Want to Win More Auctions? Try These Suggestions…

What can you do to win more auctions on DealDash? Win, win, WIN with these tips.

If you’re a newbie who just signed up today, or a seasoned DealDash veteran, everyone could stand to brainstorm every now and again on ways to get more auction wins. When you stop trying new things your wins grow stagnant. Here are a few tips that will help you get more wins, or at least help you start brainstorming some new techniques.

  • Make sure that you have enough bids to BIN (Buy It Now) if you don’t win the auction. By having enough bids available in your DealDash account to BIN the item, it means that you won’t have to stop in the middle of the auction to buy more bids. I personally have made the mistake of not having enough bids available to BIN, and in the time that it took to switch over to the section to buy bids, select a bid pack, put in my credit card number, and switch back to the auction I had lost. You may think that you have time to buy bids during an auction, but you just never know. Be prepared, be stocked up on bids!
  • Keep a list of “overbidders.” I have a list of people that I have either personally come up against or have observed overbid in auctions. There are a few people I have in mind that only go after certain auctions, and in these particular auctions they are not only “all in”, they are MORE than all in, bidding more than the item is worth. If you keep a list in a program like Excel you can add to the list, highlight the list, and then sort by A-Z, so you can quickly look up different bidders names when you enter in an auction. If you notice any of the overbidders in the auction don’t put any bids in. Just wait and watch the auction for a few minutes. Sometimes it seems that these overbidders just throw a few bids in and then come back later. If you see that they aren’t bidding anymore you might be able to win the auction before they come back in. Just wait and watch, then make your move.
  • Bid on gift cards. Bidding on gift cards might not help you win that particular auction, but you can always BIN, get your bids back, AND get to keep your “time as highest bidder” earning you more bids to win an auction the next time around. Bide your time, be patient, and bid on gift cards to earn clock time towards free bids.

These are just a few tips to help get you thinking about new ways to bid and win more auctions on DealDash! We all want to win, it pays to be a strategist. I hope that this article has been helpful for you. Be sure to check out DealDashBlog every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for more tips and articles to help you understand DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Bidding Styles Examined

What bidding style are you using these days? There are so many different ways to bid, try them all, see what you like.

The first way that we will look at is what I like to call “educated bidding.” Educated bidding is the style of bidding that can win you quite a few auctions. In this style of bidding you do all of your research beforehand. You pick an auction, you do your research, and then you use your bids sparingly until you have conquered the auction.

Another way to bid is “scattered bidding”. In this style of bidding you bid on anything and everything that catches your eye. A few bids here, a few bids there, maybe you will get lucky with this style.

The final way we will look at is the best way, in my opinion. Let’s check out the BidBuddy way!

  1. Do the math to figure out how many bids that you need to put in your BidBuddy to get to the BIN (Buy It Now) price.
  2. Buy enough bids to reach the BIN price of the auction you are thinking of winning.
  3. Place the bids that you would like to bid on in the auction in your BidBuddy.
  4. Hit the “Book a BidBuddy button.
  5. Wait for the auction to end.
  6. Claim your win!


The BidBuddy gives you an edge over anyone who bids without BidBuddy. In the examples of the other bidding styles above, it’s very unlikely that you would win if you are up against anyone using a BidBuddy. BidBuddy is really the only way that you are going to be able to bid on more than one auction at once and be able to win.

The best part about the BidBuddy is that you don’t even have to choose between bidding styles – you can do either the educated bidding OR the scattered bidding and still use your BidBuddy, because there is no minimum or maximum amount of bids that must be used with your BidBuddy. If you wanted to place 1,000 bids with the BidBuddy you could do it, as long as you have the bids available to use in your account. On the other hand, if you wanted to place 5 bids on every single open auction, you could do that as well. BidBuddy is versatile!

I hope this helped some of you think about different ways to bid, and get the most out of your BidBuddy. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



BIN it or WIN it on DealDash

Have you ever been in an auction and realized that you are so far in over your head you will be paying WAY more than an item is worth if you win it? Then BIN it!


Here’s a little riddle for you: What’s worse than losing an auction? Winning an auction and paying more than the retail price! Okay, that was a terrible riddle, but it really is a terrible sinking feeling when you realize that you “won” the auction but overbid by more than the BIN (Buy It Now) price.

