidders will be able to tell when you’re using your BidBuddy. Also, the BidBuddy will never stomp bid, so you already KNOW that Stomp Bidders aren’t using theirs. You can turn on your BidBuddy and focus your attention somewhere else. If the Stomp Bidder catches onto the fact that you’re using the BidBuddy, it might be enough to chase him/her away from the auction. After all, your BidBuddy is guaranteed to place bids at the optimal time, and for all this person knows your BidBuddy can be stacked with thousands of bids – making the prospect of stomp bidding his/her way to a win seem long, time-consuming, and expensive.

So while users are more than welcome to try their hand at stomp bidding (and some people can make it work for them), it’s not as big a problem as it might seem. Try out some of these strategies the next time you’re in an auction to see if you can make them work for you, and remember that everyone is here to have a good time and get a great deal!

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers regularly save between 60-90 percent on the products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!

Four Common Mistakes New Bidders Make – and How to Fix Them

Four Common Mistakes New Bidders Make – and How to Fix Them

Written by Another Satisfied DealDash Bidder

Bidding at Deal Dash can be one of the best ways to find great products at unbelievable discounts of up to 85% or even 95% off retail. Nearly everyone bidding at visits the site after seeing an ad showing someone buying a monster flat-screen TV for under a hundred dollars or an iPad for less than twenty. Those deals do exist. For real. But with an increasing number of people entering the world of online bidding, winning big takes practice and smart-bidding skills.

If you’re new to the world of online bidding (new meaning you’ve been bidding for less than five months), there’s a good chance you find yourself repeatedly out of bids with nothing to show for your investment. If that describes you, the bad news is that you suck at online auctions. The good news is you can change that, starting today.

This is the first part in a series about the most common reasons new bidders fail at online auctions and how you can turn your luck around by bidding smarter.

YOU LACK FOCUS. You visit the home page. Buy a bid package – a small one. You browse the auctions for a few minutes. No, you didn’t take time to read the tips. But suddenly bidding on that hot surround-sound system, laptop, oh, oh and that 51” Plasma Television looks like a great idea. Many novice bidders jump into three, four or more auctions at once. They load up their bid-buddies and try to win a laptop, television, stereo, and DSLR — at the same time. After all, how hard can it be? Playing multiple auctions can be exciting but if you don’t have a plan, a budget – and a focused desire for each auction, it’s easy to drain your account faster than you can dig out your credit card and buy more bids — at full price.

THE SOLUTION: Check upcoming auctions and make a list of the things you really want or need. Then spend at least one hour studying the list of wins for the times and dates those items sold for the least amount. Then wait for those days and times and only bid on the items you can afford one at a time and “afford” means items you’re willing to pay full price for if you lose the auction. Don’t get distracted by every shiny new camera or tablet auction that opens, hoping for that easy win. Yes they happen. But your chances of winning an auction and getting a decent discount are bigger than paying one cent for a television. There are other bidders out there waiting for you to get exhausted and bid-depleted. Throwing a few individual bids at a laptop that has four or twenty people with loaded bid-buddies waiting for you to become depleted means throwing your bids away. Choose what you want to bid on. If it’s a “No Jump Auction,” place one bid before the auction price reaches $3.00 or it’s too late to get in on it. Then bid on that and only that item after watching how that auction progresses and how many people got in before the “No-Jump” Timer expired. (“No Jump” auctions mean after the price of the item being auctioned reaches either $3.00 or $5.00, only those who have made at least one bid can participate in that auction.) Whether you’re an athlete, stock investor or bidder, a tip to being a winner is concentrated focus instead of depleting and scattering your energy.

YOU PAY TOO MUCH FOR YOUR BIDS: Paying full retail for your bids is one of the surest ways to lose money. It’s also totally nonessential. Deal Dash often has sales on bids for as low as 13 cents each. If you purchase too small of a bid package and have to scramble and purchase bids at the last minute to stay in the game or if you pay full price for all your bids and someone else bought their bids on sale, they can bid three times as long as you for the same cost. You can complain all you want about how they’re paying too much, but the reality is: they’re not paying one cent more than you are. If you’re not careful, you can win the auction but lose money on the item. News: that’s not a win.

THE SOLUTION: buy a few bids to get yourself started, then, either win more bids in the auctions or watch for sales and specials and buy the bulk of your bids then. If you have the budget, buy more than a month’s worth of bids during the sales so that you won’t run out mid-month or worse yet, mid-auction and find yourself forced into paying full-price.

YOU LACK EXPERIENCE. Yes, you can win a home theater system for pennies on the dollar, but probably not in your first auction. Like anything else, being a successful bidder takes time and experience. That’s why some auctions are smarter choices for new bidders. Before trying for that $2,000 Apple laptop, go for that hundred dollar gas card. It’s not as exciting as the Big Win but saving money is smart no matter where you save it. If you lose a gas card auction, you’ll still walk away a winner by exercising the “Buy It Now” (BIN) option. DealDash will refund every bid you used and you spent your money there buying something you would have bought anyway – gas for your car. One hundred dollars of gas is one hundred dollars you would have spent on gas anyway. Develop your biding skills on those kinds of auctions and before long there’s a good chance you’ll be buying your gas for fifty cents on the dollar and that’s smart.

THE SOLUTION: Start by bidding on smaller auctions and bidding on items you would buy anyway. Gift cards for Target and Wal-Mart, gas stations and your favorite restaurant chains are all smart auctions where you can learn the ins and outs of online bidding. Remember, if you reach your budget limit, use the “Buy it Now” option and pay retail price for the gift card. If you bid on things you always buy anyway, you haven’t lost. You get your bids refunded and you’re learning to bid smarter. Try again on another smart item. When you master the smaller auctions, then – and only then – it’s time to Bid Big.

YOU DON’T HAVE A BUDGET. Online bidding is fun. It can also eat a hole in your wallet if you don’t pay attention to how much money you’re spending. While it is possible to save big on great purchases, it’s also possible to spend a lot of money chasing a big win that turns into a loss. To keep from making a big financial mistake by spending money you can’t afford to lose, plan in advance how much you’re willing to invest in an auction. Then, keep your calculator near. Track the price of your bids plus the auction price of the item (unless it’s a “Free auction” – no price for the item, just the bid price) and then pull the plug by exercising the ‘Buy it Now’ option when you reach your budget limit. It’s smarter to pay full price for something you would pay full price for anyway that month and get your bids back than it is to throw good money after bad spending thousands of bids on an item that you have no intention of buying if you’re outbid.

THE SOLUTION: Make a budget and stick to it. Decide in advance how much you’re willing to invest in your hobby – recreational shopping — each month and how much you’re willing to risk on any particular auction. Make your budget stretch by purchasing bids when they’re on sale and using ‘Buy it Now’ on items you would normally pay full price for anyway. It may sting your ego when you let IAlwaysWin take the auction, but it will boost your budget and make you the person who always wins.

Online auctions are an exciting way to shop for everyday purchases and for that occasional big-ticket item that you might just be lucky enough to win at a deep discount. But like any hobby, it takes time and experience to develop bidding skills and strategies. Set a budget, start small, and learn something from every auction experience. If you’re patient and bid smart, chances are good that soon you’ll pull in the big prizes and surprise friends and family with amazing gifts you purchased for pennies on the dollar and a few hours’ time spent in front of your computer.

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