If you want to avoid that horrible feeling, it’s easy! You just have to do a little bit of DealDash math. All you have to do to keep your head above water when bidding is calculate how many bids will equal the BIN price before the auction even starts. After you have figured out the magic number of bids that you are willing to put into an auction to get to the BIN price simply put that amount of bids into your BidBuddy. Of course, this only works on a day when they are having free auctions, if it’s a regular day and you have to pay the final auction price, then you must also calculate that in with the price of bids.

Once your BidBuddy has run out of bids and you aren’t willing to put in any more bids into the auction then it’s time to use the trusty BIN feature that DealDash offers. Just hit the “Buy It Now” button, pay the retail price that is listed on each auction, and you will receive all of the bids back that you spent, get to keep the clock time that you accumulated while bidding, and get the item very quickly in the mail with free shipping. It’s win-win-win-win!

I hope that instead of feeling sad about mis-spent bids that next time you take advantage of the BIN feature that DealDash offers and get all of your bids back to try again on another auction. Pay attention to what you’re doing, check out the auctions ,and use your BidBuddy. See you on DealDash everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.

Meet Your New Best Friend, BidBuddy!

Have you met BidBuddy? He is your best friend in the world of DealDash. Have you used your BidBuddy today?

If you have been around DealDash for more than a few auctions I’m sure that you know your best friend, BidBuddy. However, if you are one of the uninitiated, have I got great news for you. The BidBuddy is an automatic bidding tool that is exclusively used on DealDash, and is provided free of charge for anyone to use.

BidBuddy is your new best friend because he is the only way that you can consistently win auctions. The Bidbuddy is extremely easy to use, and even though he seems a little complicated to use the first time you will be thanking him when he starts winning you auctions.

If you have never used your BidBuddy, let me explain it to you:

  1. Do the math to figure out how many bids that you need to put in your BidBuddy to get to the BIN (Buy It Now) price.
  2. Buy enough bids to reach the BIN price of the auction you are thinking of winning.
  3. Place the bids that you would like to bid on in the auction in your BidBuddy.
  4. Hit the “Book a BidBuddy button.
  5. Wait for the auction to end.
  6. Claim your win!

After you have booked your BidBuddy you can even turn off your computer if you would like, because your best buddy BidBuddy will automatically start bidding for you, and will take turn bidding with the other BidBuddies until only one is left standing victorious. If you decide that this particular auction isn’t for you, or if the final auction price is going too high, don’t worry,  you can cancel your BidBuddy at any moment and you can either take a loss on the bids that you have already used on the auction or you can buy the auction at retail price and have all of your bids returned to you immediately to use in another auction.

I very rarely see anyone win by using single bids. The BidBuddy gives you an edge over anyone who bids without BidBuddy. BidBuddy is really the only way that you are going to be able to bid on more than one auction at once and be able to win. BidBuddy can also help if the particular auction you are interested in run very long – some auctions last multiple hours or even days. There’s no way to be able to bid while you’re sleeping except for your bestie BidBuddy!

I hope this helped some of you that have never been brave enough to use your BidBuddy! BidBuddy is so fun to use. If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



How to Be a Great Bidder

Everyone can be a great bidder on DealDash! It just takes a little practice and time to learn how to bid smart.

Are you a new bidder that dreams about being a power bidder someday? Did you get hooked on DealDash and now find yourself wanting to be the best bidder that you can be? Do you now find yourself wondering how you can improve your bidding as time goes on? Well, let’s examine how we are bidding and maybe we can improve your bidding so you can go on to get that next big win at DealDash.

Bid smart – A smart bidder is a great bidder, so bid smart by bidding on things that you would buy at the store anyway such as kitchen or everyday household items so even if you don’t win these auctions while you are practicing your bidding you can BIN (Buy It Now) them for retail value, get free shipping, and you are not out any extra money. Once you have attained your bidding goals and feel confident then you can move on to bigger, better, and more difficult to win auctions.

The price of bids – Are you paying the lowest price possible for your bids? The best time to buy bids is to wait for a big sale on bids and buy the largest bid pack that you are able to afford.

When you are up against some stiff competition on DealDash the only thing that really matters is who gets the last bid in. And how do you get the last bid in? By having more bidding power than the other bidders! The person who pays the least for bids and buys them in the biggest bid pack is going to be able to bid for longer, outlasting the competition on auctions. So buying bids in a large volume is one way that you can be a great bidder.

Setting goals – Setting reasonable goals is a wonderful way to become a great bidder. If you keep bidding on the same easier auctions again and again how will you ever improve your technique? By setting progressively difficult bidding goals is a good way to practice your bidding and come out on top! Think about what your dream win would be and make a plan to get yourself there.

I hope that you found this article helpful in your quest to become a great bidder on DealDash. Good bidders turn into great ones with practice. Go ahead and get some practice in now. Check out DealDash today and see how much you can save! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


DealDash Makes Life Better

DealDash has definitely improved my life. How can they improve yours?

To start off with, DealDash is a category of website known as “Shopping Entertainment.” So, I would say that the first way that DealDash has improved my life is that they entertain me! I personally love to bid and BIN (Buy It Now) products that I would normally buy anyway, such as baby products, kid’s toys, movies, and household things. By using DealDash and enjoying their shopping entertainment model I am having fun shopping – so much more fun than if I were to just make a list and go shopping.

Speaking of going shopping, DealDash saves me time and aggravation. They say that time is money, and I must be poor, because I have no time to spare. Just the thought of packing up snacks, bottles, diapers, and spare clothes for a simple trip to one of the “big box” stores makes me feel annoyed. Then to actually pack up the things for the journey, shove all of the kids in the car, drive to the store, and somehow wrangle all three of them while doing my shopping does not sound like a good time to me. However, sitting on the couch in my PJs, sipping a coffee while the kids play in the playroom and I play on DealDash – now that sounds like a fun morning in my opinion.

DealDash saves me money. Now, I know that some of the people that read this blog may not agree with me, but I have saved a TON of money by using DealDash. My secret is simple, I only bid on things that I am absolutely prepared to BIN. That way either I win and get a great deal, or if I don’t win I can always pay the retail price and get all of my bids back immediately to use again. I feel like the people who say they aren’t saving money with DealDash just aren’t using the tools that DealDash offers, such as the BIN program. Other auction sites only give you a fraction of credit if you want to buy their items, DealDash gives you every single bid back that you used.

I hope that this article gave you some inspiration of how to use DealDash more effectively. If you’d like to think about how much time DealDash can save you, how about checking out the clocks that they have up for auction? You can see them at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



Coffee Talk With DealDash

Almost everyone I know (with the exception of a few odd ones!) loves coffee. Some people like hot, some like iced, and some don’t care as long as it’s in their cup.


There are lots of different ways to get coffee – the busiest of the busy people just go ahead and buy it from the coffee shop, but most people like to make their coffee at home to save money and the hassle of going out to the coffee shop. Luckily for us, DealDash has a huge array of different ways for us to get our java fix. Let’s start with the Keurig machine.


Most people have used a Keurig at some point in time, but in case you’re not familiar with the Keurig, the K-Cup is a plastic container with a paper filter inside. Ground coffee beans, tea leaves, or other flavor mixes are packed in the K-Cup and sealed with an air-tight lid. This keeps the coffee grounds fresher for much longer than traditional bags. When the K-Cup is placed in a Keurig brewer, the brewer punctures both the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup with a sharp implement, and forces hot water under pressure through the K-Cup and into your mug of choice. Yummm. Smell that fresh brewed coffee. If you haven’t gotten around to getting yourself a Keurig yet, DealDash offers Keurig machines as well as the K-Cups to go with them. Check them out on DealDash now.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee MakerHamilton Beach 12-Cup 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker, Silver/Black

If brewing huge pots of coffee for yourself and your family is more your style, then you’re in luck. DealDash also offers the two most popular brands of drip coffee makers, Mr. Coffee and Hamilton Beach. This type of coffee maker has been around for over 100 years, but of course it’s designs has changed quite a bit over the years. If you’re looking for a drip style coffee maker, just click on over to DealDash and take your choice of the many options that they have offered.

If you already have a coffee maker, be it a Keurig or drip style, DealDash has you covered on accessories such as coffee grinders, milk and sugar sets, and even bags of coffee and K-Cups! Just check out this link here and it will take you to all of the coffee related products that you have to choose from.

Remember, if you don’t happen to win the item, you can always BIN (Buy It Now) for the retail price, get all of your bids back, and get the item shipped to you with free shipping every time. Coffee and coffee related accessories would be a great item to “go all the way” to BIN price on, because it’s most likely an item that you would be buying anyway, regardless of if you were bidding on DealDash or not. Good luck and happy bidding, everyone!